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Make Believe

‘Try and not have any expectations. It will stop disappointment in its tracks. Good that  comes as a result of what you do will be a beautiful surprise.’



Things are looking up – I am getting back to being my best. This song has helped me-

So, for those who know about the Mental Health Awareness workshop, I helped out with with Healthy Minds- Open Minds-Mental Health Education & Anti-Stigma Workshops on Wednesday. I got some incredible and ‘reach for the skies’ feedback. I pretty much aced it. People find me engaging and inspirational. Here is the link to the post I am talking about for those interested


so many good things to say to someone who has made epic mistakes in my life.

The best news of all?

The organisation who asked us to come in and deliver the workshop, want us to come back!  We did it!

I am kind of am buzzing.

Another epic thing that is happening in my life is I have finally decided to take the leap and applied for my MA in Creative Writing.

I am just waiting for confirmation from one more organisation. Please pray to whichever God you believe in that all will go well for me.


send out (my way).


Saying my Mantra – multiple times a day. It hasn’t let me down yet.

It is the waiting factor that makes me anxious but I’m singing ‘Let it go’ on a loop. Well, this is the version that resonates.  I do give a shit but I need to swagger it until confirmation comes through.

I have done everything in my power to make this happen and now I have to sit back and wait and see what happens. It is looking really positive.


This is what I probably look like at the moment

giphy (2).gif



Usually, I wait about a week and a bit before I get out my gratitude list and have a look at all the new flowers in the Willows community.

The big SHOUT OUT  time can’t wait. I figured to take my mind off my expectations, this would be a good time to be thankful for who and what I already have in place my life.

This moment is what should matter and so this is a moment I give over to you all –

As always.



A great start is to introduce you, Patty. She is a breeze of positivity  and brightness

Kruidje-roer-me-niet * Mimosa Piduca Kronkels van een wezentje op deze aardbol * Brain threads of a little creature on this globe   

“Live in the now, with the wisdom of the past, with one eye on the future. A future that we all can make happier, more loving, more positive.”

Patty Wolters

FADED ROUGE  Kanza is currently studying and will be completing a Fashion Industry Essentials course from Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design.  She is very much into Photography here is one of her snapshots. Like me, she has a thing for boxes. I love a bit of mystery and though I am an open book . There is a lot I keep for myself. Hiding thoughts and things in boxes has always been a thing for me.




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 I am an introvert in person but extrovert at writing


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World Tourism Forum Travel Tips & Most Popular Tourist Attractions In The World – Tracy delivers everything we need to know about travelling. Again I am not too sure when she started Blogging but we all need Travel tips for those who love to Travel. I know I want to do more of it.

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Take a look at some of his work.

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Here is a sample of one of his works entitled ‘Masked Rose’

‘your spring sakura face

inlaid with moonless eyes

betraying figmented love’


The Evolutionary Mind Live a Mindful Life, and Stay Motivated Along the Way A Blog with a collective of authors all dedicated to ‘Making your life count’ . Follow them on Facebook too.

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‘Since Change is the only thing that is constant, I will say that this blog’s output is ever changing!’


K. Phoenix Where the Essence of Love is Told –Pamela melts my heart. She talks about relationships. It is just a teeny tiny bit of an important part of how we live our lives 😀 -She is currently writing a book called Secrets Unveil   – who doesn’t want to know a secret? I love mystery so secrets -good and bad bring out my inquisitive side. Do I really want to know everyone’s secrets ? Yes and No!   Always Yes first and then um… I  can kind of go:





SHERRIE MIRANDA1 -The Wonderful world of writing   Thanks for taking another chance on my Blog. If there is another Sherrie Miranda 1 out there in the Blogo sphere which is entirely possible – ignore this . This is so fucking exciting! Sherrie is also another novelist who has her book on Amazon called Secrets and Lies -Check it out!     .


Date By Number Starting from zero, a data analyst learns to date  Okay now this a type of Blog I have not come across yet. A 28 year old  female called Sandra G., who is learning how to date. She is genuinely wanting to give solid advice and ‘no quick fixes’ . She has so much stuff on her Blog, one being  a ‘comic’ category which I love. Definitely check out What your sleeping positions say about your relationship

I am happy to know that because me and the G sleep like this means all is well in the Willows . I thought it meant we had issues- sigh of relief 😉  Ha ha!


And finally,

Get Lost  that was all I saw  when I clicked on the link and I was like ” okay….” but then a beautiful picture of mountains and lush greenery and roads with no cars on them made me go

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah- Yes I would love to get lost”  –

This appears to be a new Travel writing Blog so yeah  check it out (especially if you are going to Thailand anytime soon)   Love this dudes sense of humour. It translates well on paper/ screen.


giphy (4)

No Regrets

Hey flowers,

Please if you will -take the time to read this post or any  Blog posts raising awareness  about mental health. May is Mental Health Awareness month.

We all have Mental health – it can become good and Bad and does change -all the time.Illness  does not discriminate  when it comes to our Mental Health or our Physical health.

I don’t know about our soul.

I only can pray that it leaves our soul alone.

If for whatever reason it does affect our soul then we all have a duty to become  a unified spirit to fight stigma and raise awareness for the souls troubled by the many maladies ready to lock jaw our loved ones.

It was Hectic day yesterday. I went to visit my Gran (as I usually do) and I found her sat in her chair screaming at something or someone. When I walked closer to her and checked around the bend to see who she was so angry and frightened at , there was nobody there!

I went up to her and went to say hello and comfort her. Her eyes shimmered. Possibly happy to see a human with her. I don’t know. I don’t think she recognised that I was her grandchild. She may have just been happy to see a familiar face?

I started talking and she saw my engagement ring. This is a ring that has been passed down from her now deceased mother. She gave it to my Mom. When me and G got engaged, Mom   gave it to me. She was there when he proposed!

She started trying to get it off my finger and then he went to hit me.

I wasn’t afraid.

I was shocked.

My Ma reckons I took it too personally. I didn’t.

People say she is not who she was and her mind is not there but she is still here in her body and just because  she presents herself as a person  not here nor there.

I know she is living somewhere in the past or present at an almost hallucinogenic frequency.

No she can’t talk but she knows – on some level that ring was her mothers and she for whatever reason – did not like me wearing it or it conjured some memory of it.

I don’t know.

We play music – it sometimes help –

sometimes it doesn’t.

I sing this to her a lot.    She loved this song and always laughed when I sang it to her.  Here is the English translation

Chocolates and sweet things seem to be the only thing that make her happy.

Which is fine for me!

Her wonderful, named carer is on holiday for a few days and I found her not cared  for or like she usually is.

I know she makes a mess of her clothes with food but yesterday she appeared to me to be   filthy . Her eyes were full of green gunk.

She was tired,


She smelt obnoxious.

I never smell anything bad when I go and visit my Gran. Mom and I discussed it. She may have a urine infection and that may be why she smells and  is more disorientated than usual.

5 weeks to go to the wedding. Ma is convinced my Gran will be there for the ceremony. I want this,of course , then, I also know that to keep her quiet, her carer, will be feeding her sweets.

I suppose they do that at the care home but it sounds so harsh – so selfish. Doesn’t it?

Ma wants her God to take her. I understand why but what about when she is gone?

We will never see her again. Never see even a faint glimpse of her smile

I will never see this face again -feel her hands.


I know I have my photographs and my videos. My mind was fucked up when I got home yesterday.

Another  Daisy rant but it is mental health awareness month and it is Dementia awareness week from 16- 21 May 2016 in the U.K.

Check out what is going on and what you can do  HERE

This is what is happening in my local community.

Dementia Awareness Week – Soul Journey with Verd de gris

To coincide with Dementia Awareness Week verd de gris in conjunction with Calderdale Libraries will be screening their beautiful film ‘Soul Journey’ at venues across the borough all week, including Halifax Central, King Cross, Hebden Bridge and Todmorden Libraries.

The film explores some of the myths that build up around dementia and weaves together spoken word, moving images and an original score to capture some of the beauty and dignity of the people taking part – and to celebrate the extraordinary richness of the landscape that means so much to them.

If you want to take part in the creative sessions contact for more information

I recently became part of a Face book support group-DEMENTIA AWARE U.K.  and they are a great bunch of people. It helps to hear other peoples thoughts and what  is going on for them and their loved ones.

If you use FB  or other social media websites you can search in the FaceBook search bar for groups to join , wherever you are in the world.

Some lovely individual shared this poem with me.



Get Creative

Monday has  automatically become awesome when  the word creativity is put before or after the M -word.

I’m really excited to go down to my local radio station- PHOENIX RADIO and learn a bit about recording pieces of audio. I touched on this in one of my modules at college – I had to write, produce and cast a radio play. I did an adaptation of one of the scenes from the movie ‘Natural Born Killers’.

The most fun I had was putting the SFX – sound effects in.

I also got to act in another colleagues radio play. It is a place I felt quite comfortable acting.

CREATIVE MINDS – a charity I’ve yet to do anything with yet will be hosting this workshop. It will also give volunteers like myself the opportunity to get to know more about the CREATIVE MINDS PROJECT.

I know that I  thrive in creative environments so I have been looking forward to today.

I have a couple of ideas I want to thrash out and hopefully by the end of today I will have something as opposed to nothing. 


Yeah, it can be scary getting yourself out there and of course I want to be a credit to whatever I get involved in.

So to all of you who are trying new things today. Be it a

  • Job

  • Course

  • Diet change

  • new driving route

  • sport/gym

  • Moving home

  • Date

  • new holiday destination

  • new school

The list is endless.

It’s okay to feel nervous and scared. I may not come across as a nervous and scared person but I too am just a human being, I feel the nerves too. I have my own way of dealing with nerves.

I’m going to learn or expand on  my learning, give my time and possibly talk about future plans.

I’m trying not to expect too much. I think that is the key..

Being scared and anxious is normal. Meeting or working with new people can be daunting. It’s not a bad feeling to have.

In my experience when I have these feelings, especially when I am doing something different,I see these feelings as a positive . It reminds me that I care about what I am going to do and it tells me I am passionate about whatever it is I am going to do.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and to want to  have the ability to learn new skills and be credited for them.

All these skills and things we do make a great base for what we set up for ourselves in the future. We may not know what is going to happen in the future.

That is cool too.

What is important is that you never stop developing your skills and you never stop working on yourself.

You never know what it may lead to and who it might help.

Sometimes just your presence can be seen as support for whatever it is you sign up for or do.

Give yourself credit for the space you rightfully take up in your world.

A lot of the times what you do has a huge impact on helping others who are doing something new too.


The best way I can  explain this is

I’m going to this workshop today. I may or may not think I will be useless. I don’t know much about this project.

How long it has been running.

If it is a new idea or project that someone has put together to see if something creative and productive can come out of it.

Using myself as an example.

If I don’t put myself out there and engage I may never know what could happen.

I may be the only person who turns up.

I’m NOT saying this is the case in this situation but I want you to see how important you and your presence  is in the world you live in.

Don’t be afraid of creativity.


There is no way you can get creativity wrong. What is creative to one person may not be to another.

That is the beauty of it.

Have an epic day.

Try be creative in whatever you do. I am going to have a bath after gym. I may sing in the bath.

I’m being creative.

It’s that simple

Seize the day and be counted!

Daisy introduces Darina i 6 – Therapy bits blog

SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THIS LADY! . DARINA i  6 or known as manyofus on word press, lives with an illness called dissociative  identity disorder. Even more respect for her because she digs rap and hip hop.

Alter introduction-Meet darina! — Therapy Bits


hihi everybudy it me darina and i am six i maked this video and i introduced myself and i want share it to you all here it is i hope you all like it❤ darina i six

via Alter introduction-Meet darina! — Therapy Bits



Today,I’m kind of moving away from my conventional idea of what my animal theme and what  an animal is supposed to be. I have been pretty much any animal you can get.

Party animal

Sick animal

Angry animal

Pregnant animal

Savage animal

Abused animal

Wild animal

you name it I have been it.

The time when I have most felt like an animal was when I couldn’t speak. Don’t get me wrong, I understood everything that was going on around me.


I knew the parlez and slang too.

I just lost my voice. I didn’t even have a new voice to replace my wo-ma-nimal voice.

I think my affinity with animals is deep because I have been thrown in cells (mainly of the  police kind) .

I’ve been shipped off to private hospitals to  be treated and be case studies with my crazy animal genes.

Those who know me -will get this.

Today. ME.

Who  am  I today?


An empowered, feminist who wears her heart on her sleeve.


Would I describe myself as an animal?

and if so why ?

The answer is yes. I am probably more in tune with more animals than people because animals are naturally sentient beings. So are humans but have you seen how in humane humans have become/

I’ve felt what it is like not to have free will -if you can get my meaning.

I’ve had my freedom taken away and now I have taken it back.


Today I’m buzzing.

I’m going ape shit crazily happy .


I didn’t think I would see this week through for various reasons.

Today, I went back to my roots.

The very  start of my journey in the vast, exciting and terrifying world of volunteering with mental health charities.

Hope charity@ Caldredale Recovery college  was where I got my first break and my first GIFT – check it  out HERE.  This was where I was shown how to  and began to believe in myself .

Finally, I began to believe that  I could go on to do things that I never even dreamed of doing.  My prize was hope and passion and drive. I met a  great bunch of people.

After doing some training and work with Hope , I had the opportunity to do a couple of  workshops centred around  stigma and mental health with the healthy minds open minds project . I have loved  being a small part of this project.

I enjoyed being a part of HEALTHY MINDS RADIO SHOW

I have found our how  committed I can be.

Recently, I have  been on several  challenging training sessions, geared at  getting me to think  “out side the box “and gain more perspective and insight into facilitating peer led support groups with healthy minds.

It’s not an easy role.

In fact it is one of the most difficult roles.

I’m currently  waiting to go through my personal development file to see which direction I will go with Healthy minds.  A well established and awesome charity.

Today ,I got to do more training with Hope charity, it was lovely to be around old friends. It was great to see how we had all grown and where we were up to.  It was like coming home from an adventure.


I am so lame and I don’t care.  I am going to share this with you because I have fucking earned it

TAH-DAH. I am officially on board with the NHS (National health service in the U.K.) volunteer books.

This is my  equivalent to a  VIP pass to a Celeb after party or  the promo badge all areas access to  a worldwide indie movie festival. This is what this feels to me.  A  small example of a measurement of commitment and effort..


  Some people may go so what?

I go what?!

Here is a bit of insight into what this means to me.

I came from South Africa  to the U.K.when I was 18 years old.  Worked and lived in France, Barcelona  and Miami for a bit and then established myself in the U.K. permanently when I was 21/22 years old.

I worked and had a rewarding job in the travel and tourism industry.

I hit all my targets.

I got sent on training events.

As I began to grow into my role, I was  sent to conferences in places like Bulgaria, to establish connections and represent the  brand  of Travel care, (  a part of the defunct  co-operative travel group- now owned by Thomas Cook)

…….and then I got ill.

images (1)



I’ve been fighting my illness for over a decade to get back to some level  of the success I experienced in my Travel career. It has been the longest drop down the rabbit hole and the climb up has been

dirty. ,



and pretty fucking  messy.


I’ve studied  my ass off- I didn’t think anything else could top  getting my BA degree,

  • apart from having my Bella B

  •  me weeks away from getting married

  • being mega successful in a career

  •  travelling – of course.

  • Oh, and having my child taken out of foster care and placed in my full time care again without the local authorities in my life.

It has taken me  just over a decade to get to the place where I feel like I belong. I feel worthy again

 I feel like  I am back in my natural habitat.



I’ve worked hard to get to this point. And I am damn proud of myself. Somebody has to be.

I could have done a post on another type of animal . But in all honesty I have  got to type down what is in my heart.

The queen of my mind is also the queen of my  heart. I know so. I live in my mind and body.

download (2)


So today. I’m having a huge party in my head. I’m sharing it ` with the entire blogo-sphere that I have something  tangible that symbolises what my worth means to me again.

I will not lose my worth again.

So that is it.

I’m amped for another exciting project that I have heard about and will definitely  be going to it next week. I don’t want to say too much. I don’t want to jinx anything. My creative side has  been stirred and shaken  and I have ideas.

I also get  the opportunity to bounce ideas off other like minded people.

So I am not not going to miss any possible  opportunities to live and be awesome and help others find a sense of worth and see their own awesomeness .

 I always thought I would be the animal who would never be able to live in the wild again. I would need to be kept in a reserve of some kind.


A Daisy may be a weed – but  it still breathes. It is an earthling. – you, me, animals,fish , spiders birds,plants and trees -all need oxygyn to survive.

While my heart still pumps blood and  oxygen  around my body and into my lungs. I aint going to give up.


I know I am bigging myself up.

Can I talk the talk? Type the type?

Well -obviously…


Can I walk the walk?

Watch this space.

I have another shot at life and I am living it.

The ultimate challenge on earth. Thanks to all those who read my posts xxx

you are all fucking amazing, supportive and read my shit and then like it.

Happy weekend..

Some one  mentioned   a meet and greet when you grow up at THE SIMPLE LIFE this weekend.

I will be bringing the party spirit.