Such a sexy little number

Such a sexy little number I cry looking for a matching lingerie set in case I want to look great for the moment I hit Downunder. Laugh at your tears Say a Huge fuck you to your fears. This is the week when bash didn’t do it for me Sniff Sniff Sniff Patting and a jingle Family matters […]

Willful wrong

* Inspiration for Acrostic poetry word ‘willful’ came from how some people describe me & I wrote this cos the one person I thought would “get” how complicated relationships are (didn’t). #write to recover and keep me sane.

Good Grief

Grief it churns out carbon dioxide Thoughts lead by military force   Grief it strikes you across your cheek If you dare ignore the ones hurt by your defeat     Grief it conjures a body to sway against life’s tide Grief is tics revealed by neurosis   Call it the quacks to lead us toContinue reading “Good Grief”