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What is this G.O.A.T.?



G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime

Self-defined ,

Marches to their Beat

Number one, Doesn’t need to compete with others,




Understands the true meaning of wealth is not about cake 😉


One of the Highly intellIigent animals that lives in rocky mountains. These creatures actually seem to be smarter than the average human being, however they don’t have all the technology because of a lack opposable thumbs


We admire goats. Goats are smart, can climb trees, they are cute.

  1.  FACT: Wild goats will climb a mountain or a tree to satisfy their cravings for minerals.    I  will go out on a limb to satisfy my cravings. Self-expression and creativity is a constant craving

  2. FACT-: Sheep have been reported  to have suicidal tendencies

  3. FACT 3: Certain breeds of goats have been known to suffer from severe panic attacks until they faint


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