Sadie- F*** Pillow talk

Be the prick  Be the swollen lips Be the trickle of blood sauntering down her pale leg. Treat her fragility -with vagile virility – trust in her own common sense. Let her open up to you Let her tease you into bed, out layered by peels of laughter. Perhaps you find yourself lying up looking at herContinue reading “Sadie- F*** Pillow talk”

Hermit hymn

*To be revised*   I write about the hermit man He often takes me by the hand. Lost to gravity a  fan falls The same one I use to navigate the wind.   Pushed me forwards never touching my body. Motivated a will to resurrect forgotten seeds of hope Planted for days when there areContinue reading “Hermit hymn”

Spoken. Word!

  Thanks to those who have been so supportive.

I’m still a newbie at doing open mic but what a great crowd and I’m so honoured to have had a chance to share a space with so many incredibly talented singers, comedians, poets/artists  who welcomed  this blooming weed into their little home and embraced me like a friend who had been away travelling.

Apologies for the poor quality video. Will try and upload a better one but tbh all you see is the back of me ha ha!  Not very exciting.

Queen of Tristesse

Stone cold. I sit in silence. Tears betray the death of Another beating heart. Distant to my heartache. Love is meaningless accented by meaningful Nuances. Hunger strikes, I’m alone With the pangs, Unsure if I want to feel the Caress of familiar hands Or If I’d rather escape to a Nether land. Conjuring Magicians ReadyContinue reading “Queen of Tristesse”

Janus of global slang

Inspired by his lyrics – it’s not exactly physics. Big boy Little boy Atomic bomb don’t come across as coy. Paranoia looms over a  shadow with no owner. Scented thoughts hang outside on the laundry line –  drying out, pegged up, sketchy. Nowt out of the ordinary. The demise of senseless beatings. The savage frolic in secret meetings. Can’t keepContinue reading “Janus of global slang”


I can’t put roots down in a home that feels alien to me. I blank out my world. I dread the familiar haunting of this abode called my home. How it represses me and chokes me. Yet,I  come back to it like a castrated  casualty of  Love’s wars . Conditioned to part my lips  forContinue reading “Roots”

Bears in man cuff

Walking with man cuffs round the 4 edges of these walls and every reflection i gaze into Al I see is those beaten ,bloody paws the ones that climb into me even when i scream out I am worth more. I seek for a relief from this constant itching to feel sweet relief for aContinue reading “Bears in man cuff”

Scape Greatest Of All Time

A response to not conforming in line with others. I am not afraid to speak up for myself.  Jesus wasn’t the most loved person in his time ;).  – I’m not Jesus,  It seems an apropiate thing to state in this context. I am different, I am  not afraid to stand out and I’m notContinue reading “Scape Greatest Of All Time”