Suicide -get it right

A follow up to NEMBUTAL. The man on the right loves me inside & out. My Boo . He has seen me in the best positions 😀 and seen me in positions that would make a man shake the rice out of his shoes quicker than a man walking on hot coals. He ain’t perfect.Continue reading “Suicide -get it right”

The power of choice

*Life is busy again -I choose to post this 10 days before I am “supposed” to because I think our MENTAL HEALTH needs care and attention every single day* Inspired by taking a head ache tablet and the film ‘the Matrix’ It’s a bit abstract and simple at the same time. Using the matrix asContinue reading “The power of choice”

Unhelpful Prohibition ban

When in doubt or clouded by fear, I communicate. How you communicate is less important – write, talk, draw, paint, act, dance, create, do anything to express yourself in a way that promotes a healthy mind and your well being. Heard of the saying: Write to recover?  I do this all the time. This is howContinue reading “Unhelpful Prohibition ban”

Make believe.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “if/then.” Begin your post with the word “If.” For bonus points, end your post with a phrase containing the word “then.” Enjoy! If, we don’t try  things -Good and Bad How on earth will we know what we are made of? How will we be ableContinue reading “Make believe.”

Make believe

” Make believe when you  are glad when you are sorry. Sunshine will follow the rain” (lyrics to ‘Make Believe’ )- NORA BAYES Who knew I would find inspiration 8 pages into a fiction book I am reading? If all you want to do is cry and fall in a heap but you can’t. YouContinue reading “Make believe”

What to do when you are breaking down

Okay, so if you have been creating your WRAP  from week one. YAY! what a journey it has been, hasn’t it? And for those who haven’t you can always CLICK ON THIS LINK and see how you too can start your very own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). Here is a clip describing a bit ofContinue reading “What to do when you are breaking down”