How Recovery feels for an Anorexic

Not an easy post.. but it is out of my head and on paper. The one thing I have to remind myself is it doesn’t matter if other people read this or not. It is the fact that I am articulating my pain and my issues in a way that releases some of the pressure..

Daisy in the willows

Possibly one  of the hardest posts to write down- ever. The one that I don’t want to put down into words for a fear of failure and nor giving my fight the justice I feel it deserves..  I need some form of a  creative out let, so I am going to go all Dear diary, I think I’m going to re-invigorate  our old diary by giving it a name.

Dear Sid,

From the years 2012  to  just before summer this year in 2015. I thought I had recovered from Chronic Anorexia. How fucking  arrogant is that?  I started eating more types of food and letting myself indulge a small bit. I got into exercising to be healthy. It was great I lived with a set weight that varied by 1-2 kilograms

Roll on to the present day…

Seemingly from out of nowhere those Anorexic thoughts have managed to take on Greek…

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  1. I hope you’re ok?! Since you felt the need to re-blog this one….
    Love you! XxX

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    • Patty! Oh, things are so hectic. I’m. looking for houses to move to and get my Masters degree completed/ sorted, make sure my little girl is happy. I’m shattered tbh but I’m a tough cookie. Hard work pays off or I will die triyng ha ha!
      I’m sorry I have no time to blog until…. my life is a bit more settled. I miss you. And everyone Lots of love -How are you?

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      • Sweet N, focus on the most important stuff first; you precious girl, your own health, the move, the study and don’t forget your ‘rock’ (hubby) either. Blogging can wait!
        I am here, whenever you need me and I am sure more of your lovely readers too.
        Hang in there, you are a strong woman! Biggest hug ever, XxX

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      • Aw, patty. bless you Just the words I needed to read. ❤ ❤ BIIG loves to you xxx


  2. if you are an addict
    you are a user
    but not a loser
    i stand on the corners
    a lollypop
    and i think
    do i have comfort
    nope if i do not rein in my emotions
    they will
    my leg
    so dear
    all my love
    and empathy!

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