Capital gains for an elite aura

Random fandom Venerable vulnerable Society disappoints my inner light. It screeches out a backdraft  Quell the passion at the lack of incompetence.   Respect our traditions and values Society came and went. Flew over a universal credit faux pas.   Capital gains for an elite aura Chakra karma paid & displays a tramp with an earnestContinue reading “Capital gains for an elite aura”

Hashtag All Words matter

Oh you have problems — you slit your wrists — oh how savage — roll of the eyes.

Let’s get creative with our words.

Affected by a mental illness.


Lives with a mental illness ?

Or suffers from a mental illness?

How savage (roll of eyes)

These labels — — schizophrenics. Bipolar , psychotic.

2019 is the year where Everyone wants to be insane

the reason to be a certain way is the new aesthetic

or an excuse,

Icke Dreams

Generation of memes and meh. No to negative – yes to positive, change the bulbs and glow iridescently, no fear in being one light -solo- informative. Skulking around caves in the fashion of  Scylla -drinking whirlwind pools of Charybdis Not her usual Pret a porter a  la mode – turn away from the crowd guffawingContinue reading “Icke Dreams”

If blue was a hue

If shades came in pigmented blues Would the world recognize the significance of colour as opposed to hues? Would living in colour stop it’s either this or that? Would grey get a chance to convince us to investigate? Would crashing into a slick  navy crude and  lost at  sea, Inspire old fashioned candy knots to carryContinue reading “If blue was a hue”


Do you know how hard it is to successfully take your own life? I have been doing it all wrong. Like most people, I have down it on impulse. Not thinking through the logistics. If someone is going to take or think about taking their lives here is something to think about: Drug interactions- doContinue reading “Euthanasia”

Daisy the dissident goat

A dissident is someone who knows that huge changes are needed in our world. When I think of one dissident, I think of Nelson Mandela- a man who was a radical and a voice of reason in a time where chaos thrived. He was not a hero nor was he a traitor.

He saw the need for change and knew when to be “civil” about the strategy to implement change.

Beggars Society

Beggers society. true love insatiety.   Two lovers with no fixed abode. Pariahs to a culture in the quest for a monetary load.   Shelter over head versus security locked on the inside. Freedom in exploring lovers to expel, outcasts have rights to claim base to a premise.   Basic needs Allow Emotion necessary feeds.Continue reading “Beggars Society”

Dissecting Freedom

My reflections post the general election & me not being legally allowed to vote. on the grounds of being a French national. I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter this morning and came across this status update. “How can a Utopian exist in a Dystopia ?” ( author of the source has rights to privacy withoutContinue reading “Dissecting Freedom”

Mrs Thought bubble

This is a surreal piece  I wrote during a surreal time. It’s about the cruelty of life and how the elderly are treated in Britain. It was inspired by the time I spent with my grandmother in her care home when she had Dementia and Alzheimers. It’s a stream of consciousness  Short Borderline script.  Continue reading “Mrs Thought bubble”