My thoughts on escaping the past

Bahtuhkid · my thoughts about the past When I think I’ve escaped the past I know my Ma doesn’t drink alcohol and she Sort of kicked me out without kicking my ass. My daughter cried Tatiana didn’t meow I came back to the place where I thought I would relapse I went to buy catContinue reading “My thoughts on escaping the past”


These spoken words infect the brain ‘Till it rot and fester.   Dare deny thoughtless utterances Be it in mind maps or in clusters. Gathering speed from maimed parts Propel bodily functions into a catatonic state. Summon steel nerves climb barbed wired fences caught its rags. Wear with affray. Chaos  stilled by lighting a hermitsContinue reading “Phantasmagoria”

Her bloody stalker The red army draws collective breath whistles it out in a  howling gust of wind snarling. She stands tall – her long  tresses raised to the heavens A subtle message from Hell’s dwellers:  it was back to attack. Every month,  they stalk her just as night follows day, full-mooned. Hairy palms, yellow slit eyesContinue reading “Her bloody stalker”

Icke Dreams

Generation of memes and meh. No to negative – yes to positive, change the bulbs and glow iridescently, no fear in being one light -solo- informative. Skulking around caves in the fashion of  Scylla -drinking whirlwind pools of Charybdis Not her usual Pret a porter a  la mode – turn away from the crowd guffawingContinue reading “Icke Dreams”

If blue was a hue

If shades came in pigmented blues Would the world recognize the significance of colour as opposed to hues? Would living in colour stop it’s either this or that? Would grey get a chance to convince us to investigate? Would crashing into a slick  navy crude and  lost at  sea, Inspire old fashioned candy knots to carryContinue reading “If blue was a hue”

The Rage

Rage incensed unfurled by the scent of the Unsaged. The Wisest fool, I know. Marked with your own hands let your vapid swimming champion attempt to have a  go Let you paw my naked flesh blue rinse. Touch me up and make me think I wanted you for sex. I don’t give a fuck! GetContinue reading “The Rage”


Eyes lowered, separate from the crowd if you ignore her frowns, Could this wallflower throw down the gauntlet of one party reveller- Time himself dozing before the stroke of midnight? Or, Would this wallflower anticipate the daffodils, daisies and roses to save the day with clear cut stems of prosecco? The  garden of gaiety pours outContinue reading “Wallflower”

Words are my moonshine

When you  feel you’re hanging on the vine, Remember- a seed push forth a mighty sign. You must  take the sunbeams and treasure what’s thine Wild Kansas City is but one destination on the sign. Take hope, light and lose the animosity, for inside  you, there is no monstrosity Get caught speeding in high velocity.Continue reading “Words are my moonshine”

Sadie- F*** Pillow talk

Be the prick  Be the swollen lips Be the trickle of blood sauntering down her pale leg. Treat her fragility -with vagile virility – trust in her own common sense. Let her open up to you Let her tease you into bed, out layered by peels of laughter. Perhaps you find yourself lying up looking at herContinue reading “Sadie- F*** Pillow talk”

slash/virgule poem

I light this vigil/ candles given to me by an individual/ a name I cannot give thee/ heart and mind forgive me. and/or… If I said his name is Slash/ he’s indecisively crass/more renowned as a light brush stroke/ his Latin name leaves a remarkable impression in repressed folk. perhaps/ not… It worries me thatContinue reading “slash/virgule poem”