I identify myself as a humanitarian

am chatty and love socialising. I don’t mind learning from people or saying I don’t understand something

I write to recover and keep sane

I’m a still waters run deepperson

I have mental health issues and I have epic days and shit days.


If I could choose to live in any decade, I would live in the 20s in, Paris. I love jazz, I love the bohemian artsy fartsy-ness of that time, the politics, and the Arts movement that brought so many creative, eccentric and bloody brilliant minds together.

I hate war.

I love the culture that grew from such an inauspicious time.

Yes, I love the decadence- ignorance is bliss for a brief moment.

I love the lingo, the dancing, the style, I love all of it.


I have always loved Rap/hip hop. I had to know every word of Snoop Dogs lyrics on his self titled debut album. He promoted himself into a brand with a sexist manner however I love his smooth, humorous and effortless way of rapping that doesn’t come across like he wants to start a war.

It was about the Fedora hats and Pimps – it wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously but everyone has their own interpretation of the music and the culture that grows from a genre of music.

I wish I had been around when disco and hip-hop a emerged in the late 1970’s and 80’s. I love Grandmaster Flash, Mr. Hollywood et al.

I’d love to travel back in time to live in the late 70s chicago Music scene- the birth of house music.

I appreciate how important music and the Arts is in forming a culture and how it can divide and bring people and communities together.

I’ve been a rave bunny,a mosher , a skater girl.

I love most genres of music.

I love writing.

I love poetry.

I was a part of the E generation of the nineties. Alcohol wasn’t a popular drug to get high on and I saw a lot less fighting and a lot of different sub -cultures come together and accept each other for their differences.

I love Charles Bukowski and Sylvia Plath though I didn’t think her novel ‘ the Bell jar’ was remarkable),I do love her poetry.


I get to write, to connect with like minded folk. Create without judgement. I live in a teeny tiny town in tge U.K and unfortunately I’ve experienced many people “on” the creative scene biased, governed by gossip, dismissive & unsupportive.

I love people who are open minded and not clique.

I ‘ve made some awesome connections through blogging and doing music interviews. I feel more valued on here than in my social life.

I feeel free to express myself in any way I wish and be acknowledged with all my flaws.

This blog and the people who support me have seen me through some crazy and turbulent times.

I’m thankful to have a voice on here and feel heard.

I’m passionate about justice and themes such as homelessness,Mental health issues, and fighting against inequality in the world.

I give my time and money to projects I identify with in my current home town and further afield.