Daisy is a sentient “monster”.

We all have to start somewhere to get to somewhere else right?

A year of volunteering and training done so far and all of the effort has been 100% worth it.


So, today I am very proud to say I successfully helped to put together a Mental health awareness workshop and co -facilitate it.

I felt so at home. I felt the most comfortable I have ever been. I’ve helped out with a few workshops before but this was like my mini baby step to doing something I didn’t think I could do.

‘Be your greatest cheerleader – nobody else is likely too.’


Upon reflection I realised we still have a long way to go to reduce and breakdown Stigma against Mental health issues in our community and society.

I stick by my rule of always being authentic. I have nothing to hide.  The more I shared, the more  I felt I connected with other people.

giphy (2).gif

People opened up  and it was awesome to observe this.

We all have mental health and I discovered a lot of people have similar issues. We deal with them in different ways and some can have more extreme ways of coping than others or vice versa.

I’m on a roll here . ha ha

I know what you are thinking. Just let me have this moment? Please!

giphy (8).gif

United, we can break down the stigma attached to mental health and address the issue properly.

We all have a mind and a body -so no one- unless a person defines themselves as an actual (not metaphorical)   robot- is susceptible to having Positive mental health and Negative mental health over the course of a life time.

Why do we feel ashamed to be labelled?  We quite happily wear labels like Prada , Gucci, Matalan , doctor , chef , cleaner, politician ?

I don’t have any shame in what I have done or what I have been through. I have so much respect for the people I meet here and in the real world.

I am truly on a mission.

Perfection is unattainable!

We need to leave that with the Romans.

Look to the future .

Even better pause and take time to enjoy the moment. Look around you and be happy with what you have.

giphy (3).gif

Don’t read beauty magazines or buy into the celeb media market.

Pick up a book and expand your mind.  Take pictures. Paint, draw, act.  Get creative.

I have recently found out that a lot of people Photoshop ( I mean really Photoshop) their social media images.

No wonder I don’t recognise people when I am out and about in the big wide world.

I am kind of  joking . 😀

 I do day dream when I am out and about.

I always have a million things going on in my head.

Not everyone does this Photoshop thing  but to know that people do, just made my jaw drop.

giphy (4).gif

So I am going to stick with being real. It seems to be working.

I can smile at strangers in the street and they smile back.

We are all human.

We need food, exercise ,sleep, a toilet…….  Can you see where I am going with this?

That’s it for now.

I did it.

We did it.

Totally motivated and ready to break down stigma.

giphy (6)

My  mantra is:

‘I am successful at whatever I do.’ 

no matter if that means getting out of bed or getting my degree.


About Daisy Willows

'Words are my everything' - Jon Wayne . A writer of poetry, stories, stage scripts, fiction, border line poetry & freestyle works, Music reviews, Guest Features/interview & shout outs. She is also passionate about raising anti-stigma & awareness for Mental Health. A trained co-facilitator in Wellness Recovery Action plan by Mary Ellen Copeland Natasha goes by many moniker names-Daisy Willows, bahtuhkid, GOAT2Bdazee. She has had a colourful life. Travelled. Natasha co-owns a second-hand clothing & accessories business -La Bella Bijoux Ltd Natasha was born in South Africa & is a French national. She currently resides in the UK Natasha Bodley holds a postgraduate in the Humanities. A BA in Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds & Advanced creative writing. She also holds a Foundation degree in Acting performance. She is currently working on her first novel (semi-autobiographical creative non-fiction). She has published one short story on Amazon called 'Number one' Connect with Natasha Collaborate with Natasha & feel free to Communicate her too. Light, Peace & Love!

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  1. Just stumbled upon this gem of a post! These motivational words got me all fired up again! Thanks for the read 🙂

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  2. What a beautiful mantra. And I’m SO SO pleased that you’re at a place where you CAN be proud of your achievements. That’s an achievement in and of itself! xx

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  3. Great mantra.. you are really an open heart..

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  4. Super, Daisy! Onwards….and Upwards! Go Gal……. Hugs! ❤

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  5. What a great mantra to have! Love it!

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    • Thanks I’ve been saying it for nearly a year everyday – multiple times a day. I’m achieving what I want to – maybe not always in the way I expect to but my Mantra hasn’t let me down yet!


  6. Yay! Congratulations! I wish I could like this more than once! I know so many people who are afraid of their mental health and that drives them away from getting help, I can’t wait till the world can change its views and perception of mental health and it’s people like you who are bringing about that change! So thank you!

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  7. Awesome Daisy. I loved this. I think it’s so important not to be ashamed of what you’ve been through in life because everyone has their shit and no one is perfect. 🙂

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    • Exactly. I’ve lived in shame all my life. It’s not just about me though . It’s about people, our children,it just makes sense to do this . I am just so blessed to be given this opportunity. It’s a good day for me. Facing my fears and conquerING them. I can only encourage others to do the same. Follow your dreams . Make them your goals and achieve them . Xxxxxx xxx thanks for always supporting me xxxx

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  8. WELL DONE daisy. I am swelling with pride on your behalf! This is a great post and so uplifting to read. Good on ya Mrs Willows 🙂 xxxxxx

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  9. Advanced Research Technology

    We define ourselves and we live within those definitions. One of the greatest tricks psychology, and _____s Anonymous has played on us is to get us to label ourselves and then carry that label through life, good or bad, as though once a ____, always a ____.

    This is simply not true. Sure, the very best person to help another person is the one that has been through that which the other is dealing with, but to call ourselves by certain labels, holds us back and is unprogressive.

    The reason for this is because words are reality. If I define myself as an alcoholic, that is what I am to myself and I will act accordingly. If I am no longer practicing my alcoholism and now call myself a recovering alcoholic, I could be that way for the rest of my life, still attending the meetings and still looking for the rainbow at the end of the yellow brick road. Excuse me sir. You are not practicing. New definition please. I Am healed. Put that into your brain and see where it takes you.

    The power of word and thought is beyond incredible. This world programs us to cheat ourselves out of victory. Well, no one is holding me back. This is the power of words.

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    • I get what you are saying and to a huge degree I actually agree with you. Sometimes though – in my own experience it has helped me to have a diagnose so I have a starting point to get better and understand what it was /am going through. That is the point I was getting at. Labels are just that… It doesn’t define who you are but can be a point of reference. I am not an…. or an ……. I am Daisy a…. who happens to be….. and is an awesome person too.

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      • Advanced Research Technology

        You are awesome Daisy. You do, and you are going to help a lot of souls… as a healed soul. Believe it. 😉
        You’ll never lose your experience. That is the launch pad and the basis of your work.
        All I’m saying is, don’t cheat people as you move into it (not saying you ever would intentionally) by telling yourself you have not overcome.
        You need to tell yourself and them that you have overcome (and you’ve been doing this). This will become their hope and expectation. In time it will be their healing.
        We are moving into a new paradigm. It is no longer good to have covered up symptoms or have partial or tentative recoveries, which is so popular in the medical world. $$$
        We are moving into a place where there is no pain, where it doesn’t continue as it has in the past. The field must be brought up to date to go along with it.
        I’m not sure you are the one to go there, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be. 😉

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      • ART how did you become so wise? I love u for that


  10. Great job, Daisy! What an accomplishment, and you’re helping others. Speak Out 🙂

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  11. Sounds as if you have had a great workshop today, !!! Well done, congratulations I think your mantra is fantastic, when is your next one……? Keep us informed. xx

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  12. Progressing in life is wonderful I wish you all the best Daisy hugs and kisses and Blessings to you


  13. You blow that trumpet Daisy…awesome post and really impressed. MH is something everyone should be aware of and realise it’s not funny to find it dropping in on you….and that it can happen to anyone. It it does then you want your friends to realise and support because they understand…not walk away because they don’t…excellent stuff in this post x

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    • I can’t agree with you more. Imagine what the world would be like if we all accepted we sometimes need help. Just because people have a MH issue it doesn’t make us psychopaths or murders.I think the statistics show that a person is more likely to get murdered by a white male, early 20’s , with no diagnosed MH issues…. Thanks for the vote of confidence Gary. Your support in this journey of mine is awesome and so apreciated x


      • Very true…MH is not something anybody wants. I get despairing when people say ‘I was depressed for a week’ and then act like they know all about it and how easy it is to just kick yourself out if it….yeah, right…thinks I, try it for a few years then come back and tell me you’ve been in a slump and how easy it is to just let it go and move on…no need to thank either Daisy…friends do that support thing 😊

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      • I hear what you are saying Gary. We all experience varying degrees of mental health and for some it takes longer too sort out than say jut feeling low in mood for a few days. It is not only about how we experience out external environment but it also has a lot to do with our physiology and the neural pathways , synapses and chemicals in our brain that can make it harder to recover from illnesses.


  14. watermark17

    Wow! Great job on completing your year of volunteering and facilitating! That is a huge accomplishment and you are making a beautiful difference in the lives of others. Thanks for writing this post. It is truly inspirational! Xoxoxo.


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