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He said : shut your mouth

He told me to shut my mouth

A matrix mixed up reality.

No voice could penetrate my words


Over & over ,

I said too much

Too soon

Googled each mythological Grecian character channel without further a due.

He told me to shout out with his present presence.

I took offense due to my theoretical thoughts

An invasive entity .

Unsettling striking parallel perspex

Perspectives contrast.

Ineffectual dissonance

Cognitively one was watching the movie without subtext

The other summoning books of mythological Gods.

She clubbed the moment

She clubbed all movement to death.

A breathe

Mere words- littered

Pollute the stratosphere

Tube fed turtle dying on his tomb head

What to say ?

Keep my mouth shut!

Recalling an author – Christopher Vogler-heroes journey

A triumph against my early dementia onset.

Failure to visualise a world now mature



Polyphryne- strewn.

A pavement to display the current concrete buns news .

Two little lives at me for food .

Did I make a mistake when my absorbed self brought nothing but blues


A sham


Veered too far

This wasn’t premeditated

Merely wanted him to fondle my breasts

Last Friday he said I recoil like a chicken headless

From his touch or his brazen cackle


Eclat Yves Se laurent

No brush can lighten this intimate blush.

What more can I divulge ?

Not much with


Taking off

All of my clothes.

That’s too much information…

Demon Junkie

Because I could not tell this demon,
it did kindly tell me it wasn’t all a fantasy
Paraphanelia of the supernatural, everywhere,
Yet not a drop of tormented screams to tell nor see
You can tell its mental manipulation, ungodly beauty, but I choose to be deceived.

Disarmed by a seducing look

Naked as the first female form -I almost believed I was in the garden of Eve

the antichrist led me to become this incurable junkie.
Never forget the unalterable attempts to resist its allure

All attempts were futile I remained a hopeless druggie.

A succubus, however hard it tries,
Will always be a compelled rogue demanding to be in need.
Does this dream walker make you lust after?
Or does loving it make you bleed?

When I think of this Lileth, I see an entity in need of consuming Chi .

Grunt, gheep, grope

Eventually, this demon will depart with my seed.

*I needed a writing prompt and I decided to use a poem generator

this was the original computer-generated poem and I was inspired to change it to make a piece of work my own.

Because I could not tell for Addict,
it did kindly tell for me.
Addict, Addict, everywhere,
Yet not a drop to tell.
You can tell, you can get, but can you believe?

I cannot help but stop and look at the incurable junkie.
Never forget the unalterable and hopeless junkie.

A fiend, however hard it tries,
Will always be rogue.
Does the fiend make you shiver?
does it?

When I think of alcoholics, I see a depressed personality.
Crash. crash, crash.


Is life just a formality to prepare us for death?
How many people have died in their God’s name in their moments of weakness and then died in those moments of weakness?
I don’t know where I’m going with this question but what does it say about faith and life and our different notions & preconceptions of death and our loved ones final resting place ?

My thoughts after watching Martin Scorsese film ‘Silence ‘

A film to make those who think think
Just a thought…


A smudge, a mark on those dissident souls who dared enrage the olypiums with a cry for mercy.

Crimes captured in , mud clay, paint , words, thoughts , emotions – indulged passions strewn over Bacchus shrine.

A brief Collison

The Thunder bolts,

The snow blizzards,

The rain

bows, illuminating deities with human mannerisms scowling stares

A Compelling spectacle – a free fall for all denied access to an Olympian banquet

Persephone lingers loftily draped in a seed sewn solemn shawl

This sabbatical reunion reveals her true fabric fertile & willing to share.

Soiled sapian of sand doomed to a prom thesis saloon for the forgotten , the abandoned

a gumboot dance off -The patron muse of Genocide –

Our namesakes never forgotten.

Latin ized, hubri sized, hibridized, sacrificed, sodomized.

Sacrificial slaughterhouse our ancestors offered up our mothers, sons and daughters

Faith a wake for piles upon piles of ignorance a holocaust of corpses cremated on the pyres of unknown sires

Faith adrift the bells and whistles promised to those lovers lost to the after life

Her Grace.

partly concealed

partly revealed

The dichotomy of lace.

Dissecting Freedom

 I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter this morning and came across this status update.

“How can a Utopian exist in a Dystopia ?”

( author of the source has rights to privacy without breaching any rights/ plagiarism)

My answer:

“It can only exist for the minority and the ones at the top. One great way the elite create an illusion of Utopia is by conditioning.”

I get mentioned in a comment with this reply- from the author of the status update

“Maybe I have conjured up a perfect paradise in my mind. A place where there are love peace and happiness. A place where everyone works towards the betterment of everyone else. A place where people go out of there way to help and support each other. An environment where laws are just and true.

A place where truth, honour and justice aspired by all.

A world where equality, brotherhood/sisterhood and fraternity is second nature.

A place where war and the wholesale slaughter and genocide is abhorrent and inconceivable to all the inhabitants of Utopia. T

he Utopian being born in this ideological setting then wakes up one day to find himself or herself trapped inside this present reality of modern-day existenc”

I think: what an idealist- how can I respond? My Brain is doing overtime.

I respond:

That place in your mind is a place in my mind of what I think would be the ‘perfect’ society. I don’t know why we need to suffer and why suffering continues to go on mercilessly.

I see so many FB posts of quotes about wanting to wake people up to what the governments of our world do, how we are slaves, To stand up and unite against all the injustice, the crime of pain. I have got bored with these posts for what is enlightenment without action?

I take small steps to not be so influenced by a world of decay and diseased minds and I am not talking about people with MH issues. We have been conditioned to be ignorant for so long that it has become an automatic default- we go to ignorance because it is exhausting to challenge our perceptions.

I still do it.

If this world we want existed how would we know we are happy? Do suffering and evil have to be a package deal to experience or wish for something better? I don’t know the answer”

What do I think when I re-read these comments? is, what do we as a society symbolise ‘Freedom’ with?

If you can picture the generous extension of France’s ‘Statue of Liberty’ gift to symbolise the centenary of the American war of independence and a symbol of the solidarity of French and the American friendship?


The burning torch is the ultimate emblem of freedom. When I look at this statue and go back to all I have read about it’s the true meaning. I see darkness. I see lies. I see people thinking they are walking around with freedom, to be who they were born to be.

This symbol of fire goes back to Archaic times.

The myth of Prometheus – the Titan who made humans out of clay.

The Titan who went against the Gods and tricked them.

As punishment, the Gods took fire away from the humans and he stole it back and gave it back to the humans. . In occult terms, Prometheus would be associated with the name ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’.


He betrayed the Gods and tempted to elevate humans to God-like status (in the context) of knowledge and free will. I use the term Satan and Lucifer in a metaphorical/philosophical way. He is the symbol of betrayal.

Helena Blavatsky explains in her classic occult work, The Secret Doctrine Volume 2 (page 244) that, “The allegory of Prometheus, who steals the divine fire as to allow men to proceed consciously on the path of spiritual evolution, thus transforming the most perfect of animals on Earth into a potential god, and making him free to take the kingdom of heaven by violence.

Hence also, the curse pronounced by Zeus against Prometheus, and by Jehovah against his ‘rebellious son,’ Satan.”…/the-hidden-meaning…/

I’m don’t want this post to get too complicated. Here is a summary of my opinion of the duplicitous meanings of symbols of Freedom.

Freemasons/Illuminati – members, know the power of using symbols in business and in governments, to manipulate events so that these events go in favour for the select few. Guess who?

Read these quotes by Adam Weishaupt founder of the Illuminati ( he later said that he didn’t mean what he said)

“There must not a single purpose ever come in sight that is ambiguous, and that may betray our aims against religion and the state. One must speak sometimes one way and sometimes another, but so as never to contradict ourselves, and so that, with respect to our true way of thinking, we may be impenetrable.”

“This can be done in no other way but by secret associations, which will by degrees, and in silence, possess themselves of the government of the States, and make use of those means for this purpose.”

“The Order will, for its own sake, and therefore certainly, place every man in that situation in which he can be most effective. The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. Every member, therefore, becomes a ruler.”


Us “commoners” are told that knowledge is power – yet they hide a large portion of that knowledge from us.

We are told:

Freedom is being able to vote democratically.

Freedom is wealth.

Wealth = happiness.

They don’t reveal how they use these symbols to condition us to think we are happy and successful. We are mere slaves and help a very small elite portion of the world’s population live, in an almost utopian life, of their making, creating a dystopia for the rest of us.

Most of us don’t know we are anything but free.

Think back to the decade before the roaring ’20s.

Victorian times – solemn, sombre, emotions in check moderation, void of emotion.

Then, BOOM! The age of decadence arrives.

Diamonds become ‘A girl’s best friend’-worn by all the stars in Hollywood –

The film industry tells them to wear diamonds. Advertise them.

The message: If you love me -you will buy me a diamond because diamonds = wealth and success which makes me feel happy and loved.

When I am happy and loved I am truly free. There is nothing wrong with this statement

This was a well thought out and executed propaganda. The problem with the above statement is we still believe freedom comes from external things. Cast your mind to the slaves mining for diamonds under the watchful eye of the corrupt Congolese Dictatorship. Not so Utopian and free for all after all?

Another symbol comes to mind when I think of Freedom. The dove. Here is a bit of information for you – ever heard of the term Augury?

The definition of augury is the practice of clairvoyance by a prophet or oracle or is a sign or harbinger of things to happen in the future.

An example of augury is a priest explaining a divine act.

An example of an augury might be the flight patterns of birds.

Remember knowledge is power. What greater power is there than predicting the future? There is no mystical bullshit – governments and people who have their own interests at heart, use the symbol of a Dove to signal that the future holds peace and love.

It is an Aldous Huxley -brave new world, brainwashing, narcotic to numb us.

Subdue us.

All is well with the world.

It isn’t.

I could go on and on so I will summarise what I have learnt about these symbols of freedom.

In my opinion,

True freedom can only be found within oneself. So far the best answer to coming up with a solution to this problem is denouncing all modern society and live in Nature and become self-sufficient and independent. I don’t see many people willing to give up their mobile phones, flashy cars, collection of fine wines, burn up a bunch of millions of dollars to live a life of true freedom.

A snake has the power to kill yet it can be’ hypnotised’ by a snake charmer…

Does a snake have ears? can it even hear music?

A snake has eyes and responds to what it sees.

What do you see and feel when you see the word FREEDOM?

Trail my Sole



Followed that trail with an Atlas
the  underbelly led it to a rock
Semi Submerged in  emotional flotsam

Castrated the birth of Botticelli’s venus

What to expect?

Great waves crashing down all rage.
Great waves licking at my ignorance.

These once still waters spread the silent promise of future sapling trees.

Astrology serfs over prophesized seedling thoughts in future sprout.
revellers over imbibed on  waves of nostalgia

Caught up in the ebb of the past
Questioning this quest within.

 seekers absorbed all light
lost to the shrieks of first blooms melody of melancholy.

Hushed into the primal scream of inflammation.
shouts drowned out

Unravel this life – a pathetic parody.

Self-doubt overspills
see Antarctica.

Peer into the Abyss

It isn’t Sole Lee fish

 leading our kind to a final resting place.


Pronunciation vows clear
Lee clueless to his human duty

Vagabonds vogue
Two sparring states

Postering frigid

Tartarus trapped in the centre of his parent’s disgust -neither Heaven nor Gaia will it ever see.

The streams , the mountains neither siblings

Betrayed by the trees

This Casual Tee
caught in the middle of a family feud
contesting rights for identity

Mass separated out of chaos

status updated -In love with Eros

*To be continued…

Craving Humanism


In light of the recent fire at the Notredam in Paris, I started thinking about how it relates to my search for satisfying my spiritual craving. I’ve not found it in conventional religions & I think that I’ve finally found a way of thinking that clicks with me.

I was chatting to my mother about the Notredam in Paris  Fire incident. She identifies herself as a Christian ( unconventional & of her own making).

Her words

There has been a lot of unrest and protesting and fighting and burning in Paris recently.

I know the only thing that could be seen when the fire cindered was a ray of sunshine & the cross..It was caused by ongoing repairs a gas leak apparently maybe God s way of saying is enough is enough

I agree that our planet has had enough. I don’t believe A God struck a bolt of lightning or caused it to happen. We did. We are responsible for what happens on our earth, in our most sacred church. Divine intervention that no relics were ruined?

There is no way for me to prove this.

My mom & U  don’t share the exact same beliefs as I’m more analytical in my thinking.

 My answer to my mom

Tragic news! I’m glad most of the oldest relics * parts of Notre Dame have been salvaged not because I’m religious but because of its historical importance & what it represents to so many who don’t profit or gain money from Religion. I wish people could see that their God wouldn’t go through all that trouble of creating a beautiful home for us (earth- our greatest & most sacred relic) and we could treat our planet with as much respect as we do buildings

Humanism is a set of core beliefs that I truly can own & incorporate & develop upon as my own.

I am 100% in agreement that we have free will. We are in control of what we do as earthlings & protectors of our true church (if you like) this earth.

Our planet. Its the oldest proof of our existence & the oldest relic we possess.

Yet, we can’t control it like the reported wreath of thorns  brought back to the Notre Dame in Paris by King Loui  XI

I believe we need to value history and the lessons it teaches us.

One source says humanists should ultimately choose to grow spiritually by ‘appreciating life’.

They don’t believe in the afterlife. I’m not sure of my stance on this-this belief as I’ve never died. I have felt dead inside whilst my heart is still beating. Isn’t that a form of hell?

I can’t truly “believe” in something I haven’t seen. Blind faith can be useful & it can be disastrous as history has shown.

I do love the idea of humanism belief of not worrying about any life but this one.

So the afterlife is dismissed as not to worry about ANOTHER life until we can actually do something about it.

I don’t dismiss the afterlife. I just don’t know what I can do to make my future, or life after this one better when I should be focusing on making this life & the moments I experience worthwhile.

I believe like humanist’s do that we ( to a degree )all inherently have an idea of what is morally right or wrong.

I’m not going into people with illnesses or murderers or rapists because I’m not a doctor. I believe the justice system is in need of reform.

I don’t believe killing & raping is right (for the record)

I don’t believe in ‘an eye for an eye’ either. So I’m against the death penalty & I’m pro-euthanasia. I’m yet to decide if suicide should be allowed/acceptable in our society.

My own suicide attempt lead me to believe that feelings pass. Circumstances change so, its worth seeking advice first. I’m 100% pro not shaming people by stating that ‘committed’ suicide like it is a sin.

I love the idea that our purpose is to find out what the hell we are meant to do with our lives. It’s a baffling concept & feeling displaced and lost in this world can’t create the desire for happiness (true inner) and we can’t achieve self-growth or self-actualisation as Maslow called it.

So many of us fear the afterlife cos we have no concrete evidence for it. Its easier to get wrapped up in ideas that immortality means no pain. only happiness & good times.

I think before we start thinking about afterlife being this utopic place, lets examine how we grow as people in this mortal body. this life

We grow (for the better or worse) not solely through our best moments & joyous occasion. We grow from our adversities too.

If we forget about afterlife & focus on this life,

‘live in the moment’ – hardest concept and theory to put into practice then we are living as we are meant to.

With immortality, if you go by folklore (vampires) or mythology such as the ancient Greeks beliefs of the God’s and their stories then we can see that being immortal is not exactly easy or desirable all of the time.


If we don’t age or finish what we start – then haven’t achieved the goal of life

to live, embrace it, endure it, share it & respect that a beginning has to have an end.

Who wants an eternal life full of the saga? Drama? conflict?

I can say I’m more agnostic in my beliefs of God though I won’t blindly commit myself to one testament/book/ text.

I take what I need from each philosophy or religious texts & ideas even so-called “myths “-Greek & Roman etc…

Folklore is somewhat different…

I’m not secular or religious in my humanism stance, though I agree in celebrating traditions concerning people who have passed, normal traditions birthdays etc..

If only to help those of us still breathing to move forward and stay focused on what our purpose is in life or finding what that purpose is.

Beliefs (5)The Gods desire blood..


Most of us know sacrifices happen in religion but  don’t you go giving them all  the credit. This notion/idea of  sacrificial ritual goes as far back as the Aztec’s and Maya people in Mexico.

These two  peoples held similar beliefs.

They thoughts that the Gods had shed a shit load of blood in order for the humans  to live in this world,  they felt it was only noble that they return the favour. So far very gallant.


This creation myth goes something like this:

The Aztec’s believed that the Gods had destroyed four suns (eras) and  the God of wind-Quetzacoatl and his  shady accomplice –Tlaltecuhtli. ( I am so glad I am not standing in front of a bunch of people giving a presentation trying to pronounce theses name. The pluses of being a writer : D

In order for the humans  to have everything they needed to survive..

  • Trees

  • Gardens

  • Grass

  • Fountains

  • Wells

  • Mountains


A great sacrifice had to be made.

Roll in the Greek Goddess/ God (always bloody women :D) – the two characters above with the unpronounceable names ripped her body apart!

Ripped he body in half! She howled in agony-


 She may have said this or something like it.She did make a pretty fair compromise, she said:

” If I have to go through this savagery  to make  a new heaven and earth;then I want  pumping,bloody, human hearts to endure this.”

Okay so far -pretty bloody.

There is a tender moment to this creation myth. All future sacrifices had to include blood. So to create a new awesome planet- no global warming, plastic floating in the sea, poisoned fish.

The first stars were born from the blood of Quetzacoatl’s tongue.

How romantic?  erm……..

How did that happen?

He felt like  he wanted a tongue ring and pierced it himself. I am not sure how  hygienic that is so please please always seek a professional tongue /body part piercer.


A fifth sun was needed and so  Tecuciztecatl and Nanahuatzin moulded together and   made themselves  into a funeral pyre and became the sun and moon.

A bunch of other Gods wanted to do their good Samaritan deed of the day 😉 and they gave their hearts to allow the sun to move across the sky.

Who need gas and petrol?


The Aztec’s and Maya people were in  soem serious debt to the Gods. These Gods were the original   loan shark debt collectors.  The humans were forever in the red.


Quetzacoatl had a taste for blood and he didn’t stop with the tongue piercing. He rebelled and he became the God of  under world. One minute he  is  innocently having his tongue pieced and then

boom! – the dark side has taken his soul …..

Okay I may be over dramatizing this bit.

This bit is true!

He scoured the earth for human bones and ground them (maybe) with a mortar ans pestle  and made them into a fine meal flour  with all the remains from the four previous suns/eras. He may have got a knife and sliced his wrist and let his blood drip over the human meal to make a new race of humans.


WOW! Right?

According to the Maya myth.  It takes 52 years for a cycle to end. This end could be the end of the entire human race.

The Mayans huddled together in a group and brainstormed. One got a sheet of paper and a few marker pens and they got some ideas down.

An Aztec or Mayan  dude spoke up,

“Like okay dudes, this is pretty serious shit, any ideas?”

Silence  and poker faces moves past like a small breeze across their faces. Finally one dude pipes up. He may have lit a cig and inhaled it and then paused,  let the smoke exhale slowly – only for effect of course.

” Okay the Gods want blood? We want to live.” Lots of heads nodding in agreement.  Dude continues:

” There is this business strategy I learned in TED talks – it’s called ‘Auto sacrifice:” he motions for the pen marker to write that down on a sheet. Another dude’s face lights up :

“Oh yeah I saw that one. Good episode. What was it?” Scratches his head-trying to remember what was said”

Precious seconds tick by,

” that’s it! All we need to do is give the Gods our blood and then they will let us live.”

A pompous character at the back,  with eyebrows that appear to be knitted  joined in the middle,arms crossed says:

” Oh  yeah  that is pretty fucking civilized. ” There is always one with the sarky (sarcastic) comments. “


The initiator of the auto sacrifice idea cries out:

” come on guys, let the juices flow. Get creative!”

Then seemingly all at once  ideas on how to auto -sacrifice come in thick and fast. Every group member shouts out:

” I have some sting ray spines we can pierce our skins with”

Another dude

“I have an Obsidian knife”  –

” we can pierce our ears, tongue, knee ,elbow” Some really creative dude chimes in:

” Our foreskins!”  the dudes visibly drew back but they were a proud bunch and really wanted to live and so that was put on to the brain storm chart too .

There we have it. I could go on but the I think I  have told the best bits.





Belief (3) Why do we die?

*Disclaimer I  write with a light heart and humour. I  don’t wish to offend anyone.*

The origin  of death- one view taken from Maori people in  New Zealand. When  the world started there was no belief in death.


The Maori  always brings to my mind  this



There belief in  how it came  to be that we had to die is as intimidating  and passionate as the ritual war dance itself.  I type this with a smile on my face because I also can’t help but wish I could see how the opposing team keeps a straight face when the ‘All Blacks’ do the ‘haka’ – I mean it is not your average hand to the heart ,patriotic national anthem song is it?

One day  Rangi – the sky God and his wife  Papa, the earth Goddess had a child – -Tane. He took the form of a forest He grew up between his parents. He separated the two, because they forced him to live in the dark. Poor Tane! He may have had this thought


This traumatic childhood brought out the worst in Tane. He had to conquer his fear of the dark.  He did this by becoming a monster – no one knew what he truly was. He kept all his dark, twisted thoughts in his head.

Until one day, Tane said

“Papa.  I think it would be a good idea if you and me ,well you know… get it on”

“Tane” his mother is shocked. ” No. this is not right. I don’t like the in bred  country folk look.I know you  are part earth and this is you country   but I think you have the whole language and music of love  ideaa wrong  ” .

She may even have been more blunt and said this:


In my eyes this makes Papa super cool. Surf music, oh yeah! Play it too me.

Tane was like  -not having some mother Goddess tell me what to do! 

So, he found some mud, shaped it into a woman and  sowed his wild oats. Living in the darkness obviously didn’t give him any opportunities to express pleasure or meet attractive females.

The mud woman ( I think this was more a one night stand situation) fell pregnant and so Tane took his beautiful  daughter ,named her and married her.

So far, the twisted theme prevails.

One day she started asking questions about her family and she had a moment of shame.  She found out she was Tanes wife and daughter.

There are contradictory arguments about how she found out  but the point is, she had a conscience  and she descended in shame  into the darkness of Po –  the underworld.  So Tane may have said to himself:

images (1)

Hine -Titama didn’t know any better. She only knew something was so wrong with this set up.

This emotion of shame spread to the humans and so death became a place the humans would begin to frequent.

One day, Tane went to go and visit his bride/daughter. Something in Hine-Titama had changed. The darkness had changed her.

She said:

“Listen Tane -you need to stay in the light and look after our children. I will stay here in the darkness and drag them into the darkness, it is for the best”

Maybe this was the only way she could nurture and love her children ,by being in the dark. If they were dead – maybe they wouldn’t know of her shame and she could love them

Of course I am making this up and could be totally wrong.

After that conversation with Tane. She became known as Hine-nui-te-po- the Goddess of darkness and death. 


What is missing from this tragic tale?  A……..



Indeed, Maui was a hero but he was also a a bit of a………… mmmmmmmmmh


Not you ! Him.

Hine-nui-te-po was having a nap. Dragging people to their death is tiring business. Maui decides this would be a great time to save the day and he rape the Goddess of the underworld.

I think he may have been a bit of a psychopath too. In his head he had  he may have had this thought

So, if I rape the Goddess of darkness I will be doing the world a favour. She will die. I will  make sure she does and then I .. I mean we humans can live forever.

Luckily Hine-nui-te-po woke up.

She had  put her time in the underworld  to good use -bench pressing and using arm weights. I think squats were her favourite exercise.

She  ended up squeezing Maui to death- with her THIGHS.


She made sure that mortality would remain in the world forever and ever.


The end.



Today’s topic on symbolism on the Roman God ‘ Janus’  was inspired by a YA book trilogy series I am nearly finished reading 😦 called ‘ The originals’ . Originally, a spin-off T.V. series off the back of Vampire diaries series/books.

His image shows a young child looking to the past and an old bearded man looking to the future.

 Something we can all relate to.

Some images have him depicted as having three heads. Here is why it is interesting to know this

Whenever the symbolism of Janus relates to time, between the past (which is no longer) and the future (which is not yet), the true Face of Janus—that which looks at the present and is supposed to face us—is not shown; it is neither one nor the other of the two we can see.

This third face is, in fact, invisible because the present in its temporal manifestation is but an intangible and imperceptible instant. (This is also why certain languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic, do not have present tense verbs.)


I see this as a rather hopeful symbol as opposed to something sad. It is always better, in my experience, to reflect on the ‘what you can do’ as opposed to ‘the what if’s’. Call me a reborn optimist. I was always a pessimist.

I’ve got my Geek head-on now, Janus dates back to pre-Roman times. So that goes back to the days before the “founder” of Rome- Romulus.

Interestingly, the month of January is named after him so we can see how his duplicitous image has been used as an opportunity for reflection.

He is seen as the door to the past and the door to the future.

I think it so important not to close the door on your past completely because we humans thrive on self refection – well I do.

The past is a great way to reflect -not wallow- at how we might do things differently.


So what is a true reflection?

  • Reflecting is thinking about what and how we have done something.

  •  It is a way of assessing what has happened and how you are going to go forward and apply this new knowledge to existing and upcoming experiences.

So self reflection is an essential part of learning be it at school or in life.

I know a person who has what she calls “bad luck” in her choice of men. We have had arguments about this.  My argument is always taken bad luck out of the equation. I always remind her that there are good men in the world.


What is it that she may be doing that attracts her to the same type of man. I’ve seen her heart trampled on many times. I might come across as insensitive. I am not. I do give hugs. 🙂


I also say to her,

What good can you take away from this experience for future choices with men?

She always shoots me down and says something like ” not to ever allow another man in my life” .

To me that is a sad prognosis and way to self reflect. Why only take away the negative  lessons away with you?

 Why not try to always take something positive you can take with you on your journey through life from whatever negative experience you have?

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How can we use self reflection to move forward on a solid footing?

 Self reflection can help us develop new skills

  • Self reflection can develop our strengths and work on our weaknesses

  •  By asking questions-we can come to a different solution to a problem

  • Self refection is a brilliant and balanced way of looking at our achievements

  • Self reflection can help you find out what truly makes you happy and what doesn’t

Reflection requires effort but the long term results are usually worth the initial effort.

It requires us to ask ourselves questions about our beliefs and values constantly and consistently – and try and be objective about the questions we ask ourselves.


THE MESSAGE: It is so important that we understand ourselves first and foremost before we can begin to understand others behaviour and actions around us and what is going on around us.

The past if used in a way to self reflect can become the solid  basis for how we make the transition from the present to the the future.

All this from reading a YA book