The living ain’t easy

It hasn’t taken away everything there is still me inside. Don’t forget I rise, fall, stumble, then I suppose because I’m here, I rise. See even grey lizards can be Newborn from cinders. My number is definitely not over Mother’s nature to beta block a seizure on Kronos’s clock. merely an earthling in my mortalContinue reading “The living ain’t easy”

Do Black lives matter?

Can we put a price on a life? #BlackLivesMatter in the U.K. & globally too. Here is how you can help.To be blunt: If we are in a position to put our money where our mouth is then do it today, please!Link About We work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 13 toContinue reading “Do Black lives matter?”

Inksters Milking it

Dedicated to the gangsters inksters of the writing world. A lifetime member of sudden death writer collective. Butter them up to increase traffic  then render them defective. Noble people not saying what they do. It’s a performance of sorts. It screams out – this scene has been played out far too many times. Fucking overContinue reading “Inksters Milking it”

If blue was a hue

If shades came in pigmented blues Would the world recognize the significance of colour as opposed to hues? Would living in colour stop it’s either this or that? Would grey get a chance to convince us to investigate? Would crashing into a slick  navy crude and  lost at  sea, Inspire old fashioned candy knots to carryContinue reading “If blue was a hue”

Sa Roc –

I’d be letting myself down  if I didn’t post about my  Eating disorder or mental illness nor if I didn’t write about my body image issues. I shouldn’t be alive. I’ve been in & out of hospitals sectioned, medicated, threatened with E.C.T. therapy, my Dad didn’t want to care for me  & asked social servicesContinue reading “Sa Roc –”

Nina Simone

o have soul, you have to be free –

Completely free of your mind and body -you mustn’t covert away any part of you , you must reveal your soul to the entire world.

People will either get you or they won’t but that becomes their problem not mine or yours.

There must be no shame in revealing your soul to the world.

Your story.

Your journey.

Nina  was diagnosed with Bipolar in the 80’s  and I guess she felt displaced.

Bipolar,huh ?

Displaced ?

Now I know that world well.

Life -unbitten by bitterness

Don’t let life, and how other people treat you to allow you to become bitter. Don’t expect people who keep the same company to be on the same level as you. Be a good person. Remain honest, full of heart and genuine. You do not owe anything to anyone who chooses to disrespect you orContinue reading “Life -unbitten by bitterness”

Beggars Society

Beggers society. true love insatiety.   Two lovers with no fixed abode. Pariahs to a culture in the quest for a monetary load.   Shelter over head versus security locked on the inside. Freedom in exploring lovers to expel, outcasts have rights to claim base to a premise.   Basic needs Allow Emotion necessary feeds.Continue reading “Beggars Society”

Dissecting Freedom

My reflections post the general election & me not being legally allowed to vote. on the grounds of being a French national. I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter this morning and came across this status update. “How can a Utopian exist in a Dystopia ?” ( author of the source has rights to privacy withoutContinue reading “Dissecting Freedom”

Keep Livin

My body isn’t a shrine Nor half as gory as the scene of a horrid crime. It’s not that abortion clinic beating hearts put on a foetus pant in mime. It’s not pretty. I don’t do chocolate box Not in my city. This image I have… of a body in the stocks. I may lookContinue reading “Keep Livin”