These spoken words infect the brain ‘Till it rot and fester.   Dare deny thoughtless utterances Be it in mind maps or in clusters. Gathering speed from maimed parts Propel bodily functions into a catatonic state. Summon steel nerves climb barbed wired fences caught its rags. Wear with affray. Chaos  stilled by lighting a hermitsContinue reading “Phantasmagoria”

Out on a whim

Do or die – live fast , party hard – be an honorific rebel. Spank me,  Shake me up,  Colour me bold!  Don’t wind me down – use a font that sounds like Bevel.    If I could jump in that diamond-encrusted box with you, would you promise that when the children come by we couldContinue reading “Out on a whim”

slash/virgule poem

I light this vigil/ candles given to me by an individual/ a name I cannot give thee/ heart and mind forgive me. and/or… If I said his name is Slash/ he’s indecisively crass/more renowned as a light brush stroke/ his Latin name leaves a remarkable impression in repressed folk. perhaps/ not… It worries me thatContinue reading “slash/virgule poem”

Willful wrong

* Inspiration for Acrostic poetry word ‘willful’ came from how some people describe me & I wrote this cos the one person I thought would “get” how complicated relationships are (didn’t). #write to recover and keep me sane.


  When She is in the mood to arouse you and  She wants you to reciprocate. She has a technique she uses to spruce up her petals inject a colour dye No doctors needed to take an oath  No need to hang dry and desiccate.   All she desires is to tempt you with her words.Continue reading “Titivate”

Janus of global slang

Inspired by his lyrics – it’s not exactly physics. Big boy Little boy Atomic bomb don’t come across as coy. Paranoia looms over a  shadow with no owner. Scented thoughts hang outside on the laundry line –  drying out, pegged up, sketchy. Nowt out of the ordinary. The demise of senseless beatings. The savage frolic in secret meetings. Can’t keepContinue reading “Janus of global slang”


My demise. This statement I  claim as my own. I am that walking catastrophe. There. I saunter Meander in a state of atrophy. Hear the  cackles  full of apathy.   I write no more for pleasure I write  more for  no pleasure.   I’m wasted to academic response. The demise of a writer in  broguesContinue reading “Atrophy”

Indulgent woolgatherer

Let us sit here for a second , right here on top of this lush hill. Pause, for a moment and think about life and what we want to do – explore how we feel. Lie down ,sprawl out  our arms and legs like star fish and gaze up into the sky. Cloud gazing- canContinue reading “Indulgent woolgatherer”

Force of drole

*writing to recover-writing to remember who I am. Writing and shrugging off the insults of so-called friends/family The drole of this world’s a part of my repertoire  Seek it out I  observe the stars bluster out a cosmic sigh Sun ushers in to greet me then says to me high   Sunshine deflated-slips behind CoyContinue reading “Force of drole”