Spindrift Nouveau depart

A true union of hearts was joined one summer in late June. The birds chirruped, the sun shone – the two became one -reflected for all to see by La Luna- the moon Air and Water – shouldn’t cross paths. These two elements casually ignore each other in nature’s form-its innate core. He of AirContinue reading “Spindrift Nouveau depart”


Eyes lowered, separate from the crowd if you ignore her frowns, Could this wallflower throw down the gauntlet of one party reveller- Time himself dozing before the stroke of midnight? Or, Would this wallflower anticipate the daffodils, daisies and roses to save the day with clear cut stems of prosecco? The  garden of gaiety pours outContinue reading “Wallflower”

Beneath my feet

I write these words Green grass beneath my feet I have a sacred homer, a babe too Society says I’m now complete. Distilled waters of a balalaika, playing kind Overfloweth Dismiss ice blocks jutting out Clearly on the rocks. Skidrow composed with a head full of the sublime. Not one of us can stand inContinue reading “Beneath my feet”

Mrs Go Luck (nee) Gappy

( photo credit) Francesca Woodman – White Socks, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976. ( … from the book Francesca Woodman, edited by Corey Keller, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2011.) Mikkipedia Never give up! Nina sang it well: it’s a new dawn, a new day…. When you look at yourself straight on in the mirrorContinue reading “Mrs Go Luck (nee) Gappy”

Cheerio escapee

Intense Too much so dispense Emotions ladled with cheerios Not fun when rotund escapees flee from the nick. Allow inner self respect to dictate your tone. I digress, I can write. I can. It’s a ‘happening’ . I’m not doing this out of lust or hate. Per chance,I did go to heaven or indeed anotherContinue reading “Cheerio escapee”

Final Ultimatum

LIFE UPDATE   I’ve decided to  get tough and work with an inherent quirk:  self sabotage. I’ve given it an ultimatum. I’ve been  quiet-ish and random  (on here )because I’ve been a busy bee working on fulfilling my true passions. Here’s a brief check in about  what I’m  currently doing in my life – I’,Continue reading “Final Ultimatum”


Everybody’s got to hear the shit on FM willows call! Stumped hand makes it arduous to know what to write about. I made a statement!   Not the one above — but to the men in blue. finally, the thugs who beat me  multiple colours in hue At least one will, hopefully,  get his due.Continue reading “Rebirth”

the transformation of Forlorn

Hash slinger – dilutes 365 days worth of grapes fermenting in a  cave filled with stolen hearts. Instigator- in need of ingredients  – list ready not fully prepped but all great recipes need parts. Dark ale, vodka trail – ‘buy get one free’ cocktails. E- colorants – fry the mind -a far cry from freshContinue reading “the transformation of Forlorn”