Bank of Sound :Toxic positivity

I discovered Toxic Positivity on Soundcloud. Toxic Positivity is made up of Nate Gessener )- music producer, writer, musician & Audio Engineer ¬†TP hails from Sacramento, California & Billy Synk who does the incredible Album artwork. Nate ¬†currently works for DNA MUSIC LABS There was something about this song that brought me back into theContinue reading “Bank of Sound :Toxic positivity”

Dunc Foster’s on Creative Spirituality Vs Cultural Mental Health

CREATIVISTS -I WANT YOU PROJECT As part of my mission to promote mental wellbeing and creative self-expression. Dunc Foster who is a producer and musician of the Affinity Triangle-based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire wrote this enlightening, charming & candid portrait of his childhood, & how being able to express himself in negative andContinue reading “Dunc Foster’s on Creative Spirituality Vs Cultural Mental Health”