Jon Wayne Music Review

American rapper, poet and record producer from Los Angeles Jon Wayne-not your usual hip hop suspect. ‘My words are my only thing‘ reminds me of the saying I use a lot ‘write to recover’. His emotional connection to his words and his passion are relatable & inspiring. The Intro immerses you into a dream state with mesmerisingContinue reading “Jon Wayne Music Review”

Sa Roc –

I’d be letting myself down  if I didn’t post about my  Eating disorder or mental illness nor if I didn’t write about my body image issues. I shouldn’t be alive. I’ve been in & out of hospitals sectioned, medicated, threatened with E.C.T. therapy, my Dad didn’t want to care for me  & asked social servicesContinue reading “Sa Roc –”

Sampa- the Great

When I found this song on hype machine, a couple of months ago, I was blown away. Being a woman, when I heard Sampa the great   sing bars that soar to dizzy heights-it touched my heart. She’s an African poet/Artist born in Zambia ,and who is based in Sydney, Australia. How cool is that?Continue reading “Sampa- the Great”

Speech Debelle

I’ve had this song on my playlist for years now.  The track- Finish this album is taken off her ‘Speech therapy’ album( 2009). It won the British Mercury Prize award. She was 19  years old when she wrote this  & it shows the introspection of a person wiser than her years. The track comes acrossContinue reading “Speech Debelle”


 Illogic has pushed the boundaries with the track  ‘First trimester’ ( Illogic – Celestial Clockwork (2004)). Each verse focuses on the different perspective of a couple and their unborn child going through the decision of whether to keep their child or have an Abortion. It’s a lateral thought-provoking song to the Life versus Pro-choice debate. ItContinue reading “Illogic”

Attempts on her Life

Be a bare foot bear in mind, body and spirit. Daisy LIFE UPDATE There has been so much going on-trying to write consistently  and coherently has and is still a struggle. I did a major overdose in March 2018 (yes, stupid and I didn’t want to come out of it)-the gory details are : IContinue reading “Attempts on her Life”

Dee Wallz

When I first heard this (2018) on hype machine.My curiosity stirred from the intro of ‘PlayStation'( a sample is taken from one of the most iconic game systems start up theme ever ma de. *The inspiration for the track came following a break up with an ex -girlfriend and Dee went into his studio, letContinue reading “Dee Wallz”

Sa Roc

My mental health kick ass anthem. If you are female you should listen to this to gain strength over your triumphs and understand your grief. Men – if you love women- you will appreciate our complexity and emotions and way of self expression through Sa Roc’s lyrics- she is dynamite. This is testimony to theContinue reading “Sa Roc”