The living ain’t easy

It hasn’t taken away everything there is still me inside. Don’t forget I rise, fall, stumble, then I suppose because I’m here, I rise. See even grey lizards can be Newborn from cinders. My number is definitely not over Mother’s nature to beta block a seizure on Kronos’s clock. merely an earthling in my mortalContinue reading “The living ain’t easy”

slash/virgule poem

I light this vigil/ candles given to me by an individual/ a name I cannot give thee/ heart and mind forgive me. and/or… If I said his name is Slash/ he’s indecisively crass/more renowned as a light brush stroke/ his Latin name leaves a remarkable impression in repressed folk. perhaps/ not… It worries me thatContinue reading “slash/virgule poem”

mice s-c-c-c-atters

The  dwellers above   know my heart drops my soul slips shatters s-c-c-c-c-atters. bloody, Man  on the dance floor I’ll murder  a bass line, a beat — a melody anything to revive  Spiritual harmony.   To remember  Life has the nectar to extract the sharp, jutted pieces Lies on the floor. temporarily suspended to ….Continue reading “mice s-c-c-c-atters”

Back to Back

Bookends.  Holding contents of opposite trends.  Supposed to be a matching pair. They face opposing, outwards and witheringly stare. Opposite directions.  One looks to the East,  The other to the West. How do they find balance? when the content they protect is not heightened to its proportional best? Like lovers involved in a dual  TooContinue reading “Back to Back”