Son Lux -Alternate worlds

Not your average music review. My first introduction to American, post-rock, electronica/ experimental trio, Son Lux was this track ‘Easy’. My brain exploded with a rush of endorphins. Its sexy, funky, 100% Son Lux style & has to be watched live or watch the live version. I didn’t hear much about them again until 2018Continue reading “Son Lux -Alternate worlds”


My first introduction to Daedelus (Alfred Darlington)was this track- I was mesmerised by the scattered, schismatic  bassline .This is track reinvented  my idea of  the soul element in music . Up until today, I had no idea how many albums/projects and collaborations Daedalus has done. I didn’t know much about Daedelus. Last year  I cameContinue reading “Daedelus”

Ghostown FEATURE: mental health & creativity

 Ghostown is back with a new album.  I  genuinley found him to be an open book when talking about his mental health experiences, life and how  he uses creativity to as a positive form of self expression.  PRE INTERVIEW When I messaged Rael he asked me what else I liked of theirs apart from ReflectionzContinue reading “Ghostown FEATURE: mental health & creativity”