My thoughts on escaping the past

Bahtuhkid · my thoughts about the past When I think I’ve escaped the past I know my Ma doesn’t drink alcohol and she Sort of kicked me out without kicking my ass. My daughter cried Tatiana didn’t meow I came back to the place where I thought I would relapse I went to buy catContinue reading “My thoughts on escaping the past”

My confessions on a secret

Shhhhh… Can you keep a secret? ‘If I told you I care, I still do. A person can only be told ‘to go away’ so many times before they must act on a person’s wishes. It is called respect. It doesn’t mean that person doesn’t care or has changed their mind. It does mean thatContinue reading “My confessions on a secret”

Cassidy – a mind butchered

Go with the flow. Instigate the wrong blow. Cassidy never knows that what she reaps is what she will sew Calamity caught stitching — a bleeding heart— on the floor in the kitchen Screams and howls.  Blowing off steam. If only this was some form of dream. Think not . Think nothing — don’t go over eachContinue reading “Cassidy – a mind butchered”

Mystery solved

Finally, I can accept this award. My comma, on my keyboard, stopped working yesterday!   Yes, I couldn’t pause, I couldn’t breathe! Today being the last day of 2016. oh yeah! I would like to thank the lovely -B.G @ Getting Through Anxiety for this mysterious award. I’ve secretly been wanting it for a long time.  mwahaha (evilContinue reading “Mystery solved”

Hidden and Bound

words tantalize her  very mind. every adjective ,every noun resounds in the primal part of her -hidden and bound. Let loose to its device it would seduce a nation of puritans . Her sin is her lifestyle. She  heard this from the one  who set her mind free with tempting condiments. Honey dripping, swarming bees pollinating withContinue reading “Hidden and Bound”

HAPPINESS TIP:Lose yourself to find yourself

MORNING! The exclamation mark is deceiving. It’s 5 a.m. and I am awake! I wake up every day at this time. I’m still in grump -mode.  Ah, that first sip of coffee tastes soo good! There are a few posts I read where it seems that the bloggers question who they really are. This  topicContinue reading “HAPPINESS TIP:Lose yourself to find yourself”