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Force of drole

*writing to recover-writing to remember who I am. Writing and shrugging off the insults of so-called friends/family

The drole of this world’s a part of my repertoire

 Seek it out

I  observe the stars bluster out a cosmic sigh

Sun ushers in to greet me then say to me high


Sunshine deflated-slips behind

Coy eyelashes flicker

An  elusive goodbye


Landscape sightings report the sun’s trickery

It can’t revolve above or under the sky.


Planet earth is a cookie cut out

flattened into shape

Dictated to — its norm of a lay by

infinite  stutters unlace

La Luna

part ways

  left heartbroken

creating ripples across the water

Oft blurred.

 wanton to view her beguiling manner this eve

Don’t watch this space

It leaves room for an innuendo

genre style-

budgie budgets cos it’s an indie myna on the fly by

Gutted cos this  reads across as a novice  flatulently  windy

Lost confidence in his nature.

Stole a spirit

it wasn’t even mine

Finale parts the legs of barbie inbreds in-laws.

Cheap cheap

underwear-blatantly reveals the remnants of a hookah   smoky blows

secreting a house ablaze

brush off an ashen doll-


vented as Cindy.

Quality remains third-degree sightless

to the echelons taken over in a hazed quantity;

I think I died.

I have imposter syndrome

These words dictate I’m a genuine illiterate.

Forgive me for attempting to write

I forgot about that critter sitting amongst its fellow mate-the 5 10 midget

Oi ‘Arry Potter quick diversion tactic-start finding the golden   quidditch

mice s-c-c-c-atters

The  dwellers above   know my heart drops

my soul




bloody, Man  on the dance floor

I’ll murder  a bass line, a beat — a melody

anything to revive  Spiritual harmony.


To remember  Life has the nectar to extract the sharp,

jutted pieces


on the floor.

temporarily suspended to ….

….Some random felony.

It’s  a knock to the hard knockers

Mind, Been through turmoils  deeper than this

And survived!


It’s not a train smash

Live to learn

 Love to learn.


Take a slice of peachy humble pie!

stick a candle in it

flame ignites

back drafted thoughts stumble  into a  sequence of:

tomorrow before  I decide today’s the day I roll with Beethoven’s  dice

Hindsight is…

What it is.

A vice.

Sappy Heart

I’m  right  down

I’m shook up.

 Corker’s  prematurely conceived Pops

floods in axis  allies



foams  memorising






upon  hitting terra firma

Context –

text –



extension  20% proof.

I see the scars

I see how it ticks .

Tor- rratic , compulsive


Catch a rave…..

 ….for the hell of it.

Wicked witch  erupts into  flames

a myriad of Infinitum

reborn into a state of   foreign flags.


mind buggery neuroticism.

Miss fittings making no cents—

it’s just me.

…complaining in the currency of  words


inhaling scents of the civilised

sparring  near the poplar trees

premeditated notions about a break somewhere near the beats of   Her Mississippi.


 Rubber tyre


an ashen head




Christ,  it’s only a baby!

Child, can it be worse?

Blue Mondays are not  my agenda

creditors stand back – I am but a single unit of rebellion defender.

random bollock -isms —utterances –

Hoo Ha!

 eases the thoughts

dulls the senses — makes  me talk


blah blah


goats cheese chops into

 a nightmare slice of Brie on the free.


Fright mares  trapped in  uni Korn  band of a dreamcatcher

Aw, Twinkle toes!

kitten crawling sideways…

….Funny mad-hatter.

Memories of my Tatty  Anna and people

not here.


I have their wisdom.

I get it.

This is  why I’m here.



to show my portal to failure often leads to serendipitous moments —  a hand of passion I encourage to caress.

Winning on the squint is relative to Iris’s pupils —

 cantering- against a backdrop of visual vacant




My heart s-s-s-s-stutters —

 waves  of  blood crash  around  my private chambers

The same the place I learned  how to   save her


It’s mere words, a jumbo-hybridization of  Nonsense.

It’s just a mark on a piece of virtual paper  or ….

Is my soul marked

sincerely yours,

yesterdays lined, wrinkled quaker?

Who knows?

Got to get this out

No masterpiece, please

don’t be led into illusions of  any reasonable doubt 🙂


 Take it on the chin

Pink champagne and rolls Royces is a means to an  end.

The  BIG  issue

comes and goes.


reveal I care deeply about





Bobby Dazzles them to

 a cluster hand adorned in bejewelled rings.

How  is that  over half the Tories are pro the death penalty?

what sick .. (look up to the sky, palms raised upwards)  made humans want to kill?

Then resurrect a self -portrait frowning

Poor wee   Frankenstein!

Heightened sense  this create-a   monstrosity

clearly feigned formal  introductions to the mode a La clandestine .

The overseer has a warped sense of humour


Warped sense of humour.

Warped sense of humour .

warped! warped!


Flappers ‘


Pass down a  blue  gene predisposed to erupt into a   malevolent  radiation activist

digging  up a sizeable  tumour

a  ‘Mwah a ha ha inhales too much reverberation’  character

straight out of every epic  Brechtian.


(pant) oh, mime!

Nothing will stop.

Nothing will stop.

Nothing will stop

silence my voice.


Tomorrow’s another day to appeal to a chapter inspired by

The equestrian deity

parle in grande Mal thumps.

Time unpauses

 hits the buttons

on the rewind

let Soul come into its own being.


I write ,

I write,

I speak

I speak.

I stutter.


cos I …




coveting Self-harm projects  Noire-Esque shadows   toxic  terrorists



 terminal stockholme

synchronising  me



A mate asked me how another  mate of the bygone era

travelled with   ghosts

fluent in




O.ver floweth


Recounted  what adds up to know

ledge.  Intimate,

she didn’t reply to

Skype hook up, across the Pleiades sisters parade?

Too much



May Truth

Never hide my dastardly foibles.


Ask a question-Won’t  decorate words with   foliage nor flowers unless  appropriate  dis


Beast attire is required.

 The weed, contagious, wild,unstoppable  , tangible mess

horizontal on

an overdose of reality.


Infectious   swine influence-a -powers

Rangers in sight

Glocks are invincible  — frenemy of the night.

Sub motion orchestrates the design of my Scarlett duress.

Per chance, it’s lunar monthlies or….

the  blues mourning for a

haunting with  Madame  Tristesse



pass it to over to  #Throwbackthursday



 a torch onto

 a  Choker


This,I  confess…

.. is how






en -route

a   walk


spazzing  to the next  phase


critiqued catalyst.


*Struggling with writing so I just wrote anything.  Life, oh oooooh life.  Life.


infamous conquests of the human race to expose life’s epiphany.

de harmonisation fails to uphold Athena’s liturgy.

Poorly managed Pomodoro method

Metis grant Deep Thought access to the deaf, dumb and blinded

Search engine optimised  –  the ultimate track  42 disinhibits these libertarian’s reclaim autonomy to debate life’s purpose for liberty.

hypophysectomise the moody matriarchy for

Pheremone replacement therapy

Father declares she made it up -it’s all in her head

A caution to never mirror  the gargoyle with  serpent  hair or live a life barren

stone cold as death

Wings declare war on Nottinghamshire’s elite. Robin’s red crest symbolises blood  will shed – if the ground harvests a crop sterile


Bath bubbles wait for a body that has matter .

69 spoonfuls of bio oil smooth out the stretch marks-

dissolves the fat cats.

Watch them  scatter.

Enemy pilots covert zombie nuns in a pig stye

Overthinking- condensates these cloud tufted ideas.

The flow loses integrity – it stands for the lie.

Shaking bones to release the overspill.

Athena  won’t be a subject to her  own life gains and losses.

Stay true to her style.

No  sounds  of a  Swedish  rehashed assembly

lined out to bear all our crosses.

Stunted by the overthink- look away from her spinal  index

a mind blinks in epiletic seizures.

Unsanitary insults tossed around,

a tussled rustle

Nomad hiding in the bushes

He doesn’t whether  he’s angry or horny

Either way should fuck some common  sense into her.

procrastination halts.

Spaces so tight it has to play its ordained key.

Sounds of queer folk living off  Givenchy.

Rumours, ill gotten behaviour

pussy cat kneeding into yesterdays lingerie.

Not so much economical as busy with the normal day to day.

No digits on the clock,

time shows up in a 5 year old making intelligible sentences.

Forced to awaken from her slumber.

Time lapsed under the sound of a deity clapping out thunder.

what’s up with the pretences?

Athena peers into the eyes of a child not so new born.

whispers ‘listen with both ears’

Goddess takes her own advice and is graced with the miricle of life;

she succumbs to tears.

Finally managed to get up on the retrograde.

Trumped on an ally.

Her apoligies can still be heard in the fade.

Outed for having an opinion.

A belief!

Offended the entire faith of chritianity.

exhiled by her father figure.

She stands her ground where other men bow their heads.

Money makes a human weak in the teeth.

One fine day the bull will take off his horns when in pause mode.

The eagle will descend and emotions will spill out of  its  beak

hybridisation is the result of such an offload.

Glitter , maroon -carpets may seize the day and fly.

Although the author of these words questions the reason why.

Calling out to a nation of intellectual breeders.

They never want to hire former institutionalised  life seekers.

Whose truly deserving of at least the 90 th chance?

Some people don’t even live to experience their own wedding day dance.

Stuttering over each word. Tempted to  cuss.

Athena refuses to get stuck in reverse.

Ready to fertilise blood with the dark night of the soul.

Athena never passes up a challenge

uh oh

time to stop her before she’s crying over spilt milk

Betrayal   overheard by a righteous all seeing mole living in a borrowed hole.