C. Alexander -Anxiety Disorder EP

Check out C. Alexander’s latest EP – keep scrolling… When I discovered Anxiety disorder EP I was captivated by the track ‘Anxiety disorder – The full EP can be found on G.O.A.T. Track of the day.I managed to get Caleb to offer some insight into his ways of expressing himself creatively and his views onContinue reading “C. Alexander -Anxiety Disorder EP”

Now, I thought

Now, I thought I’d tell my husband that I was going to walk out into that  main road Wait for a car to run me over. I’m sure he would have expressed concern and said I should have invested in an organ donor Card! That he is with his wry sense of humour.    Now,Continue reading “Now, I thought”

Trumpet life

Under pressure. Breaking apart — splinting at a crucial fissure. Until, It  causes an eruptive displeasure. Disquieted mind  brushes strokes of  bad blood around these elemental  chambers. Cordoned off. This is my plea. So, don’t arouse my anger. Beaten hearts with a wooden spoon. These wings will fly- I’m a fledgling not a buffoon. WeepContinue reading “Trumpet life”

pycho phantic heathen

Write to recover is what I always say. I’ve discovered, Is  few of my words  leave me whirling with  – I’m proud to park,  pay and display. Deals are made, devils I summon. People are abused, Charity leaps to a new order of Coven. I write this way, with careless affray to not lose aContinue reading “pycho phantic heathen”

My Consent.

  My mind has been focused on simple acts. I got lost in the tiniest of   fish bowls,  now I have got what I want, my mind is on detonate mode. 123  – it feels like I’ve sold almost all of my souls. Bolivian marching powder? No, not that kind of blow but IContinue reading “My Consent.”

Do you see what I see?

*PLEASE TAKE NOTE THE CONTENT I HAVE WRITTEN IN THIS POST IS SUSCEPTIBLE TO SUDDEN CHANGE BECAUSE OF COURSE I AM MENTALLY CHALLENGED* I realise I haven’t really written much on my mental health issues of late. I find it a bit un balanced that I only talk about the shit days and not theContinue reading “Do you see what I see?”

Carnival Mind

‘Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.’ –Janis Joplin Got to live up to my reputation for being brutally honest, right? I had another post in mind -the second part of  BREAKING THE CYCLE But, that can wait. I feel so low. I know I post mostly positive posts and come across as having my shit together.Continue reading “Carnival Mind”

The ‘if you need a new perspective’ post

So, I ended 2015 in a state of stupefied drunk despair. Regretting every action I committed on New years eve. Just over one month has passed. I’ve kept far away from the alcohol. I had my dip with my Anorexia. February life has started to pick up where I left it in December.  Waving myContinue reading “The ‘if you need a new perspective’ post”

How Recovery feels for an Anorexic

Possibly one of the hardest posts to write down- ever. The one that I don’t want to put down into words for a fear of failure and nor giving my fight the justice I feel it deserves..  I need some form of a  creative out let, so I am going to go all Dear diary,Continue reading “How Recovery feels for an Anorexic”