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Pets & neglect

I thought today would be a good time to get a bit closer to home with the animals that we choose to adopt into our family.

Here is a word


and another


What does this mean to you?

What does it bring to mind?

Something deliberate?

Sometimes  these words conjure up images and words of

  • Shooting

  • Stabbing

  • Setting an animal on fire

  • Stop-Animal-Cruelty-Dont-Be-Sorry-Do-Something.jpg


A lot of animal neglect may not be deliberate.

It can be as something as simple as forgetting to put out fresh clean water for a pet or a farm animal.

There is a strong link between animal abuse and violence. My ex-partner was violent with his dog.


Is there a relationship between domestic abuse and animal abuse?

When I sought out my local woman centre about the violent relationship I was in. I had to do score test to find out which band or stage of severity my abuse I was in.

One of the questions was if my ex-partner ever hurt an animal. Animal abuse

This is one of the four predictors that may indicate that a partner will be violent to a child or a partner.

I remember a long time ago, I can’t remember where I was living but there was a man who was always abusing his dog. I don’t know what he did to it but the animal was clearly distressed. So much so I reported it.

So can animal abuse give some indication towards abuse to people?

Social workers /professionals are supposed to be trained to look at an animal’s living conditions in a household and gauge how they are treated to indicate if they’re some kind of clear break down in a family. There can be many reasons for this.

  • Poor mental health

  • Unable to have Empathy

  • Substance misuse

  • Animal hoarding

Animal neglect does give a better picture of any child /Domestic violent abuse that may occur in a household.

It seems like a no brainer and it is..



I remember when I was about 4/5 years old. I was playing with my ‘My little pony’ kingdom and the kitten we had at that time came to say hi. I don’t know what I was thinking but there was a ribbon on the floor- the memory is a bit blurred.

I tied the ribbon around my kitten’s neck and then tied it to the leg of the table my pony kingdom was on and I kept on tightening the ribbon until my kitten was hanging.

Something in my brain shattered. I realised if I didn’t do something my kitten would die because of me.  I scrambled to get my kitten free and I was in tears- horrified that I had nearly killed my kitten.

My kitten was fine by the way.

What if my mother hadn’t been a mad cat/animal lover like me?

What if she hadn’t taught me to love and respect animals?

Just a thought I guess….

She doesn’t know about this event.


So is animal abuse normal in children?

This can indicate that a child is a high-risk youth. Children from violent homes of abuse and neglect can act out abuse on animals.

I don’t know what this says about me.

Was I acting out on some unconscious level what was going on in my home at that point?


I think for me what is important is my instinct kicked in and I knew this was wrong and I never wanted or tried to hurt an animal again.

Some experts would agree that intervening early with a  child at risk of developing abusive traits can be more therapeutic in stopping the cycle of violence.

Why should I get involved in reporting animal abuse if it is not my business? How can I possibly be making any difference at all?

It is about looking at the bigger issues. If you report to the police/animal protection society of any abuse that you see, then this will be recorded on the crime database and it can lead to investigations and prosecuting dangerous criminals, keeping them away from society-ie in  prison.

 People who act out on crimes such  as

  • Damaging property

  • Violence against humans

  • Drug and Disorderly offences

can all be linked to animal abuse

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? I hear you ask

Report all animal abuse. Animal abuse can indicate that there is something seriously wrong with an individual. It is not normal or acceptable.


The more we as a community alert police and the law to animal abuse, it becomes a clear message that this is an issue that needs to become more of a priority. It is a stand we take- that we will not accept to live in a  violent community. Law enforcers will need to become more serious about how they deal with this crime because we won’t ignore it anymore.

The result will be a safer community for our families.


Lynx Fur coat

My awful confession.

My topic -Animals

It’s the last post of the a-z challenge. I’m on  the final letter- Z.

My French Grandmother, who has the last stages of vascular Dementia lived in a different time to me.

Before my exsistence ,  couple of generations  before mine, my Grandpa, bought a gift for my Grandma. I was told she had the coat made for her  in Vienna.

  I have a confession to make ,  I am so (so) ashamed.

It’s no ordinary coat,it has her initials engraved on the inside (lynx fur.I’ve seen Kate Moss wear  something similar).

For my 27th Birthday my Grandma gave me her coat. It didn’t fit her any more (& she loved me –of course).

I ignored my guilt,played the  ignorant person  when I wore it  ( in hypothernic tempertures in the U.K.) with  hesitiant pride. It kept out the cold off my bones,it was soft and beautiful.

I own a lynx fur coat. (cue: Gasp, shock & horror).

Now before  you all judge me with sentiments such as:

“Burn it ,Daisy , burn it. Sell it or whatever.. Just get rid, girlfriend cos if you don’t,see this?  You and me? We are done. And I mean done .”

Try to  understand that this is something sentimental  (an heirloom) that my grandma gave me before she got ill and passed away from Vascualr Dementia & Alzeihemers.

I live with this secret. Erm, not any longer….

I don’t wear it these days.

It makes me  feel like a hypocrite.

My Mom has  kept it.

She didn’t  want me to get rid of it while my grandma was still alive.

So, this is my shameful secret.

Last time  I looked at it, I put it on, and I felt like Hannibal.

Images of torture came to the forefront of my mind  of what happened to this animal.

How to end this post?

It’s not easy (or even affordable) to just switch over your whole life style /ethics/family traditions etc.. to not eating or wearing anything that hasn’t had an animal involved in the process in some way.

The truth is

I frittered my wedding money away (a couple of years ago) working for a non animal tested and environmental friendly business that sold products from A-Z

I ended up buying most of the products (and it led to nada profit for me)

It was expensive.It cost me an income. It alleviated my conscious.

I stopped eating sweets  (Haribos)because I knew that they had gelatin in them, and that derives from animal fat.

Who needs a  motivation for going on a diet?

(You now have one )

We can’t get it right all the time. .

 We can  become  more aware about where our consumables  come from, who suffers & power ourselves up with knowledge (as shocking and awful as it is).

I’m not saying be   over zealous ‘,  however,the first step to fighting this massive topic of animal abuse in all its forms -is to become conscious & then to act.

Being conscious leads to decision making  and any action you do that comes from a good place in your heart or mind is a good start.

One final thought before I wrap this up.

I recall a time  I woke up to to the salacious smell of   grilling bacon – thanks husband for the tempation.

I nearly threw up. The smell was rank.  He thought I was going all ‘Johnny Drama’ (Entourage) on him but, honestly it made me feel sick to the point I ran out of that kitchen.


Thanks for the the support and new flowers I’ve made and met.

It has been a pleasure.

Pets are for Life

When it comes to deciding to add to our family -most people want  a pet ( earthlings )with out baggage.

The websites I always see about adopting a pet look a bit depressing and not at all eye-catching.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where advertising extends to human and animals lives. The flashier the better.

It is said that we are so fickle but I can’t change this in one post.

I have found the most innovative website to adopt a pet – you have to check it out  THE SHELTER PET PROJECT  

“A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet. Be that person. Adopt.”

The site takes you through a funky modern and fun exploration on anything you need to know about PET ADOPTION- there is no hint of pity. These animals are celebrities, stars. 

You are the privileged one to have a dog or cat with the ‘X factor’come to live in your home. 

It is such an easy site to navigate around and it’s exciting. 

 There is also an Adoption story section with a twist

Check this out   




Charlie Schmidt


Spokane, Washington


Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services


Bento is my best friend. We both have very similar personalities and he’s always motivating me to make art; I’m always drawing and taking pictures of him. He also happens to have incredible musical talent – you might know him as Keyboard Cat! #StartAStoryAdopt



My dad always says I motivate him artistically, but in reality, he is my motivation.



Here is one for our dog lover friends




Katie Sturino


New York, NY


Dog Habitat Rescue


Toast is a total diva – she always does whatever she wants, including sleeping – and snoring at inopportune times (like when I’m on a conference call!). But, she’s an epic snuggler, and so much more. Every day, she does a million little things that make me laugh, and I can’t imagine life without her. #StartAStoryAdopt



My Mom secretly loves napping (and snoring) as much as I do. Speaking of napping, Zzz….

If this doesn’t convince you that shelter pets have the X  factor check out this 30-second clip . To get it. You have to watch it 🙂  just saying

  Here are links to different websites that can help you with different information you may need when you adopt a new child into your family.

All celebrities deserve to be treated with the X FACTOR  star treatment 🙂






(FEATURED IMAGE PHOTO CREDIT Photo by James Evans/Illume Communications)

R is for? Hop to it.


You are going out – it ‘s time to hit the clubs or go to that restaurant everyone has been talking about.

You get to the place and your bestie throws out a comment

“Oh your coat is just Darling!”  You smile with satisfaction


“Oh thank you – it’s faux fur too”  you wriggle out of it. Your bestie goes to touch it.

“It’s so soft too”

You are proud with your faux fur find. One fashionista point for you!  you go girl or boy

We are saturated with the ‘faux fur’ industry..

Time to be upfront and honest.

We all know that the fur trapping industry in like mega. This fur skinning does not stop at  wild animals it extends it’s greedy hand to our loving pets like rabbits, cats and dogs


You are a rabbit.  Just pretend.

Imagine one day you  are playing hide and seek with your fellow rabbits or other animal species .


you get caught in a fur trap.  You are stunned. You may be thinking all that play was a derious workout…


First of all -that has got to hurt just a wee bit.

Animals in Fur  factory farms live most of their lives as free as Marie von trapp in the sound of music  but  in a wired cage.

Maybe they go to that free place in their minds,  but that is about all the travelling they do.

Oh wait,

Shit .. I forgot – there is one more journey these animals (not only including rabbits) need to make.

A few miles south of the fur farm factory is destination ELECTROCUTION

If you feel a warm Westerly breeze you know you are headed for destination  death by NECK BREAKING


Feeling a bit chilly even with all that fur on well ?you can bet you last dime you are probably headed for the gas chambers. Hope you don’t have a fear of closed spaces!


You only wear faux fur I hear you chime ?

There is a high chance that you are being duped/ fooled … a lot of the time faux fur  is advertised as faux fur but actually has some kind of animal fur mixed in with it.

Why? it’s cheaper and less time consuming to make synthetic fur. That is my guess.


There is no excuse to use rabbits and other animals for their fur .

There is no excuse to use rabbits and other animals to experiment on the cosmetic industry either.

No excuse.

To finish. I once had a black rabbit, that I named ‘Blackie’ – I really had to dig deep to find that name.😂😂😂

WARNING: They shit round pellets all the time.

Do your home work.

On all the pets you want.

“Aaaaaw isn’t he/she so cute!” is not a well thought out plan to get a pet.

You take on responsibilities when you get a pet. That is why some parents make a huge deal about their children wanting an animal as a pet.

It’s not cos they are being mean but they need to see some level of responsibility and maturity in a child .


My only pet rabbit got killed because of my laziness and lack of responsibility. We kept him on the verandah as it had a sliding door and his own private spacious home.

It was when I was living with my Nan. I was about 8 years old. Me and my bestie were watching something.

Maybe paint drying on walls or a T.V. programmme.

Nan reminded me too go and feed Blackie. I was not “in the mood”. My bestie decided to help me out and went to feed Blackie.

She came back to sit down and two minutes later I heard a sound of bones being crunched and a forced expulsion of air.

My friend had forgotten to close the sliding door and my Nan’s British bull terrier  ate my rabbit.

I was devastated and I rallied all my friends and all the local kids together in the place  I lived.

They were so compassionate.

One dude dug out a grave and buried him. I read a page from the bible and tears were shed.

He is still buried next to the mulberry tree to this day.

Before you get a small rabbit/pet and have bigger pets think about what could happen if you don’t make sure that your rabbit is safe.

thats all folks

Be happy and eat carrots or some shit. One day until  the weekend😊😊😊😊😊




Geese shake a tail feather

Why the hell are you going on about geese, Daisy?


I admit they strut around thinking they own the whole world. I’ve run away from a few in my time.

They can be ass holes but they were on the brink of extinction not so long back and now they have made such an epic come back . You don’t need to take a gander -they are everywhere – well in Canada 😀

Why the hell don’t they stick  to their designated zone?

One answer: it ends with an Question.

Did you know that little baby gooslings learn how to  migrate from their parents? This is not some inner ethereal instinctive knowing they have while they are cooking in the egg.


Yes, geese can fly.

But because of the whole extinction and save the geese for peace campaign -a lot of geese up north don’t really know how to fly.

TRUTH! I would not tell a lie.

SO, zeee the answer is we have inadvertently provided them with bright city street lights, they have no reason to go anywhere else.

Put your shot gun away!    Trigger happy. ur7tw

I say this  because the short term answer most people have come up with is what is known as  -Goose round ups.

It is not a chance for geese and humans to share a pint or some fancy cocktail and have a bitter of a natter.


  • Geese poop. A lot. Some “enlightened”  folk have got it into their head that they poop so much they deserve to die for it.  -bit  harsh, wouldn’t you say? What about dogs, horses?  Just saying….


  • Around mid-June – July time  Geese in Canada start to moult. No feathers equal no flying. 

  • This being the perfect time to organise a goose round up is when a goose is at it’s most vulnerable. We humans are a courageous and just bunch aren’t we ? 

Okay so it’s not a social event and they loose out on a drink or too.

What is the worst that can happen.. Well, let me see ….. mmmh… now





They learn the goose step  march very quickly and get put into crates -packed to capacity. No first class or business class on this journey.

They are a protested ( going to keep that spell check error)   and protected species so they can”t be sold. Instead they are given to food banks.

How charitable! how noble is this killing?

helping others.

The reason they got killed  was because they poop and possibly because they do have wings and some trained wild geese do fly but to fuck us off do this instead.



Justify this rationally and humanely please?

The other geese are put in a gas chamber and killed slowly and then dumped into trash bags.

oh, how civilised! – some evil fuckers ship babies and let them loose in the wild in a strange country to fend for themselves.


Daisy it works- what else can we do? shit happens right?

Indeed, it does but we can do shit- humanely. Rounding up geese is a short term plan. It doesn’t really require expanded thinking. If these humans actually struck a light in that vast empty mind of theirs ,they would see , in a few months more geese moving in to take the place of the other slaughtered Geese. No goose stepping but a Harlem shuffle –



Don’t think he quite grasped the whole goose step to your death thing.


Now –let us step out of the box for a mojo.

What is needed is long term planning.  check out Geese Peace

“an organization dedicated to building better communities through innovative, effective, and humane solutions to wildlife conflicts, has developed an effective template that communities can adopt”


Three key ways to solve your geese problems

  • Get you addle hat on. -Just put it on. I am going to explain

Humanely take eggs from a geese posse or treat it with corn oil. This is far more humane.


Because – it frees Geese from having to take their little flightless birds with them and it  encourages them to move to another part of the world to do  their geese thing. Whatever it is that geese do  to pass the time on our planet

Before you start an egg-addling program, hatch an overall plan to keep the peace with geese 

Part of this plan is

  1. get trained

  2. get permission

  3. get registered 

Or you could scare them off. Please take note some ways are better than others

  • Get a bunch of good doggie gangsters to kindly move them on their way. You lose humanity points if you allow the dogs to hurt a goose. They need to be trained.



  • Please put your empathy or sympathy cap on if you see that a new  family have just hatched into the world. Give them a bit of time to get used to their environment so they can get skilled up and move on

  • You can go all matrix style and get state of the art goose laser scaring things to scare them off. 

  • Chemical repellent works – make sure it is not toxic

  • One of the best ones is getting a recording of a goose who sounds like he is in the shit and playing that. Geese will go and defend him or just  scare the shit out of them.

  • Get your gun and aim for the sky. Make sure their are no birds flying about first and fire – do not hurt any geese or other animals – this is a noise scare tactic. Not a slaughtering.   

Got to leave you with this song. You may connect it with the post or not. I think the geese may like this song if you act more humanely and they may even start to dance but you won’t get to see that bit.