Capital gains for an elite aura

Random fandom Venerable vulnerable Society disappoints my inner light. It screeches out a backdraft  Quell the passion at the lack of incompetence.   Respect our traditions and values Society came and went. Flew over a universal credit faux pas.   Capital gains for an elite aura Chakra karma paid & displays a tramp with an earnestContinue reading “Capital gains for an elite aura”

Hashtag All Words matter

Oh you have problems — you slit your wrists — oh how savage — roll of the eyes.

Let’s get creative with our words.

Affected by a mental illness.


Lives with a mental illness ?

Or suffers from a mental illness?

How savage (roll of eyes)

These labels — — schizophrenics. Bipolar , psychotic.

2019 is the year where Everyone wants to be insane

the reason to be a certain way is the new aesthetic

or an excuse,

And Then there are the days

And then there are the days when the rain has stopped. sunshine will follow the rain. By all accounts I should feel the warmth. My smile aches. My heart breaks.  My cheeks are strewn not by rain this time but more tears. I feel a part of me dying I think of all the tearsContinue reading “And Then there are the days”

Daisy chains a stream of consciousness

* It is only fear that stops you writing authentically. If most people don’t get my writing I wipe my head in relief. I’d rather have one genuine response of ‘I get this’ than likes. I feel a bit like the old Daisy. I write for me. When I write for myself I am beingContinue reading “Daisy chains a stream of consciousness”

Esther Roe

Charlie met Esther on abortionist row. Hedges neatly trimmed – enough to dishevel a bearded vagabond to weep after his latest woe. No coat hangers to gut the newborn sac. Charlie stood for hours until her number came up. Raging rouge screams with a tremulous beep. Surreal Conceal Unable to strike the star lead roleContinue reading “Esther Roe”

wabi -sabi disambiguation (audio version)

This is my latest ,warped experiment with using GarageBand and sound effects/ free samples and my words and voice. WAHEY! ‘Word ?’ ‘Word.’ Ha ha! Musing of the day: If the birds are still flying. Your world is not over … yet.  Keep  on living and be yourself.

Twice bitten abecedarian poem

A twice bitten man shy tortured in an encounter with his tye. Every seen a crystallized heart shatter? Ricochet fresh flesh of four chambers?   Stained bloody by his past lover’s hand Sodden & trodden by a call to “man up”   Pump up depleted testosterone to counteract the shame. Even though a trampled heartContinue reading “Twice bitten abecedarian poem”

The one about the b*st*rd Muppet

* when I’m angry I like to think the pen is mightier than the sword, this is a revised stream of consciousness about the same person.* What do you know? What do you know about life? Roaming in the streets with a bag of foam E coloured banana sweets, a flat cap to accompany yourContinue reading “The one about the b*st*rd Muppet”

It’s a suicide

RIP KEITH from the Prodigy. I planned another attempt on my knees Spoke to a God Pathetic Uninspired Extraterristial Daisy is no more. A body emptied walking on egg shells. Shocked mind No purpose too unkind. Secret whispers Willful whiskers Silent sisters Cause me to break out in blisters. Words fail to recover my obsoleteContinue reading “It’s a suicide”