Ma petit fripon 

via Ma petit fripon 

Death rattle

Reminiscent of an uprising of crickets ready to battle

Stare at a puffed updiamond heart

Drumming inside an empty cage. Birds ripped apart.

Gargoyle  stares ignored.

Folk bumble about unaware what is in store for us all- eventually.

The breathe of Hades-

Lingers then makes a dash for scant flesh and bones.

Meat is not this gods instrument. Lust causes call for more drones

Sponge, moisten  parched parted  lips

Raven signals the ire of its whips

The ones who don’t loose it in bedlam excite


Invites all loved ones to rally round

Stands by door. Stands back.Admires its ownpower.

A moment to savour for a while more.

Every door closed,  each breath cloys

Begs for enough fare to cross the distance to embrace elysium air.
Today everyone shall know how close we are to parting from brown soil

Lamb,hatched chickens,babies born in  Cumbersome air.

the cycle must  complete before we can emerge reborn

Death is inevitable  as necessary as life is to the Cumbaya

of springs first show of petal.

When you look at the beginning of this  new dawn

Know that when you stand back in awe

It is because you have felt the chill of winters soul depart

Shed a tear for the snowman who brought  our youth so much joy.

Appreciate death. Stare it in the face

The sun chants

 count in rosary beads

tomorrow never dies.

Trying to type something while listening and watching my  grandmother dying.



I support the assisted dying law.  This is inhumane.

A selfish farce.
Happy mothers day

Wherever  you go

Wherever  you roam

I hope that it is a place as magnificent as earths revellers make it out to be

Ma petition fripon. J’taime xxxx

* What I wrote waiting and comforting my ma and my gran before she passed over.


    • aaw, Sorry Charlie. It’s so hard to see our loved ones leave. I know she isn’t suffering anymore. I just miss her. hugs to you .Your grandpa had dementia didn’t he? A horrific illness.

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          • Are there not people open minded where you live at? That’s sad. I know exactly how you feel. Question for you: If you had to move to a different country or place within the country where would you like to move too?

            Question: Are there any open mic poetry events happening where you live in the area?

            Liked by 1 person

          • There are. I’ve just been through a rough time and it’s had a huge impact on my mental health. I don’t give up. I’m stronger for carrying on. Yeah there are. I’ve just been too busy working on my Masters, getting through my divorce and making sure my daughter is well. :)I’d love to live in New Orleans. Or become a nomad and travel the the world :). What about you? If you could live anywhere in this Universe -Where would you choose?

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          • I’m so sorry you’ve been going through a rough time. You have friends here and I am here for you if you need to talk.

            Let me know when you get your Masters degree. I’m so proud of you. 🙂

            New Orleans. Awesome! I hear its quite nice over there and the weather and music scene if amazing.

            I’d like to live in Italy or Canada. Both seem like very calm and great places to live and experience different cultures.

            Sometimes If I had a superhero powers I’d like to teleport to ‘Mars’ or ‘Saturn’. hahahaha!!! They both seem quite interesting and see what kind of sea creatures still exist.

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          • ha ha! aaaw that made me laugh. That would so cool! Travelling to another planet…. LOL It’s ok, you life always changing. Thank you for you support -It makes more of a difference Tham you realise. Keep it real -biiiiiieee

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