Capital gains for an elite aura

Random fandom Venerable vulnerable Society disappoints my inner light. It screeches out a backdraft  Quell the passion at the lack of incompetence.   Respect our traditions and values Society came and went. Flew over a universal credit faux pas.   Capital gains for an elite aura Chakra karma paid & displays a tramp with an earnestContinue reading “Capital gains for an elite aura”

Whale music

And when I believe that everything that I feel is real, I set myself up. Grasp the short straw to hear whale music oxygenised- Death becomes her Another attempt on her life Variety is indeed her spice. She marked it out as hers with a tank girl knife. Neathanderals and the world are conspiring againstContinue reading “Whale music”


Don’t give up – don’t give in. Eyes discover you bloated- vomiting up your own sin. Brain chess- pawn after pawn is taken unjustly, Black equality doesn’t matter – cognition will conquer what it desires lustily. Ivory conquests – impure from the acidic bile. Caffeine alert – simulate all senses –   the target is common -theContinue reading “Coalesce”

Cards against Speciesism

For those who fight to never lose their voice Everyone can feel like a Nobody. All it takes is a dose of creationist bacteria inciting Ovulation on grounds countering against humanity. Freedom shatters. Gamblers peddle all the aces Cards spiral up. Hands-free Offers newfound grip on this moment. Chacha amorous until her blood shrieks outContinue reading “Cards against Speciesism”

Goofy Goat syndrome

Mouthwash gargle soprano interlude Still damned if I do or don’t by my inner feud. Can’t Darwiniate  like a bird fish off the fly Nor grow a pair and touch the sky.   Sunshine intervenes rubbing in a static state of mind. If I started to grow and extend a branch – could it be soContinue reading “Goofy Goat syndrome”

Beggars Society

Beggers society. true love insatiety.   Two lovers with no fixed abode. Pariahs to a culture in the quest for a monetary load.   Shelter over head versus security locked on the inside. Freedom in exploring lovers to expel, outcasts have rights to claim base to a premise.   Basic needs Allow Emotion necessary feeds.Continue reading “Beggars Society”

Dissecting Freedom

My reflections post the general election & me not being legally allowed to vote. on the grounds of being a French national. I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter this morning and came across this status update. “How can a Utopian exist in a Dystopia ?” ( author of the source has rights to privacy withoutContinue reading “Dissecting Freedom”

Shrouded Sun Screen

*photo credit Francesca Woodman, Space2, Providence, Rhode Island, 1977, © George and Betty Woodman* ‘Always wear sunscreen’ – comes from a song. Wisest life advice I’ve ever heard? ‘Don’t read beauty magazines they will only make you feel ugly. ‘ Quoting like I’m toting. Screens -Scenes. Teams. Streams. Rhyme it out until I get an inspirationContinue reading “Shrouded Sun Screen”

Dumbing down the English language

#tfw That Feeling when your daughter starts dropping in text language in everyday conversation. 😮 Bee’s latest is EYE DEE KAY. This is the point where (IDK)  I realise we are dumbing down our future generations & that we are forgetting to appreciate literature & artistic works. It sounds like language from a dystopian ” fiction”Continue reading “Dumbing down the English language”