Ginger nuts parasite

This was the first piece of fictional writing I ever wrote. It was also graded and then I had to adapt it into a different genre.  ‘Miss Sainte!’ the travel consultant’s hands twitch like a bees feelers, ‘let me get your tickets for London.’ and she is off. I’ve always found it amusing how peopleContinue reading “Ginger nuts parasite”

How can we help you?

How can we help you? You are loved. My husband I’m going to the source of my labelled diagnoses to find a way to answer this question. Not to look for a reason to blame why I am like  I am, but so I can ask the right questions to help myself get better. HowContinue reading “How can we help you?”

To those who called me “Crazy”

*REPOSTED THIS-I had only been blogging for a couple of months when I published this.  (19/09/2015) WOAH! Okay. So not only am I co-facilitating an Anti-stigma mental health workshop in October but I have agreed to stand up-publicly-not behind the comfy boundary of my room and blog. I have been asked to speak about my ownContinue reading “To those who called me “Crazy””

The suicidal coward.

I’m feeling suicidal I can’t deny the concoction of escapism acts help keep me in denial. Too many people looking out for me I haven’t  had enough time  or privacy to actively find a sure way to make sure I’m undisturbed  absolute in my effort to be free My daughter deserves better I can’t connect with herContinue reading “The suicidal coward.”

Heart lurch

Sometimes I feel like an aged whore Haggard Men only want me for a shag Stopgap Nice bed.I’ll nail it later. Like nothing happened merely past the bedhead look   My features won’t betray the truth I wear on my sleeve. Discontent Scorn Repulsion And other adversities   Is my sexuality all I have toContinue reading “Heart lurch”

The clarity of insanity

And at  the peak of my insanity A moment to glance away from my apparent  reflection gunning down with its eyes of La Mort I know that if I am able to glance away at that reflection of utter fear and self-loathing See my child in her stark purity dancing in front of the mirror. IfContinue reading “The clarity of insanity”

No patron saint

It hasn’t taken away everything there is still me inside. Don’t forget I rise, fall stumble, then I suppose cos I’m here, I rise. See even grey lizards can be Newborn from cinders. Her number is definitely not over mother’s nature to beta blocks a seizure on Kronos’s clock. merely an earthling In my mortalContinue reading “No patron saint”