My thoughts on escaping the past

Bahtuhkid · my thoughts about the past When I think I’ve escaped the past I know my Ma doesn’t drink alcohol and she Sort of kicked me out without kicking my ass. My daughter cried Tatiana didn’t meow I came back to the place where I thought I would relapse I went to buy catContinue reading “My thoughts on escaping the past”


These spoken words infect the brain ‘Till it rot and fester.   Dare deny thoughtless utterances Be it in mind maps or in clusters. Gathering speed from maimed parts Propel bodily functions into a catatonic state. Summon steel nerves climb barbed wired fences caught its rags. Wear with affray. Chaos  stilled by lighting a hermitsContinue reading “Phantasmagoria”

The living ain’t easy

It hasn’t taken away everything there is still me inside. Don’t forget I rise, fall, stumble, then I suppose because I’m here, I rise. See even grey lizards can be Newborn from cinders. My number is definitely not over Mother’s nature to beta block a seizure on Kronos’s clock. merely an earthling in my mortalContinue reading “The living ain’t easy”

Sheep on suicide

Where is my mind? The weed who has every right to declaim — life’s not fair. I’m back , I’m here . And a round of applause for me. I’m reclaiming my life! Life is like tax credits. We have to keep on reclaiming it to make sure we get it. For one reason only:Continue reading “Sheep on suicide”

WRAP is it for you?

I have been quiet on the WRAP  front – wellness recovery action plan. Only for the reason, I knew this testimonial video would be available for YOU and others who want to take their life in their hands and have a plan for if it all goes down the toilet. <p><a href=”″>WRAP – Experiences, BenefitsContinue reading “WRAP is it for you?”

WRAP- Identifying your Triggers

    This week we looked at identifying triggers that can make a person feel a variety of unhelpful emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger, shame. Triggers need to be identified and not ignored, especially if they cause mental anguish or distress that affects your everyday life,  how you treat yourself and what you doContinue reading “WRAP- Identifying your Triggers”

Wellness Recovery Action Program part 1 follow up

I hope some of you have been able to put down some of the things that make you happy and keep you well and in a good place- mentally and healthily. To find out how to prepare your own ‘wellness toolbox then please click on this link. In the video, I refer to letting me orContinue reading “Wellness Recovery Action Program part 1 follow up”

How can we help you?

How can we help you? You are loved. My husband I’m going to the source of my labelled diagnoses to find a way to answer this question. Not to look for a reason to blame why I am like  I am, but so I can ask the right questions to help myself get better. HowContinue reading “How can we help you?”

Sad but true

Just let go – what have you got to lose? eyes veer from every inch of the walls surrounding her, desperately imploring, pleading for an answer. Gain, gain – You have everything to gain. Let yourself be loved, adored, laugh. Gain some weight. Give Life a heartbeat that doesn’t stutter out cacophonously. Passing by incongruentContinue reading “Sad but true”