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Cheerio escapee


Too much so dispense

Emotions ladled with cheerios

Not fun when rotund escapees flee from the nick.

Allow inner self respect to dictate your tone.

I digress,

I can write.

I can.

It’s a ‘happening’ .

I’m not doing this out of lust or hate.

Per chance,I did go to heaven or indeed another similar place-

that night


14 hours unconscious and not one recollection — not even my mother thumbing rosary beads

A doctor shakes his head

This patient is not good. prepare yourself, Madre

Rely on myself. Thanks fam for keeping me in Santa’s good books.

I’m already a well established drama telethon.

Damn I don’t need extra baggage-unless I can pay for it.

Even then should you allow me to?

Excess mass – Ovid thinks I’m Italian.

Rivaled Jesus

I fell off that mountain – Artemis mouthed out the word,


Yeah that is a fact.

12 Caesars rendered him an asylum seeker in religious scriptures.

Buck a wheat

mind your feet.

I’ve stopped caring.

Wait up!

I care enough to share my time, my belongings even..

I’ve stopped crying over boys sti growing into men

who provoke Life to ankle bite at 11th hour on the clock face

Solemn how it stare.

Routine attacks-skin rendered ready for a dose of reupholstery.

I do care.

I am kind.

I’m immune to people and places that hold me as a

syndronised Swedish ball,

slurpie, slush puppy.

Made in Stockholm.

Rhese are justwords,

it’s not about defining what this is or isn’t.

Conversations are a top way to parlez vous



Chapeaux -we have come to untether my very end.

If you don’t feel a vibe speak not in tongues or a form of verbose


I’m not one for stuttering.

I guess I’m fickle too

I thought I fell harder way more than I have.

What does love for a soul mate feel like?

Two hands framed by a scarf around a neck?

Blue Smurfette isn’t down on my list of taboos to do.

One step

A few words…

Keep talking ,

keep laughing ,

keep crying.

Whatever you do — sweet heart — remember to stay true to you.


Yes, love — number one.

I’ve got you .

Deficit Wordsmith

It’s hard to be a wordsmith

when  brain cells  are deficit in cursive

I strain to see the letters

I  see I want to get betters.

If these are the only words I write

Today, a   better ‘morrow insight.

Final Ultimatum




I’ve decided to  get tough and work with an inherent quirk:  self sabotage.

I’ve given it an ultimatum.

I’ve been  quiet-ish and random  (on here )because I’ve been a busy bee working on fulfilling my true passions.

Here’s a brief check in about  what I’m  currently doing in my life – I’, encouraging me to look after myself with kindness and make myself happy.

I equate privilege and wealth  with inner happiness – This is my currency for lasting happiness.

I’m embracing all my connections to get  my life sorted and reach my goals.

I’m still here and I will use whatever it takes to.. ahem.

break on through to the other side………. thanks Jim Morrison

I’m doing my final year with my Masters, I’m  embracing life as a single parent. Reclaiming my life and merging multiple passions/goals of mine:

  •  WRITING  






Don’t count on other  people ‘to pat you on the back’ . Be your own mascot , cheer yourself on.  Create silver linings out of   stormy days.  Use a  hurricane life event to take stock , re define, and acquire new skills and materials to start over.

Rely on yourself. Don’t rely  on other people to make you feel validated. Focus on the bigger picture and leave short term fixes to a minimun.

 I  think  many people give so  much of their energy  to others. I also thinks  many people give very little to others .

I think it’s time we should be kind to ourselves too

I stand by  my belief  that nobody  can define me :

Except me!

 I’ve re defined  my ‘black sheep’ role in  my family and society – I am not a sheep.

Being selfish is not a negative word. It’s  necessary for self development, growth to help  us become more productive ,and to pursue  our  goals  This often means, listening carefully to our  inner self , Don’t flinch or run away from change. Embrace change and fear. Don’t be afraid of success.

This blog is/has always been  for me . ( I believe in sharing  what makes me happy) because it may help others.

I strive to be authentic and to never be a “sell out”.

I support creativity. I believe every human being and species is/are  creative. We need to explore a variety of ways to express ourselves.    I am finally merging my  passions. My new page will be a regular addition to ‘the willows’  ( everyone is welcome)

I’m finally reciprocating with the people who seek me out and who I respect. The people  I feel are living the dream: being true to themselves .


I’m finally in a position to support and share creative individuals  content who I  think are G.O.A.T.




What is this  G.O.A.T. Miss Daisy ?


G,reatest O.f A.ll Time a hit , number one, in competition with nobody but themselves, self defined, not afraid to stand alone or connect, original, authentic, generous ,understands wealth and privilege is not about being rich in a monetary context or about wanting to be famous for superficial reasons.





  1. G.O.A.T

anacronym for G.reatest O.f  A.ll  T.ime

Ultimate competitor

Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T.


One of the Highly intellegant animals that lives in rocky mountains. These creatures actually seem to be smarter than the average human being, however they don’t have all the technology because of a lack opposable thumbs


I love to research. I’m naturally curious to understand other cultures, people and inform myself. In a random  research  session, I discovered #wordsmatters 

I’m  moving forwards.

Finally, I am taking direction from Life’s sign posts.

A moment of serendipity sealed the ultimatum  to focus more on myself and the people in my life who matter. People who make me feel good. This will make more sense when I’m ready to go public with it.

I’ve been joking about giving people pet  goats   for gifts/presents for over two years.

This is a gift I give to myself.

Why the obsession with Goats, Daisy?

I admire goats. It’s my new archetype. Goats are smart, can climb trees ,they are cute

  1.  FACT : Wild goats will climb a mountain or a tree to satisfy their cravings for minerals.    I  will go out on a limb to satisfy my cravings. Self expression,  and creativity is a constant craving

  2. FACT-: Sheep have been reported  to have a suicidal tendencies

  3. FACT 3 : Certain breeds of goats have been known to suffer from severe panic attacks until they faint

  4. 20180114_1153251746166084.jpg


Bah! I continue to  be upfront ,self  defined, and always march to my beat.

I remain  passionate about self expression and my ongoing  personal self development project/s.

Time to get back to life.

Live for yourself . Be so happy that you become a person who makes others feel happy.

Thanks you to LindaG.Hill  for  the daily word prompt:  ULTIMATUM  and all bloggers on WordPress. Shout out to all   the people  I’m in  contact with -(here and in my private life).


who support me ,

encourage me ,

inspire me,

critise  me or judge me ( I have love for you all)

to embrace fear!

Live for today.  Count your blessings.

Use your skills to become happier and live up to being authentic  to your Self.

I’m a connecter. I like to connect , help, share and learn.

What are you afraid to do?

What kind of person are you?

What makes you truly happy ?

Keep a watch out for  a  new feature to my blog. It’s inspired by the idea of making life less convoluted . 😉

© Copyright Nat