My thoughts on escaping the past

Bahtuhkid · my thoughts about the past When I think I’ve escaped the past I know my Ma doesn’t drink alcohol and she Sort of kicked me out without kicking my ass. My daughter cried Tatiana didn’t meow I came back to the place where I thought I would relapse I went to buy catContinue reading “My thoughts on escaping the past”

My confessions on a secret

Shhhhh… Can you keep a secret? ‘If I told you I care, I still do. A person can only be told ‘to go away’ so many times before they must act on a person’s wishes. It is called respect. It doesn’t mean that person doesn’t care or has changed their mind. It does mean thatContinue reading “My confessions on a secret”

Cupid scored

I’m convinced it is true love or close to the definition as one can come to. You feed me physically, rehydrate me when I forget. You feed my mind on subjects I’m passionate about sans regret. You feed my psychological stance when it needs a new perspective Laugh if in doubt You never belittle me,Continue reading “Cupid scored”

Inksters Milking it

Dedicated to the gangsters inksters of the writing world. A lifetime member of sudden death writer collective. Butter them up to increase traffic  then render them defective. Noble people not saying what they do. It’s a performance of sorts. It screams out – this scene has been played out far too many times. Fucking overContinue reading “Inksters Milking it”

Her bloody stalker The red army draws collective breath whistles it out in a  howling gust of wind snarling. She stands tall – her long  tresses raised to the heavens A subtle message from Hell’s dwellers:  it was back to attack. Every month,  they stalk her just as night follows day, full-mooned. Hairy palms, yellow slit eyesContinue reading “Her bloody stalker”

Tell him that..

The most fulfilling start to this month is being able to tell him- another social parasite to fuck off. Tell him that He disgusts me & then feel the power of letting go the relationship & blocking him. A bruised ego like his would not forgive so easily. The further away these toxic people areContinue reading “Tell him that..”

Hermit hymn

*To be revised*   I write about the hermit man He often takes me by the hand. Lost to gravity a  fan falls The same one I use to navigate the wind.   Pushed me forwards never touching my body. Motivated a will to resurrect forgotten seeds of hope Planted for days when there areContinue reading “Hermit hymn”

I wish this was fiction -Pro choicer

Exactly! not so much religion but more your beliefs about pro-life.FYI All of us in this debate are pro-life. You don’t have to be religious to respect and be Pro-life. I have a lot of anger towards the hypocritical B/S sludge techniques that some Pro-lifers use to prevent Abortions from going ahead legally ( safelyContinue reading “I wish this was fiction -Pro choicer”

What a character!

The “beauty”  of Facebook is we are so worried about our face or feed that no one will read this & if they do wise asses who say “I Don’t get it”. When I feel like articulating myself and making an effort you won’t reply ( not me being arrogant) just experience with Smart asses, cons, piss takers and general Giff gaff