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Out on a whim

Do or die –

live fast , party hard –

be an honorific rebel.

Spank me, 

Shake me up, 

Colour me bold! 

Don’t wind me down – use a font that sounds like Bevel. 


If I could jump in that diamond-encrusted box with you, would you promise that when the children come by we could uncoil, spring up, put on the frighteners  – bob up and down on a wire?

I don’t mind you playing the feral monkey but those cymbals screech: overtrained!

we need a  new theatrical,

a mind-body infused,hell-raising gospel choir.

It’s a happening, baby – right over here. Club Fifty-Four.

Andy Warhol is in New York –  a shimmering and a  shammering with his latest regurgitated muse,  lapping up the froth off his candy-coloured eye-popping corps.

It’s all the craze.

It deserves a mention.

Yo, budding journalists get your jots and pens out,  pay attention to the latest and greatest.

News knew how to mark us – with the blackest of plagues.

Fish and chips to go, in ink -lined, soggy wrapping?

Spill out your guts with this slick new verse, congenial wordsmith.

Toxic misty breath continues to reign -centuries later, none of us is the wiser to what we are all truly cursed with.

Need a blood test or has Fate told you to put up your feet and take a light rest?

 Rest is of the idle boned –  the ones whose gums recede in a world of a decade ago of old, gravelly  deflated pillows, grimy duvets sprayed with remnants of last night’s perhaps last months  dalliance.

Life is to be played.

Hard and fast.

No one wants to party with some skittle who loses the colour  of his  new shades – when the beat kicks in and he is meant to advance without a second glance.

Rookies, pawns, knights and queens. 

Who should we really be saving?  

Strategy demands the benefits calculated tested means.

Decrease or increase the stakes of getting a hit.


Snipers above you – numb shoulder – stay still, Mr unfit.

If I could be the monkey, I want to play the trumpet. 

Souls are more likely to come my way if they can see few notes breezing over the Mississippi – 

Maple syrup to go with that sultry strumpet?

Hard cold cash – transmute people into formidable magpies.

Shiny, wind-up trinkets send these entities up a spiral of canonised lies.

Dance with me – take flight to this notion. All you have to do is follow the lead – go with the flow just don’t step on my toes. 

Look me in the eye – don’t worry what the other Ravers are shaking their glowsticks at.

They are revelling in a moment caught up in ecstasy- let go of your own methodical woes.

One night to play – shirt off  -loosen that fusty tie – let’s make a play for the dairy queen – The rocky road ahead but it leads to confectionary.



read all about it.

We have a new sweetheart in town – all scarlet glittering lips- she hums the notes of a person who invented this spin.

I will call her whig mal eerie-

non-believers look it up in the dictionary.

slash/virgule poem

I light this vigil/ candles given to me by an individual/ a name I cannot give thee/ heart and mind forgive me.


If I said his name is Slash/ he’s indecisively crass/more renowned as a light brush stroke/ his Latin name leaves a remarkable impression in repressed folk.

perhaps/ not…

It worries me that Axl hasn’t made up his mind/ more guns than roses-sublime/ A promiscuous murmur/ hidden in visual fervour.

confess/ snitch …..

Naming something can either increase/ diminish power/ I’m thinking psycho -you know – the scene in the shower? /If I had to reveal his true name is Virgule/ why does that visually conjure up an image in my mind of a gargoyle?

For the meaning of the word ‘Virgule’ scroll down.

This was so hard to do. I think I may have broken 100 rules and made up my own. Hey ho!


Definitions for virgule

  1. a short oblique stroke (/) between two words indicating that whichever is appropriate may be chosen to complete the sense of the text in which they occur: The defendant and his/her attorney must appear in court.

Citations for virgule

It can be used, of course to indicate the choices, one or more, that may “properly” fill the blank space that follows. But the virgule need not be strictly identified with a particular or exclusive binary. It can be argued that the virgule is the poststructuralist punctuation par excellence (although a strong case can be made for the hyphen), in that is can be deployed to suggest the endlessness of binariness, a serial proliferation of constrastives in horizontally endless adjacencies …Virgil Lokke, “The Naming of the Virgule in the Linguistic/Extralinguistic Binary,” After the Future: Postmodern Times and Places, edited by Gary Shapiro, 1990

The path was cleared for the substitution of the verbalizable ”or” by the unspeakable ”/” in the legalistic term ”and/or,” which would be hard to say as ”and or or.” Now we are afflicted by the promiscuous use of virgules.William Safire, “On Language,” New York Times, May 24, 1981

Virgule entered English from French, where it means “comma, little rod.” It ultimately derives from the Latin virgula meaning “rod.”


The Virgule

The virgule, often called the “slant bar” by computer users, has four specific uses in punctuation.

A virgule separates parts of an extended date.

Example: The 1994/95 basketball season.

Washington was born in February 1731/32.

A virgule represents the word per in measurements:

Example: 186,000 mi./sec. (miles per second)

A virgule stands for the word or in the expression and/or. (Though not considered standard, it sometimes stands for the word or in other expressions also.)

A virgule separates lines of poetry that are quoted in run-on fashion in the text. (For readability, avoid this with more than four lines.)

Example: Ann continued,”And up and down the people go,/ Gazing where the lilies blow/ Round an island there below,/ The island of Shalott.”




When She is in the mood to arouse you and  She wants you to reciprocate.

She has a technique she uses to spruce up her petals

inject a colour dye

No doctors needed to take an oath

 No need to hang dry and desiccate.


All she desires is to tempt you with her words.

She looks upon them as her Fire stoked Lords.

Simple and overused is tedious when used as commoner slurs.

So titivate is something She does.

It doesn’t require a zazen mind state to create an immediate demand for 1950 style  Fords.

Take a  dust feather to your ear, tickling it ever so slightly, a murmured breathe escapes – to let you know she is quite eager and indeed keen.

Arouse you with whispers of sweet adjectives.

Use words that excite you to shudder instinctively.

Now She needs to make herself seen.

Fluttering eyelashes – butterfly kisses.

 Sensual and cute -tempting yet blissfully innocent.

Pure and light and dreamy enough to set your imagination to seek out. Whatever is in that mind of yours…

She wants you to know She finds you alluring


Which of your senses does she wish to tease out the most?

The ones that arouse mental fuckability from an agile, graceful host.

Often she craves a tidy up just to try out something new.


Freshen the vibe up.

Create dribbles from your lush dew.

Bubbles have more of more a rambunctious appeal.

 Invite a sense of pure, exquisite fun

  Her mind seeks out to imbue.

So to titillate you, she has to titivate herself.


Seems rather rueful

Please be curious about what she has in her mind –

Truth is her middle name.

Look by all means.

 Dare is the name she gave to herself when she was born.

Feel free to question her too.

She speaks in orgasms when someone can make her laugh with their wit or indeed see a sparkle of hers thrown our carefree and unconsciously.

successful relationships are a honed practised recipe inciting those who have an inkling or some fledgeling clue.


All Words Matter -Part 2


FR or Fer real (if you’ve not yet reached your word Fitbit counter that you’ve challenged yourself to use for the day & you want to ‘feel the burn’ in brain gym) is the most annoying add on slang suffix -ahem like totally not needed to complete a sentence unless you use it in a sarcastic context.

When you use the phrase your face mustn’t match your enthusiasm to hear yourself say it out loud. A contagious phrase needs sterilising. Yes, words matter.

No words don’t have actual feelings.



The point is that there are rules about using buzzwords, you know? Cos All rules matter (to someone) Pay no attention to context to confuse tf( a form of complacent swearing)out of everyone. Or don’t. This is just a post from a weedy fleur with a bad tendency to write utter rubble.

Fake news! We do it every day. Don’t worry. I’m not using Newspeak. Doublethink what you may. I’m saying the source of these words are from one mind who you will probably never meet.

CANCELLED before I went airborne.

What’s the use of being a fallen angel if I can’t fly?

Metamorphoses as our remarkable earthlings/species Darwiniate?

Adapt that’s all -respectfully.

One word that takes us further from our humanity reducing our entire mass to mere a pile of bone and cartilage.

What was once feet and arms and action is soulless. Less kinetic.

If you are still getting ghosted in 2020. You have levelled up. You must be aware know there are others far worse off than you.

Ghosting? There is something much more disconnected happening. Why bother being ethereal honouring that we are living first life all the time. Don’t delude yourself.

Second life is just autopilot for first life – we can never leave our mortal bodies entirely. We can lose ourselves until we realise its easier to love species who display human traits -We are taking lessons about humanity from other species.

You’ve seen the monkeys (they went viral), in India, a couple tried saving their mate while every itty human watched with their mobile phones on record mode.

our closest ancestor nearly drowns after being electrocuted from out of his tree, maybe. He was screaming out for help. All he wanted was to not die today.

A reasonable request for this non-quitter of Life.

Why have become murder loving google-eyed hunters?

Because we are too busy uploading this on to social media. We are so eager to share so much. How come we’re still so selfish? That is the true paradox.

It takes a gorilla in a forest on some continent (filmed fubu )to stand in front of her family in one last effort to ask for mercy.

It takes a gorilla to show us how crazy we have become -how lost we are – terrorism doesn’t end with humans. It becomes another word with the same meaning-Deforestation.

It’s only a bit of de-weeding.

Acts of terrorism to other nations home or another species home is terrorism.

You may have been ghosted but most folk these days get cancelled. Practice those block, unfollow moves.

Cancelled. Deleted.

No more spirits stuck in limbo. It can be hazardous to a person’s spine or moral fibre all that hovering about.

In the age of technology, people can be considered non-entities. We click-clack mindless selfies & images- over-processed.

We Sold out to filters-to get away from the inevitable process of mortality reality.

One final slang word I have to try out for entertainment purposes.

There is a new word for people who can’t get over shit.

You know your mate who’s Moms uncle died of chlamydia ( it could happen)? And then his best friend -a German Sheppard died. She went on to marry your mother’s sister. But he didn’t actually die. He went travelling around the globe to find an engagement ring to propose to your mate’s mom but your mate ended up with your mother’s sister. I mean its been 3 years since it happened, He is so .. salty.


He should be past all 5 stages of grief, fer real.

My final top word that everyone should use is self-absorbed. We’re too busy wondering what others think, what we look like, how successful we are, how we come across on social media.

The list of examples is unfolding on sheets of paper as I type (saving the trees.)

Words can have power or they can just sound good in theory

These are simply a pretty cluster of words I wrote if we don’t understand the ‘ins and outs’ of practising life’s manifesto

While you are validating yourself remember to pay it forward & validate others too. Paying it forward costs nothing. The results are are priceless

Janus of global slang

Inspired by his lyrics – it’s not exactly physics.

Big boy

Little boy

Atomic bomb don’t come across as coy.

Paranoia looms over a  shadow with no owner.

Scented thoughts hang outside on the laundry line –  drying out, pegged up, sketchy.

Nowt out of the ordinary.

The demise of senseless beatings.

The savage frolic in secret meetings.

Can’t keep these eyes open – Mind is wired to sensor an alert token.

Add a word to the vocabulary list.

Reading made up stories,

Can’t get the gist.

Thinking of  the times I’ve reinvented my speech,

Just so folk wouldn’t turn away


Mistake me for a blast of mist.

Solar plexus

A libran to balance my ails.

 If vaccines worked, would I even need this skeleton tail?

I’m proficient in scripted fulminate. 

A non- believer has to have a reason to detonate.

Terrorized by bones unhinged, pelvic oddities, a face grappling on the fringes.

Uncertainty – you can do it!

Mascot duty bellows:  You blew it.

Everyday the input becomes more,

Ouput audios in a  fervescent roar.

Fading into a nebulant place slowed down by brain freezers swimming in a shoal.

No  near-empty dregs to fill my soul.

Restricted by self- limitation.

Hear me when  I say,

I’m not doing this for inspiration.

What to do in a world knocked into  askew?

Nondescript,  omniscient  eyes

Know when to usher in the seasonal yule.


no sense.

Prop me up.

Inhale oxygen.

Don’t give up.

Against all better judgment – I implode from the inside.

I had it all figured out until I became a seeker in need of washed out make -overs from dead flotsam at low tide.

*Inspired by internal conflict and the world.* 😀