1. I’m a hermit

  2. I have many labels

  3. I am unpredictable

  4. I’m not easy. I’m  a wildflower

  5. I write & create to recover

  6. My daughter is an old soul

  7. I’m one of those ‘still waters run deep’ people

  8. I have mental health issues and I have epic days and shit days.

If I could choose to live in any decade

I do feel drawn to the twenties. I love jazz, I love the bohemian artsy fartsy-ness of that time, politics, and art movement that brought so many creative and eccentric and bloody brilliant minds together. I hate war but I love the culture that grew from such an inauspicious time.

Yes, I love the decadence- ignorance is bliss -for a brief moment. I love the lingo, the dancing, the style, I love all of it. The struggles during the war which is a stark contrast to the early ’20s.

I also have always loved rap/hip hop. I had to know every word of Snoop Dogs lyrics. I do think he promoted his brand in a  sexist manner but I love his smooth, humorous and effortless way of rapping that doesn’t come across like he wants to start a war. It was about the Fedora hats and Pimps – it wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously but everyone has their own interpretation of the music and the culture that grows from a genre of music.

 I do wish I had been around when disco and hip-hop emerged in the late 1970s and ’80s. I  love Grandmaster Flash, Mr Hollywood etc..

 I appreciate how important music is in forming a culture and how it can divide and bring people and communities together.

 I was a rave bunny, a mosher, a skater girl, a raggamuffin.

I love all music.

I love writing.

I love poetry.

I was a part of the E  generation of the nineties. Alcohol wasn’t a popular drug to get high on and I saw a lot less fighting and a lot of different subcultures come together and accept each other for their differences.

Poets I  dig:

Charles Bukowski and Sylvia Plath, Patty Smith  -(didn’t think much of her novel ‘Bell jar’ ) I do love her poetry.

My website & blog rocks because it helps express myself

I get to write and people read my posts and get me! What more can I ask for?

I‘ve made many connections through blogging – It is a great way for me to express myself in any way I wish.  This blog and the people who support me have seen me through some crazy and turbulent times.

I write about themes such as homelessness mental health issues, inequality, politics, music, philosophy, symbolism, relationships.

These are my words..