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We all have a different interpretation of what the word hope means to us.

To want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might

The Cambridge dictionary definition of hope.
So I’ve decided to think about what the word Hope means to me.

Hope is the ability to see the silver lining in one’s darkest moments.
Hope is about having the strength to hold on to a belief that no matter how scary and overwhelming life can be at times -we can get through those moments because we have done before.
Hope is holding into the belief that we can get better. We can grow and achieve our goals, dreams, and become the person we want to or aspire to be.
We all find different meanings in words. There is no wrong answer. 

I decided to start writing ✏️ down words that I associate with the word Hope

  • Trust
  • Life
  • Goals
  • Opportunities
  • Achieving
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Truth
  • Family
  • My daughter
  • Friends
  • Desire
  • Action
  • Education
  • Humanity
  • Creative outlets
  • Growth
  • Confidence
  • Emotions
  • Dreams
  • Fears

  • Here is 3-minute Acrostic poem I wrote about hope 🙏

    H ear heavenly angels descent.
    O pen ears; wings in full flight.
    P assion stirred; Fears dissolve.
    E motions soar; new day begun.

    Squwark sounds byte


    Shake it

    … shake it baby




    Uptempo Keys

    unsilence the drama



    a happy Russian Soviet bass choir impersona


    I can’t rap

    But I do

    got flow

    70% water — can’t make this shit up…

    Scientists don’t discriminate-

    Updated stream filled in

    by today’s  quantified current


    the premier

    First and foremost a muse of note —

    scale down the scratch post

    lude blues.



    common clouds count in beats

    search for a pulse in

    Metropolis  Metronome

    Vinylise –

    no more inches to add to her form

    other than to

    intro- apple -genuisly feed

    a podcast

     worthy for  wonderlands flowers to perform ?

    ‘mo brain mo crane’

    Fly to the East

    Sigh to the West

    side with the South

    Hustle with the true north.

    Whatever get’s these words out

    If this  riff sounds willowy

    Shucks,Throw in a hillbilly

     Sound squwarks


    doo wee

    doo wop

    Guess what?

    ain’t apologising for being an invader of my own  rythmic space.

    R. iveting



    ha ha when you cha cha.

    It’s dead.

    ‘it’s gone,Gym’

    Giblets strutting down this street.

    Shake a tail feather to those with the Harmonised Harlem shufflers feet.




    vitro –

    Dutch flowers

    chiming the bell


    Modest mouse  slam beatbox a  scat cat.

    improvise the blues in fluent meow-skies —


    Hammer time

    Tell her where she lost the plot?

    The living aint easy

    life hint

    Where is she at?

    doing the wriggle worm , 8 years young

    thinking ,

    maybe I’m a kid ‘— kidders rights to think

    ‘maybe I am shit hot.’

    Impervious to the nonsense .

    Tolerate her apparent nonchalance.

    wind down tempo

    No more Scratching ideas  shape throw your hands in the air

    Hit, publish —

    have no shame telling people move on to another cloud

    Your content is your own  style and flair.

    Sometimes you gotta groove the ghetto to let up some get up and get some get go.


    Good Grief

    Grief it churns out carbon dioxide

    Thoughts lead by military force


    Grief it strikes you across your cheek

    If you dare ignore the ones hurt by your defeat



    Grief it conjures a body to sway against life’s tide

    Grief is tics revealed by neurosis


    Call it the quacks to lead us to another direct line

    You will be just fine


    Shift a bit in the corner

    Let it leave our hearts

    For a retrieval

    A chance to shine

    Turn to this moment.

    March forwards to a beat instilling a sense of playful footwork to the dance of living by being.

    *writing poem  challenge: describe grief in physical terms