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Thoughts about Happiness

I was once told a really interesting short  folk-tale. It is perfect for today’s inspiration  #FollowGreatFootsteps – although there is a kind of irony in this too.

Why this folk-tale ? Read on.

There is a folk tale about a snake. He was once asked if it could choose would it prefer to have legs.

The snake  tried to ponder this – completely mystified by the question.

Finally it spoke:

“No” it said,

“I am what I am”

So yes. We are what we are. A situation is what it it is. lndeed, life is what it is.

THE MESSAGE – We don’t need to wish for something we don’t have


I posted  a personal post yesterday, expecting not much of a response and I have been blown away from all the comments from all of you. It further confirms how important and rewarding it is to be who you are . No masks are needed.

I hope you can see the irony in this  this folk -story in connection with  #FollowGreatFootsteps in it’s full context 😀

Don’t be shy 😀 Share what makes you tick and makes you think about your own place in this world 🙂  Connect .

Inspiration: Let go of your wildhorses

Emotions can be likened to  wild horses. You may feel unable to control them. You  may think that you have to experience them. Who wants to live governed by your emotions? It is like allowing yourself under the tyranny of the ’emotion king’

Don’t try to run from them or suppress them, acknowledge them for what they are. Don’t feel ashamed or guilty for having emotions, then allow your emotions pass through you like a gentle breeze that moves the trees and leaves.

 REMEMBER: You are the one who gives your emotions the power .And you alone give them the permission to change the way you behave.

Healing words

‘We walk among others with a CURE that could kill many ills, so  why don’t we use it more often? All we need to do is say is: ” I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me”‘- unknown

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The pharmacist

I am reeling. I am on medication. I have been for a long time and I take mine because I value my mental well-being and my life.  I collect my meds monthly.  At the beginning of October I collected my meds as usual- a week into taking them I noticed that one of them did not add up to last me all month. I called my pharmacy/drug store and I was told that all that was owed to me was 7 tablets. I said that is impossible. I only have enough for a certain amount of days. My partner looked in the bin. I l searched high and low and couldn’t find them. I cut down on my meds and I even have had to have days where I couldn’t take it at all. I even questioned if I could have taken over 50 tablets without me knowing! I have had severe panic and anxiety attacks most days for a month.  I have had paranoid induced anxiety attacks. I have even thought of calling off our wedding because my thoughts were so severe and abnormal. I have had a seizure. I have been a wreck. 

Last night my Mom went to collect my meds for me on her way home. She rang me to say that they didn’t give her all my medication as it was only due today. Fine, I am cool with that. What they did give her were items owing to me dated from the 03/10. The same day I collected my meds with a large portion missing. They gave my Mom  56 tablets that some one had put in the wrong place. My missing meds have been with my pharmacy all month and they only thought to inform me when my Mother collected them last night. 

I am not going crazy as I believed. I rang them and I gave it to them. I was told I needed to speak to the manager with respect. I said fine. 

Mr Pharmacist, you are in a highly respected role of dispensing the correct medication that is prescribed by a Doctor to the patient. I could have died. I know that sounds overdramatic but it is true! I have had a month of anxiety attacks, thinking I am going crazy amongst other awful side effects. You might not value my mental well being however I  do. I value my life and I value being able to live my life as stable as possible. You can’t point the blame at me. You come across as condescending and you need to retrain your staff and possibly yourself. I have every right to take this higher and am well within my rights to write a formal letter of complaint. You cannot tell me I can’t . Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. I will be collecting my medication today and making sure every tablet is there, as I don’t trust how you operate a system which has a duty of care to get my medication right and to me on time.

I will not make a scene in front of other customers but you must address where you have gone wrong. Identify who got it wrong and think about re-hiring someone who can dispense medication. Front house staff should know what bis going on ‘behind the scenes’. They should not have the Duh! the approach of ‘ The computer doesn’t work therefore I can’t work’.