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Tatiana – an ode

Today ,I wasn’t prepared though my gut knew better than to be not blase but scared.

A fleeting hope that the healers could give you a boost

The hardest decision was to accept that your time was up & I had to cut you loose.

I’m numb, guilty, wished I had you for a few more nights.

Allowing your sorrowful suffocating soul seconds more would add to this punishing plight & dreams of death – faeces, dead babies, deer, filthy flies and discarded driftwood souls drunk on flotsam

Waivered inner stengh; sight to ignite a courageous carcass of hope

Never mind , my Tatiana. You breathe free , unleashed from the God’s who wouldn’t let you rest.

You were too remarkable to ignore.

Your status has soared

A wing span of your choice.

These words don’t do justice

I love you

This is your eulogy

An ode to your life with no apology.

So cold,

so sweet ,

so fair…

Life and death
The mortal twins

The janus of the past , the future
You the triplet was my greatest present.

Geese shake a tail feather

Why the hell are you going on about geese, Daisy?

I admit they strut around thinking they own the whole world. I’ve run away from a few in my time.

They can be ass holes but they were on the brink of extinction not so long back and now they have made such an epic come back . You don’t need to take a gander -they are everywhere – well in Canada ūüėÄ

Why the hell don’t they stick  to their designated zone?

One answer: it ends with an Question.

Did you know that little baby gooslings learn how to  migrate from their parents? This is not some inner ethereal instinctive knowing they have while they are cooking in the egg.

Yes, geese can fly.

But because of the whole extinction and save the geese for peace campaign -a lot of geese up north don’t really know how to fly.

TRUTH! I would not tell a lie.

SO, zeee the answer is we have inadvertently provided them with bright city street lights, they have no reason to go anywhere else.

Put your shot gun away!    Trigger happy.

I say this  because the short term answer most people have come up with is what is known as  -Goose round ups.

It is not a chance for geese and humans to share a pint or some fancy cocktail and have a bitter of a natter.


  • Geese poop. A lot. Some “enlightened”  folk have got it into their head that they poop so much they deserve to die for it.  -bit  harsh, wouldn’t you say? What about dogs, horses?  Just saying….

  • Around mid-June – July time  Geese in Canada start to moult. No feathers equal no flying. 

  • This being the perfect time to organise a goose round up is when a goose is at it’s most vulnerable. We humans are a courageous and just bunch aren’t we ? 

Okay so it’s not a social event and they loose out on a drink or too.

What is the worst that can happen.. Well, let me see ….. mmmh… now

They learn the goose step  march very quickly and get put into crates -packed to capacity. No first class or business class on this journey.

They are a protested ( going to keep that spell check error)   and protected species so they can”t be sold. Instead they are given to food banks.

How charitable! how noble is this killing?

helping others.

The reason they got killed  was because they poop and possibly because they do have wings and some trained wild geese do fly but to fuck us off do this instead.

Justify this rationally and humanely please?

The other geese are put in a gas chamber and killed slowly and then dumped into trash bags.

oh, how civilised! – some evil fuckers ship babies and let them loose in the wild in a strange country to fend for themselves.

Daisy it works- what else can we do? shit happens right?

Indeed, it does but we can do shit- humanely. Rounding up geese is a short term plan. It doesn’t really require expanded thinking. If these humans actually struck a light in that vast empty mind of theirs ,they would see , in a few months more geese moving in to take the place of the other slaughtered Geese. No goose stepping but a Harlem shuffle –

Now –let us step out of the box for a mojo.

What is needed is long term planning.  check out Geese Peace

“an organization dedicated to building better communities through innovative, effective, and humane solutions to wildlife conflicts, has developed an effective template that communities can adopt”


Three key ways to solve your geese problems

  • Get you addle hat on. -Just put it on. I am going to explain

Humanely take eggs from a geese posse or treat it with corn oil. This is far more humane.


Because – it frees Geese from having to take their little flightless birds with them and it  encourages them to move to another part of the world to do  their geese thing. Whatever it is that geese do  to pass the time on our planet

Before you start an egg-addling program, hatch an overall plan to keep the peace with geese 

Part of this plan is

  1. get trained

  2. get permission

  3. get registered 

Or you could scare them off. Please take note some ways are better than others

  • Get a bunch of good doggie gangsters to kindly move them on their way. You lose humanity points if you allow the dogs to hurt a goose. They need to be trained.


  • Please put your empathy or sympathy cap on if you see that a new  family have just hatched into the world. Give them a bit of time to get used to their environment so they can get skilled up and move on

  • You can go all matrix style and get state of the art goose laser scaring things to scare them off. 

  • Chemical repellent works – make sure it is not toxic

  • One of the best ones is getting a recording of a goose who sounds like he is in the shit and playing that. Geese will go and defend him or just  scare the shit out of them.

  • Get your gun and aim for the sky. Make sure their are no birds flying about first and fire – do not hurt any geese or other animals – this is a noise scare tactic. Not a slaughtering.   

Got to leave you with this song. You may connect it with the post or not. I think the geese may like this song if you act more humanely and they may even start to dance but you won’t get to see that bit.



Human’s biggest Dumbo act


Ever been blessed by an elephant?  They use their trunks and place it on your head.  They love to reach out to children. 

Don’t do it. Hindus have been asked to stop this practice as elephants have been known to catch tuberculous from the pilgrims who come from all over the world to be ‘blessed’. many have died already ¬†-read more here


Elephants are a close-knit, gipsy kind of family- they enjoy travelling around the wild. Today I am going to talk a bit about what an animal goes through when they are kept in captivity. 

When I was about 10 years old, living in South Africa, every year a famous circus would pitch its tents by our school and entice us to go watch their shows. Always using animals as their main highlight for the show. I am far too curious and I got bored watching the show and I slipped off my bench and decided to go behind the scenes and do a bit of exploring. I found a newly born litter of kittens, neglected, no mother in sight clearly stressed out. One of the circus staff found me and chased me away. I never went back to a circus. I just knew in my naive child spirit that this was not natural.

So today I’m creating awareness around how our earthling friends get treated around the world, focusing on Circus myths.¬†


Circus animals have a strong positive bond with their owners and that is why they perform tricks with them.

Elephants are wild animals they are not programmed to do the bidding of humans. There is this myth that owners use positive reinforcements techniques to do tricks. This may be true in some cases but the truth is time is money. The travelling circus needs to make money to survive. They are more likely to beat animals. They starve animals, beat them with sharp hooked objects. The whole point of this is to make the elephant know who is the boss. Animals can never truly be owned or tamed. So their behaviour is unpredictable in terms of keeping people safe.


Circus animals are loved and nurtured from birth like a child

Bullshit alert. Circus animals are usually rented out on lease for a season contract. They are passed from one circus to another. When an animal becomes to old and sick they are given to zoos or research laboratories. This is especially true for animals who are not good and do not behave like their owners want to them to. 


After a successful show, animals get to take their shoes off and chill out. 

If your idea of kicking back and chilling is being put in a cage so small that you can hardly move then fair do’s. But seriously …. ¬†Are you nuts? ¬†What usually happens is animals do not get fed, they are shipped in cages to their next job in inhumane conditions. There is usually no air conditioning or heating on their flight as passengers. Most of their life is a loop of performing and cage. Perform and cage. Perform and cage. Aaaah, what a great life show biz animals have hey?¬†


The circus is a great safe place to bring the family together to enjoy and have a good time

Animals and people get injured  Рone example is Tyke. His  story is this: Tyke had been neglected and treated like shit for years and years.She thought that living in a cage sucked -balls. She had had enough. This is how Tyke spend her last day in this planet. She had to get away from the madness that was her life. She killed her trainer and thirteen other people. She was shot nearly 100 times. Her story is a harsh reminder of what happens when an animal is kept in captivity and used and abused for the pleasure of humans. Her story must not be forgotten. She died in 1994.




This is  only way to educate ourselves about animals .

Really? So how natural is is for an elephant to throw balls into a hoop or whatever other fancy trick they are pushed to learn? Or dressing an elephant up in a tutu –

Aaaaaaaaaaw how cute!.

How many animals  in the wild  do we know about who do performance ticks and  fashions hows for their fellows earthlings? This is not education. It is Entertainment at the expense of animals.



There are laws to protect circus animals. 

Yes, there is a federal animal  welfare act in the U.S.A. and the U.K. ( it includes guidelines on care,safety,treatment and transport) but  violators  of this act are rarely prosecuted and so the abuse continues. 



Love this question ūüėÄ — I did kind of put in in the post myself- far from being biased at all ūüėČ

I’m going to be blunt. Don’t go to animal focused circuses -demand human circuses that have humans doing death defying stunts that make you wonder if they will live and human performers who do acts that leave you and your children in awe of how amazing us humans are.¬†

Don’t know how to do this ?

Write a letter to your whatever place you live in who has the power to enforce legislations. Or

Write a letter to protest these animal focused circuses  from coming to  you town.





Dolphin- king of of the fish

Dolphins are highly sensitive and intelligent. They have a tighter family bond than the Mafia. They do not act like the Mafia. They are kind and sensitive and social and affectionate beings.

I’m going to bring your attention to a fascinating documentary called ‘the cove’ by Louis Psihoyos- you can watch the trailer here    -Open your eye and ears. You do not want to miss this.


When I think of dolphins I think of happiness.

I think of how many of them have saved humans lives in the ocean against shark attacks.

I think of pregnant mothers chilling out with them and dolphins instinctively knowing that these women are pregnant.

The most vivid image that comes to my mind is seeing from my balcony, in South Africa, dolphins leaping out of the water -together, dancing to the oceans very heartbeat.

This documentary exposes a tradition that the Japanese follow to lure hundreds of dolphins into a trap to sell them off for the entertainment industry – think Sea world- and for the the rest of the dolphins they are massacred for their meat.

The pro tradition Dolphin butchers have done everything in their power to censor the Japanese people from seeing this documentary.  I think if the Japanese people knew how the Dolphin meat they eat ,is brought to their plates, they would be horrified.

This documentary also exposed toxic levels of mercury in animals  that Japanese feed themselves and their children regularly.

In some cases the levels of mercury are 1,600 times the allowed quantities in meat for human consumption.

The consumption of mercury in the quantities that exist in whale and dolphin meat can impair immune response and cause neurological damage leading to loss of coordination, vision, hearing and can produce mental retardation, especially in the young

.The fatty tissues of dolphins and whales contain extremely high levels of PCBs, chemicals associated with the “estrogen effect”.

In effect these chemicals mimic the female hormone estrogen and may cause a feminizing effect in those who consume this meat. In women this may lead to increases in breast cancer. In men it may lead to enlargement of breasts.

What Psihoyas has to say about his award winning  documentary

  •  More People around the world are aware of this inhumane tradition,but he believes the reason why most Japanese people have not stopped eating dolphin meat is because there are not enough of them who are aware of this sick tradition

  • Mercury is killing people.

  • Some have accused his documentary of being ‘Anti  Japanese’. he argues that this is bullshit(My words)  – yes, Americans use dolphins for entertainment but they don’t slaughter them and eat them.

  • Most Dolphin meat is labelled as whale meat. Pregnant Japanese women are encouraged by ‘Japanese Minister of Health, labour and welfare in 2005, to eat bottle nose dolphin.

  • Boycotts were made by people paid by the Japanese Mafia, on small Japanese theatres showing the documentary . Censorship / Boycotting does not create awareness. It creates fear.

  • He believes that the  people who watch his documentary will stop going to watch dolphin shows. The educational benefits will show children and adults that the only way to see Dolphins is in the wild. To watch them do tricks in a large swimming pool is like watching a person  in a prison cell who is waiting for his date to come up to walk ‘the green mile’ on death row.

  • Sea world have fired 350 staff off the back of this documentary. Not because of the malpractice but because of the “bad”  publicity in the media raised when a member of staff was killed by  an Orca  –

  • In 2011 the mayor of the island of Taiji said that the Dolphin hunting industry had lost up to $7 million. boo hoo!

  • We are now in the year  2016. The hunts still happen. More dolphin are being caught for entertainment purposes. Dolphins are like humans -they live with their family. If a dolphin is separated from it’s family it will grieve.

The release of bottlenose dolphins in the first month of the season is a scheme by JAZA to try to separate the dolphin slaughter from the captivity trade – to seem more benign by letting dolphins go instead of adding them to supermarket shelves.

But it doesn‚Äôt really mean much –

the same people are involved and will kill any other species they find. And after September, they will kill bottlenose dolphins, too

Louis Psihoyos released a new documentary in 2015 called ‘ Racing Extinction’ – his aims were to not only create awareness but make changes.

His latest documentary focuses  on pollution, destruction of the environment,climate change and ridiculous and copious  amounts of consumption of animal meat.

The documentary was originally  going to be called ‘The singing planet’

“And that‚Äôs because everything from the insects to blue whales has been singing; we just haven‚Äôt been listening.

That’s sort of the common emotional way to get into the story, when you realize that we’re extinguishing the voice of these animals that have song.

Some of the songs that you hear are so complex and so beautiful and haunting and ethereal. I think when people start to hear these voices, it will awaken compassion.”

Louie Psihoyos

 I know this is a lot of information to take in . Bare with me, please.

In connection with what Louie says.  I won’t be exploring this topic today but what I do want to point out is: noise pollution in the ocean, as something to think about.

Dolphins hearing senses are extremely sensitive.

All human business activities  related to the ocean, like oil drilling, working on oil rigs, military explosive tests and sound tactics made by noise-makers to lure mammals to  a fate of experiments and death, can cause serious effects on these mammals hearing.

Even the sound of of everyday boats  can interfere with how they communicate with each other. It affects their social lives.

The life of a crab

Every Christmas it was a tradition in our family to celebrate with plenty of seafood.

One Christmas eve, I can recall walking into the kitchen and I heard this horrible screeching sound. It was emanating from a boiling pot on the stove with steam rising out of it.

I knew that whatever was in that pot was crying out in pain.¬† I didn’t know how to stop it so I burst out crying. My Mom came into the kitchen, asked what was up with me

“Why are they crying? They are we hurting them?’

My Ma patted me on the head.

“Silly girl. They can’t feel pain – it’s just their shells that make that ¬†noise in boiling water.”

Oh silly me.

I read an article a few years back explaining that scientists have discovered that crustaceans feel pain.

This article confirmed what I already believed.

The aim of my post is to inform you.  Not guilt trip you.

This is what I have learned about Crabs

  • They are more complex than we give them credit for

  • They have the ability to learn

  • When one part of their body dies they don’t immediately ¬†die. They feel pain and this could mean that the pain they feel is long and drawn out, unlike vertebrae. If you shoot a vertebrae in the brain it will probably die instantly. The crab’s nervous system does not allow them to die by killing off one part of its body. They don’t have a spine.

There is research that has looked at inhumane ways of killing and possibly found a more humane way to kill them -if you wish to eat them.

Here is the science bit

Crabs have the same kind of or some form of pain-relieving system that most other animals have.

¬†Hi, I’m crabby, the crab.

I have just been caught for research purposes.

Every time I go to a certain place in my new home I get an electric shock. I’ve done this, ¬†oh,say about several times now and I remember not to go back to that specific place in my ¬†new home because it fucking hurts. Now I know I am am a hardcore mofo…

So, scientists, this experiment proves I have a memory.

Finally, I have been reclassified as a sentient being who feels pain. This means researchers are now looking at ways to decrease any suffering I may feel before I become your next meal.  So how do we deal with this?

I, crabby, the crab is far luckier than say my fellow lobster because I only have two separate nervous systems so you can spike me and I won’t feel too much pain, ¬†Now, my other fellows from the ghetto are not so lucky and have at least four nervous systems so,

 humans, yes you!

Let’s get humane about killing – okay?

A definition of humane killing

“As with mammals, a humane slaughter is one that results in an immediate loss of consciousness, or if slow acting, induces unconsciousness without discomfort or pain. This unconsciousness should persist until death intervenes

Let’s take a look at traditional methods still used to kill ¬†to eat me or my brethren, Luke, the lobster:


I struggle violently and it takes two long excruciating minutes to die. I have seen my friends trying to crawl out of the boiling water because I’m still fucking living and been boiled alive!


I remember going camping with my Dad to some cool place near the ocean. We were in the car, driving to our destination and in the middle of the road was one of the biggest crabs I have ever seen. My Dad and his mates got out the car. They turned the car off first obviously. Picked up the crab and threw it in the beer and meat chiller. I don’t think he was chilling in quite the same way we do. I think he may have said:

As a Crab, I ask you not to do this. I will go into osmotic shock- it fucking makes me pass out and you need to be a scientist to know the exact temperature I need not feel pain.

There are many other ways that you may think I am not hurting.


CHILLING – not the kind of chilling I am into.




How do we know if we or any other earthling is in pain?

Look at my behaviour. If I’m thrashing around and screeching and generally am not die instantly. I’m in pain. ¬†Maybe I am showing you what we humans call “emotions”.

Something to think about.

So here is the deal. Eat me but please let me have a choice in how I die so that I will suffer less.

Stun me– instant death,

or at the very least drug me. give me an anaesthetic.

I don’t want a salt bath, I don’t want to be put into varying degrees of temperature that cause me to go into shock and hurt me. ¬†I may be unconscious after a chilled bath but then ¬†I come round all dazed and confused and you gonna spike me or cut me and I am going to feel it.

Don’t warn me! ¬† That is what you are doing with that knife- warning me.

If you are going to kill me, respect that you can kill me humanely.

Bob cat – another earthling friend

I love cats. I also love other animals – of course.

¬†‘All things bright and beautiful and all creatures great and small’ – kind of thing’

I was mainly brought up in a home with cats, I learned that they are not too needy and they have so much charisma. they make you work you ass off for attention. Biting is seen as loving kisses.

If I allowed my Tatiana -a normal cat- to shit on my head , she would. I  am so owned.

Bobcats are a bit bigger than your average, well say Рmy Tatiana,  for instance.  They are known for being super shy.

¬†They are breathtaking to look at, a perfect of example of some of the things that nature got right . ¬†It’s really weird. I saved my Tatiana -who happens to be a Bengal cat from an illegal sanctuary, that was under investigation, and she does the same thing with her tail. She is all spots on her body but her tail is all stripy. Sometimes I think she has a mental health issue like me. She just can’t accept her body :

I want to raise the issue of Wildlife over population  today. The green link is a great article on myths of dealing with over population.

 The Bob cat is a loner they do not share their territory. They are adaptable to desert conditions and forest conditions.

Us, humans have just about taken every inch of the planet for ourselves. ¬†We want to build a freeway/motorway and bulldoze our way through a forest and a ¬†home to many earthlings. ¬†It has been known that bulldozers will even go through animals to get the job done. They won’t even be patient enough to let the animals move to safety.

That great big shopping mall where all your favourite fashion brand stores are, was probably home for animals like the Bobcat, once upon a time.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty.

I only want you to understand that if you could put yourself in an animal’s hooves, paws – you get it- understand that an animal becomes homeless when it’s home is destroyed. ¬†It is not just that new mall that drives them to seek refugee status from their homes- it is pollution, hunting, research, entertainment, or souvenir industries.

These are all topics I hope to explore in the next 24 days.

  Where do we expect them to go?

Something to think about.

Okay so back to the Bobcat – he starts looking for a new home. Chances are he is not the only newly evictee. He is a loner – the places he wants to take up home in is more than likely taken over by an earthling friend that operates in numbers.

Where does he go?

You may spot one near your home. All thoughts activate the juices of   the Amygdala primitive, caveman part of your brain.

There are too many of them Рwe need to get rid.  So Daddy gets together with his friends or the community come together and hunt down the homeless.

There is no other way –

We have to be cruel to be kind

That is just how things go

It is either them or us.


Killing is not the answer.

We can learn to live with our neighbours. Allow them their space so you can have yours too.



 If not kill then HOW?

There is an effective option that has been used on Deer in South Africa and other animals. It doesn’t harm them or poison them. It is called:

¬†immunocontraception‚ÄĒa humane way to control animal populations where it‚Äôs necessary and appropriate. This method safely uses the body’s immune response to prevent pregnancy without harming the animal or the population as a whole.

Immunocontraception has been used to control deer and wild horse populations across the United States and elephant populations in South Africa.

The same can be done with your own cat or dog. My Tatiana was spayed as soon as she was old enough. Yes, she will always be a virgin and I have possibly denied her all kind of sexual expression and liberty to procreate; but I can’t take care of hundred of litters of her kittens. If you have a boy family earthling – get him neutered.

Finally, please take 1 minunte of your time to listen to what the talented actor, Christopher Walken has to say .

Day two down and I have learned that people are lazy. The whole just shoot them and  get it over with as quickly as possible Рis and never will be the right solution.

It is fucking up with our / natures eco-system which has a direct affect on us but that topic is for another day.

Have a grand Weekend -Going to pop over to Blogging A-Z to check out as many of your themes – ūüôā thanks for reading ūüôā


the ethical hunter

When I think of an antelope. I don’t think endangered species. I think of a deer-, Bambi. Who doesn’t love Bambi?

I was born in South Africa and there is plenty of antelope to see in reserve camps. To be honest they don’t really do much except graze. They don’t come on top of most people’s top 5 animals list.

Deer are so important for the African ecosystem. Here is what I have learned about our earthling friends.

Trophy hunting as we are beginning to become aware is BIG business. Loads of antelope are exported every year, to the  U.S.A .and other western world countries, for what is called Captive hunts.

The most cowardly of all the animal hunts you can imagine.

This is how it works. Baby Antelope are taken from their mothers and are then conditioned to depend on humans to survive. They naturally build a bond with humans and are not afraid of them.

Another term used is ¬†‘canned hunts’- humans pay big money to get their kicks.

I have two problems with this.

Let us look at the first problem.


Don’t turn your eyes away from the film footage link below; but if you must then at the very least read this post to find out¬†what it is happening in our world. ¬† Everybody can help -even you! ¬†Be aware.

Opinions about Captive Hunting

It is a private sport of trophy hunting that allows “hunters” to hunt exotic species already imprisoned in a prison-like a reserve. A human-friendly animal makes the likes of successfully killing this animal pretty much a ¬†foregone conclusion.

‘The endangered species act’ is flawed and full of loopholes. So, people can legally kill captive animals under certain state rule. The black market thrives on this loophole.


Well, if there is a way to get hold of a legal permit to shoot an animal – then this opens up a market of captive hunting so people can go about this sport of theirs under the policy of


So how big is this captive hunting market?

It makes millions of dollars and  pounds out of the murdering of the innocent

How can this business be expanding if the Antelope (as an example) breed is dying out?

Private owners interbreed exotic animals. There are private clubs that use an incentive to kill animals by giving out trophies – ¬†one example is the¬† “Introduced Trophy Game Animals of North America” trophy hunting achievement award.

I don’t agree with hunting animals on any level. I do think these types of hunters are the scourge of the hunting world because the idea of a ‘fair hunt’ is taken out of the equation. Basically on one side of a fence is a captive antelope or other animal and on the other side of the fence is a ¬† “hunter” with a shotgun.

This does not conform to the traditional form and philosophy -if you like true ethical hunting.

My judgement on all hunting has been made clear.

The current ¬†Antelope species on¬†the’ International Union for the Conservations of Nature and Natural Resources lists’ are

  • Pete David’s deer ¬†is extinct ¬†in the wild

  • Dama gazelle is in critical danger

  • Arabian Oryx is endangered

  • Yax and European Bison are vulnerable.

-the list goes on and on.

My second problem with this kind of hunting is what is called Chronic wasting disease

What is it? A disease where abnormal protein attacks the nervous system in an animal and is fatal to an animal /antelope. Side effects or symptoms are weight loss, blindness, repetitive walking, tremors, excessive drinking, co-ordination problems

Where does it come from?

It comes from Antelope and other animals being bred and nurtured in captivity. The disease is extremely infectious. It is passed on by saliva, faeces, blood and urine. it can’t be 100% managed and controlled because Antelope do escape into the wild and will and have passed this disease onto its wild fellow counterparts.

Be aware.   Be pro Ban on all import and export and transport on Antelope animals.

Safari Club International is not the environmentally-friendly, conservation-minded organization that it claims to be. SCI is a club forwealthy big-game hunters who compete in killing the most animals for the most awards. Members collect the heads, hides, and horns of animals from a list of more than 500 creatures and enter them in SCI’s record book of trophy animals.

To earn every award that SCI offers, a hunter must kill at least 171 different animals from around the world. Many SCI members have records for killing more than 400 different creatures that populate their trophy rooms, macabre mausoleums filled with dead animals.

Author Matthew Scully sums up the group in his book, Dominion. “Respect” at SCI, he¬†says,¬†means only “the courtesy of leaving enough behind for the next hunter.”

“They practice socially conscious sadism here,” he writes. “Ethics at Safari Club is ordered libertinism, like teaching cannibals to use a table napkin and not take the last portion.”

I hope I have done justice on our earthling friends. To finish, I have always been in love with all our animal friends. I started working for an MLM company because my ethics on animal abuse are so strong. What really pushed me into learning more about how we can help our earthling friends is a documentary.

It is horrific, insightful, an abomination of the spirit of humanity-

If you ever feel brave enough,

Watch it   -there is an option to read the synopsis and watch a trailer to gauge if you feel you can watch it HERE it is.