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Les Fleurs de mal

The willows have found Flowers of evil ūüėÄ

What better way to merge a post with my love of poetry & music with an experimental fondue such as this. If you love this track ¬†(taken from Ciani’s Lixiviation album), ¬†then you should definitely check out her debut EP ¬†(2019

I’ve never heard of Suzanne ¬†Ciani until today, ¬†& I’ve not read much about Charles Baudelaire ( the controversial French poet) who produced the famous work ‘Elevation’.

Suzanne Ciani ( musician, composer, sound engineer, record label executive who predominantly creates Avante Garde electronic music.

If you are a fan of into Boards of Canada or Aphex  Twin this EP might just be what you need to hear today,.

Suzanne Ciani uses a (previously unheard) sample from one of Baudelaire’s 4th ¬† part of his ¬†Elevation works, ‘Fleurs de Mal’, in her new track.

This is the exact kind of stuff I love.out of chaos I find order ( depending on mood)

She has been compared to ¬†the legendary Serge¬†Gainsbourg ( another musician inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s¬†¬†works)

The track ¬†starts with the intro of Baudelaire’s ‘ELEVATION’ ¬† Check out the English translation at the end of this post)

Baudelaires ‘Elevation’ is ¬†divided into 6 parts.

 Charles was seen as a  visionary and a  rebel of his time. Elevation has been quoted as contributing work to the symbolism & modernist movement in the early 1900s.  Charles was a  part of-of the symbolist movement in France.  depicting art metaphorically, using wordplay and allowing more fluidity in writing poetry.

YAY! POETRY doesn’t have to rhyme.

 This opened up a new platform for free verse poets.

They wished to present an object not as it appears in reality but how it affects the senses. This is the basic technique of most successful literary works known as ‘show don’t tell’.

Baudelaire also translated many of Edgar Allan Poes English works into French.

So what do flowers represent in symbolism?

Since ancient Greek times, they have represented peace and happiness in the afterlife &  of course, they are also often seen as a symbol of life & hope.

So what do the flowers of evils mean to Charles Baudelaire’s? From my Google search, He wasn’t s peaking of the feminine form. ¬†Althoug he has referred to females as a dead animal carcass (as an example). Make of that what you will…

A metaphor – Ha ha! use all your senses not just your visual ones. mmh meat .

The closest meaning could be that even in beauty there is evil or ugliness or even sorrow and pain.

Either way, I love music, experimental works of art, flowers, symbolism, spoken word, the French language & taboo subjects like Erotism and decadence. Haha!

Above the ponds, above the valleys,
Mountains, woods, clouds, and seas,
Beyond the sun, beyond the heavens,
Beyond the confines of starry spheres,
My spirit, you roam with agility,
And, like a good swimmer bracing the waves,
You soar happilythe into profound immensity
With exquisite male delight.
Fly, far away from these noxious surroundings;
And cleanse yourself in the pure air above,
And drink, the clear fire that fills lucid spaces,
As you would a pure and divine liqueur.
Behind the nuisances, and the vast chagrins
Amassing with their weight our bewildering existence,
Happy is he who can with a vigorous wing
Propel towards the luminous and serene realms;
He whose thoughts, like larks,
Free, in the morning take flight,
‚ÄĒ Hover over life, and understand with ease
The language of flowers and silent things!



Eyes lowered, separate from the crowd if you ignore her frowns,

Could this wallflower throw down the gauntlet of one party reveller- Time himself dozing before the stroke of midnight?

Or, Would this wallflower anticipate the daffodils, daisies and roses to save the day with clear cut stems of prosecco?

The  garden of gaiety pours out  bubbly conversations


Impervious to check if the seconds move forward.

Ignorant to an eternity  doomed to this New years eve of  2019

Bursts  of lavender- waft obscure   goals

a   hint to a future -proposing a nouveau depart without delay.


Red-faced by an anxious creeping Rosacea  attack

Wallflower cuts the vines tethering her from the wall tower.

Unveiled from the comfort familiarity penumbra.


Walking she becomes an unwanted eavesdropper attunes not just the laughter but the punch lines too.

music notes intermingle. A few casualties drowned out of feeble conversations

Whilst whistling  a lament to the blues

Eyes peer up – sordidly scans this once garden turned wild.

Junglist Wallflower  wilt not

Nor wither  a delay when  mere seconds  away from  unwaning entrapment

of existence.


 Threatened confinement to this moment

Never to feel the breath of another day.

never to leave this place & go home.


Mustering grande efforts   hands push further into the jungle depths

Navigating a path. Not once does she recoil?

Less apologetic her persistence carves out a  clearing to reveal stroke victim -Sir time.

An interruption with grace

so refined.

You’ve fallen asleep at an extremely important time.

Dressed up in Thyme  Time  awakes shuffles one then two steps forward,

 the jungle momentarily quietens

then corks released from restriction pop in Ecstacy

In the air are hanged notes of Celebratory songs

A new year to make life count.

Time over -foliaged stumble forward until he finds a chalice of wine.

turns his head  -Gratefully raises his glass directly to the shadow.

The wallflower is not there, here

nor around.


The wallflower is nowhere to be found.

A brief moment mingler she salvaged this space

Left the festivities subdued  without a sound

*Inspired by writers’ block, acrostic poetry turned free form. No masterpiece but I’ve finally written something down.*

Overwhelmed! more shout outs flowers :)

I had a conversation with my better half ūüėČ and I am sure there is just one person making loads of different accounts and following this Blog of mine.

I don’t know how else to THANK YOU all. I’ve noticed some new petals and scents wafting in the willows and I am going to try my hardest to get round to all of your Blogs. For now I am stopping by to check you all out and just give you a SHOUT OUT.

It seems words have a certain charm РIt is a bit flirtatious but  these words are meant in the most genuine way and they  comes from a good place so

HELLO AND WELCOME! ¬†Welcome AGAIN ¬†to those who can’t quite decide whether to stay or not- Yes, you can call me that Crazy Daisy ¬†ūüėÄ

what a difference 7 days makes.

This is what is going on in my brain at the moment. Admiring you all and taking it all in. I’m in awe!

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Oh and this is also what is going on in my head ūüėÄ




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