The living ain’t easy

It hasn’t taken away everything there is still me inside. Don’t forget I rise, fall, stumble, then I suppose because I’m here, I rise. See even grey lizards can be Newborn from cinders. My number is definitely not over Mother’s nature to beta block a seizure on Kronos’s clock. merely an earthling in my mortalContinue reading “The living ain’t easy”

Whale music

And when I believe that everything that I feel is real, I set myself up. Grasp the short straw to hear whale music oxygenised- Death becomes her Another attempt on her life Variety is indeed her spice. She marked it out as hers with a tank girl knife. Neathanderals and the world are conspiring againstContinue reading “Whale music”

Do Black lives matter?

Can we put a price on a life? #BlackLivesMatter in the U.K. & globally too. Here is how you can help.To be blunt: If we are in a position to put our money where our mouth is then do it today, please!Link About We work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 13 toContinue reading “Do Black lives matter?”

Daisy chains a stream of consciousness

* It is only fear that stops you writing authentically. If most people don’t get my writing I wipe my head in relief. I’d rather have one genuine response of ‘I get this’ than likes. I feel a bit like the old Daisy. I write for me. When I write for myself I am beingContinue reading “Daisy chains a stream of consciousness”

Ma petit fripon 

via Ma petit fripon  Death rattle Reminiscent of an uprising of crickets ready to battle Stare at a puffed updiamond heart Drumming inside an empty cage. Birds ripped apart. Gargoyle  stares ignored. Folk bumble about unaware what is in store for us all- eventually. The breathe of Hades- Lingers then makes a dash for scantContinue reading “Ma petit fripon “

My venture with her Dementia

*REPOST pour ma Gandmere and for feeling helpless* For she’s a jolly good fella… For she’s…. a she is.. not even a fella She’s 83 today. Big deal, right?   what is so special about her lying in a state care home in a periwinkle neglige? She is someone I dread going to see -every single week.Continue reading “My venture with her Dementia”

Making something out of nothing

“Who says nothing is impossible? I’ve been doing nothing for years.” -UNKNOWN Ha! I love this quote. I very rarely let myself truly chill out and veg. This weekend was the first weekend and time in over a year that I have given my mind and body a true chance to chill and enjoy beingContinue reading “Making something out of nothing”

Follow Great Footsteps Mortality

 “Don’t send me flowers when I’m dead. If you like me, send them while I’m alive.”- Brian Clough #FollowGreatFootsteps WHY HAVE I CHOSEN THIS QUOTE: I know a few people who I am very close to who have passed on and I know that laughter stirs them to check up on me. They hated tearsContinue reading “Follow Great Footsteps Mortality”

Belief (3) Why do we die?

*Disclaimer I  write with a light heart and humour. I  don’t wish to offend anyone.* The origin  of death- one view taken from Maori people in  New Zealand. When  the world started there was no belief in death. The Maori  always brings to my mind  this There belief in  how it came  to be thatContinue reading “Belief (3) Why do we die?”