Daisy Willows

 Struggling with mental health illness and long stays as a patient in hospitals, she found solace in the term ‘ write to recover’. Her writing developed further when she started her blog and website.

Natasha grew in confidence as a writer and started experimenting with what she coined ‘borderline poetry’. Not quite poetry & bordering on ‘crazy’.

Natasha decided to use her writing to help people who had suffered with their own mental health .She started doing workshops on anti stigma and is passionate about helping people in the community to come together through being creative.

 Natasha describes herself as an illiterate literate. She has never found the academic world of writing come naturally to her. She studied (and still studies) with the Open university She majored in post graduate certificate in the Humanities in 2017, specializing in Creative writing for stage scripts,fiction writing,and writing in the myth in the Greek and Roman world. She is currently studying her final year of her masters.

 She writes real socialism pieces.She left South Africa in 1999 to live in France She worked as a femme de menage and a waitress in villa de lans and lived in Marseille. When not writing she is usually playing ,reading, thinking, being a single mom, helping solve other people’s problems and  trying to keep her mind from unravelling.

She has published a short story called ‘Number one’ on amazon She is currently working on publishing a poetry  book with her borderline and in-yer face poetry. Natasha is working on her first novel called ‘Blurred’. 

 Another venture she is working on is her music journalism writing. She has started writing EP reviews and song reviews. She has an untamable spirit. And a thirst for knowledge.



Freelance writer.

Mental health and humanitarian activist.

Music promoter

public speaker


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