Random generation of Procrastination

Collect your  RANDOM WORD HERE  News Makes this tale mangy from substance abuse. It rips at the soul-  Makes censorship an ideal way to protect society from the ugly truth. Weak humans Covering up their tracks.   Idle loneliness makes for an abode  Senses  summoned in to serve  body possession resembles a genre of  the common trap.   JediContinue reading “Random generation of Procrastination”

Janus of global slang

Inspired by his lyrics – it’s not exactly physics. Big boy Little boy Atomic bomb don’t come across as coy. Paranoia looms over a  shadow with no owner. Scented thoughts hang outside on the laundry line –  drying out, pegged up, sketchy. Nowt out of the ordinary. The demise of senseless beatings. The savage frolic in secret meetings. Can’t keepContinue reading “Janus of global slang”

These few words are my words

Write to recover or die living the life of another I disappoint your heart everyday. I rape it copiously Hope you  won’t wake up. Its better to get fucked over if you are asleep or slightly disorderly . I don’t know why I am this way muster the audacity to pretend life is Gaye IContinue reading “These few words are my words”

Force of drole

*writing to recover-writing to remember who I am. Writing and shrugging off the insults of so-called friends/family The drole of this world’s a part of my repertoire  Seek it out I  observe the stars bluster out a cosmic sigh Sun ushers in to greet me then says to me high   Sunshine deflated-slips behind CoyContinue reading “Force of drole”

Kooky heart

Oh how did this happen to me The girl from some other foreign city? Wiley enough to make a plan Cunning and soft of heart -all my eggs bled before the start of labour Before the sun came up. It hid her pain, all the clots of her smiles. She would coocoo again for herContinue reading “Kooky heart”

Easter roe

Hey ho – It’s Easter My mad has turned into glad Easter hunt with Bee leading the front Check out the daily song Start a debate if you think its wrong. The lyrics touch my heart and make me smile -two of my favourite effects of Life. Wanna cry, wanna laugh Wanna give all IContinue reading “Easter roe”

Be careful what you wish for

Another deadline has passed. I should get my marks back after the 12 th February. I haven’t had a chance to pause and I’m already drafting my 3rd TMA (due 30th March). For those interested in the conclusion to my dalliance in the supernatural genre, it starts where it is underlined. BEHOLD!  This hopefully makes up forContinue reading “Be careful what you wish for”

A sweep of consciousness

Polish face lifts immigrants on a striking shift. Release the scent of the maximum sedative. How many wrongs make a right in a world indulging in a  toupe wearing predictive. In the slums – she bares her teeth. rips at her tights. Hoping to show she can cough up her own weight when she’s challenged to cognac fights.Continue reading “A sweep of consciousness”

the You! fallacy

Just jotting my thoughts. I’ve been prompted to make a complaint. little four eyes when you were half your current size -why did you doubt yourself so? Looking back to a densely plotted past – hazy. What would you have done knowing all people doubt themselves even if it means you becoming the foe? ‘Have no regrets’ – the tagline ofContinue reading “the You! fallacy”