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Acrostic poetry -Daisy


D utifully fights death with hope

A ccepts pain will help shed its old purpose

I n light it seeks for a rebirth – instincts prevail

S adness embrace – for loss will lead to freedom

Y esterday is a forget me not – a death sentence.

Foetal Zulu

I’m quite taken with my latest find. Foetal Zulu- a brilliant name (in my opinion) as I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. Home of the Zulu nation. YEBO!

Kick back and enjoy the meditative visuals and soundscape.

And he is based in my current home town – Halifax, West Yorkshire.

I was dubious to start with & then genuinely impressed about the quality of music as I always am when I find an artist from a small town I’ve lived in.  I enjoy being surprised. Challenge your perspective.

His style (incorporating multimedia) reminds me of music mixer/ producer & photographer from my hometown of origin Durban, South Africa-  Dane Detox Evans.

Though they have two different styles, I grew up in Durban, South Africa & sometimes we judge the person /associates rather than the quality of an Artists creative endeavours. Be it a production/ experiment/mix etc.

I am a huge fan of his style but I was sceptical of his stuff. LESSON: Keep an open mind, folks.

Yeah, but I can’t deny when I hear music that takes me out of my current state of mind (for the record absolutely shit, to be honest- (best policy)

Music is therapy. It does heal the soul.

There is not a lot of information about this artist except that his name is Loui Binns and he runs regular workshops in Halifax, West Yorkshire. I think it’s cool that an artist chooses to share his knowledge and techniques so that other people can be inspired to develop a creative outlet that is positive.

Creative outlets are (as we know) crucial to maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing. Something that I have always been passionate about. Whatever that outlet may be.

He works in electronic music and digital art incorporating found sounds, soundscapes, abstract /geometric visuals and setting visuals to music.He hosts a bi-monthly event called Hyper Fauna for ambient soundscape music at the Grayston Unity in Halifax.


It’s awesome to find local talent to listen to. I don’t get paid to promote any artists.

I will never play a track of my choosing that I don’t connect with.

I would recommend checking out  this EP  for the full experience.