Don’t give up – don’t give in. Eyes discover you bloated- vomiting up your own sin. Brain chess- pawn after pawn is taken unjustly, Black equality doesn’t matter – cognition will conquer what it desires lustily. Ivory conquests – impure from the acidic bile. Caffeine alert – simulate all senses –   the target is common -theContinue reading “Coalesce”

slash/virgule poem

I light this vigil/ candles given to me by an individual/ a name I cannot give thee/ heart and mind forgive me. and/or… If I said his name is Slash/ he’s indecisively crass/more renowned as a light brush stroke/ his Latin name leaves a remarkable impression in repressed folk. perhaps/ not… It worries me thatContinue reading “slash/virgule poem”

It’s complicated.

Will you? Will I? Yes, wouldn’t you..? Wouldn’t I? What I mean to say is….Will you? Please …… What are you doing? Erm…… Doing? Yes… Down there. I tower over you enough when you aren’t half bent and crooked… Half bent? What is that supposed to mean? Half bent! You have that look… that thingContinue reading “It’s complicated.”

Fowl poetry

The land of filth cost me more than a life It cost me a dime it cost me what stands in front of me nigh neigh long withdrawn foal play write, write clap your hands and throw a few bass shapes Enter the City of funk the soul has set two tears back for Sunday night’sContinue reading “Fowl poetry”

Truth bloom

a strewth sleuth of truths Twice told Only one to realize They lied to is yourself. Grappled thoughts hazed out of all sincerity Twice them gamblers cast away all integrity A dire dice reveals fear & loathing tosser going for a price Lost to waging another wank with nirvana. Times now? Perhaps thrice. Witness theseContinue reading “Truth bloom”

Blood makes noise

I had nothing prepared to blog about in my mind. Again – I thought. No inspiration to type anything. I’m finding out my inspiration comes from reading your posts! So thank you. Today I want to thank Annette @ Annettes place  – post on childhood scars and her using the daily prompt.  Her child hood scarsContinue reading “Blood makes noise”

Dead Dong Ringer

Time stands still Waiting for my child To pick her up from her school. Locked out I’m no fool Schools not meant to be cool. Just another institution Similar to a prison. My constitution was made to rebel For a cause Less Waiting around on top. Never thought I’d glimpse a shadow of my formerContinue reading “Dead Dong Ringer”

Daisy chains a stream of consciousness

* It is only fear that stops you writing authentically. If most people don’t get my writing I wipe my head in relief. I’d rather have one genuine response of ‘I get this’ than likes. I feel a bit like the old Daisy. I write for me. When I write for myself I am beingContinue reading “Daisy chains a stream of consciousness”