These spoken words infect the brain ‘Till it rot and fester.   Dare deny thoughtless utterances Be it in mind maps or in clusters. Gathering speed from maimed parts Propel bodily functions into a catatonic state. Summon steel nerves climb barbed wired fences caught its rags. Wear with affray. Chaos  stilled by lighting a hermitsContinue reading “Phantasmagoria”

P.S. I’d do it again in a heart beat

*Prompt FORBIDDEN LOVE* Forbidden love shell-shock hearts with echoes of the gun shots . Bang! Fall to the floor . Emotions mastery of us; The puppets.   Universal soldiers we plea the heart must be acquiesce . Ration it’s rational . It’s bled blood red. We walk — fine machines-   Bang! Bang! Bang!   Trivialise the flesh armour riddled withContinue reading “P.S. I’d do it again in a heart beat”

Cape Vulnerable

Danger lurks in wild-eyed faces. Thoughts restrained to assuage feelings inverted debases. Danger thrusts a third eye world view, of hatred and vomit a careless overlook of blind men seeking to anew. Danger conquests damsel in distress. Jeans make it pleasurable for when she denies its requests. Danger, danger, danger, –  it haunts her. She seesContinue reading “Cape Vulnerable”

Heads up

A coin has two sides. Heads or Tails – it’s crazy how we let fate decide how  our life will transpire. Fate. Mate. It’s  all overrated – celebrity ,drug addicted ,dead skateboarder – cremated ashes arise from the livings tears-earths most selfish empire. Hawks is a brand name. I find his business methods something left to beContinue reading “Heads up”

Street life #soCs

Anno Domini, episodic moments of yore. Excalibur sword wielding, mind-bender moments – mind your step and hit the dance floor. Decadent, whisky on the rocks, Drugs fresh from the Durban harbour  docks. Uncut,  fresh,this shit gets you in a state of euphoria that makes you a natural at dancing the charleston without spilling a sip. IceContinue reading “Street life #soCs”

Sins amass

New challenge for myself- writing stream of consciousness listening to mix cloud – Epic challenge for my senses.  PROMPT WORD: EX   Last night I went out. Yes, wahaaaaaay!  Cheeky cocktail at T.G.I’s and then it was off to watch Grim North Theatres – ‘Sins of our Father.’ So this got me thinking about theContinue reading “Sins amass”

The indulgent wool gatherer

Let us sit here for a second , right here on top of this lush hill. Pause, for a moment and think about life and what we want to do – explore how we feel. Lie down ,sprawl out  our arms and legs like star fish and gaze up into the sky. Cloud gazing- canContinue reading “The indulgent wool gatherer”