Capital gains for an elite aura

Random fandom Venerable vulnerable Society disappoints my inner light. It screeches out a backdraft  Quell the passion at the lack of incompetence.   Respect our traditions and values Society came and went. Flew over a universal credit faux pas.   Capital gains for an elite aura Chakra karma paid & displays a tramp with an earnestContinue reading “Capital gains for an elite aura”

Family matters

MESSAGE: Never forget the safe haven your family members created – no matter how flimsy. They were doing what they could with the best resources they had . Always try and keep a a small space reserved in your heart for wiser times in your life and you will find peace and happiness.

The power of our spoken words

The globe is spinning and spinning and today we stop off in China. Again. These people know how to be happy. SECRET TO HAPPINESS: CONSIDER HOLDING YOUR TONGUE AND WORDS BEFORE SOMEBODY TAKES THEM TO HEART TRADITION: CHI KOU RI (‘day of dispute’) DATE: CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR (January/February CELEBRATED IN: CHINA The amount ofContinue reading “The power of our spoken words”


, yesterday. I was too busy posting about my cat’ Tatiana. I am just a tad happy at the moment. Right, this minute she is sleeping under the quilt with me. Epic moment -which will make more sense if you read the post about my Tatiana. Feel free to read and of course not readContinue reading “HAPPINESS TIP: HOW TO LET GO-“

HAPPINESS TIP:Do you know where you are going?

SECRET TO HAPPINESS: Verbalise in words exactly what is is you want TRADITION: Shinto ema (consecrated/dedicated vow plaques) DATE: Any -time TRADITION: Japan Who wants to be happy? I do. That is why I created my ‘Global happiness’ page and I know I am not alone. We all want to be happy. What does happinessContinue reading “HAPPINESS TIP:Do you know where you are going?”

HAPPINESS TIP:Like sand through the hourglass…..

SECRET TO HAPPINESS TRADITION: Accept and celebrate the impermanence of LIFE DATE: Any time CELEBRATED: Tibet Before I carry on writing when I came up with this title I couldn’t help but remember the famous and cheesy American Soap opera and that man’s voice completing the ‘………. and so are the days of the our lives.’ AllContinue reading “HAPPINESS TIP:Like sand through the hourglass…..”


Secret to happiness:  Not sitting with your thoughts and bottling things up but get talking with people on your wave-length Tradition: Stammtitisch Date: any time Celebrated : Germany You are super excited about finding out you are pregnant, or you have just had a baby. Maybe you love collecting old album record covers , youContinue reading “HAPPINESS TIPS:REASONS WHY WE HAVE A MOUTH AND EARS”