Creativist FEATURE: Fear me, Dear me I usually know nothing about the people I ask to feature. Here is the usual process of listening to music to getting a feature. I’m listening to music and goawwing about my day. A song stops me from whatever I’m I’m doing. Hit repeat again. And again. Then before looking into the artist’s bio.Continue reading “Creativist FEATURE: Fear me, Dear me”

Ginger nuts parasite

This was the first piece of fictional writing I ever wrote. It was also graded and then I had to adapt it into a different genre.  ‘Miss Sainte!’ the travel consultant’s hands twitch like a bees feelers, ‘let me get your tickets for London.’ and she is off. I’ve always found it amusing how peopleContinue reading “Ginger nuts parasite”

slash/virgule poem

I light this vigil/ candles given to me by an individual/ a name I cannot give thee/ heart and mind forgive me. and/or… If I said his name is Slash/ he’s indecisively crass/more renowned as a light brush stroke/ his Latin name leaves a remarkable impression in repressed folk. perhaps/ not… It worries me thatContinue reading “slash/virgule poem”