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FEATURE: the Elusive jungle classist, jazz – Marc OFX

*I did ask Marc OFX to share a few experiences of how having a creative outlet has hindered or helped him with his mental health -good and bad. I do respect that mental health is personal to an individual and not everyone feels okay to put their entire experiences on a blog to people. .We must respect that. We can still enjoy the music. Music is therapy. Being creative is therapy.

You are so nice to want to do an interview withme , I am honoured. Unfortunely I don’t speak very good english so I hope I coud express myslef clearly.

That was the moment I found my bad french kicking in to persuade him to talk about his music and open up about his personal experiences – one being mental health.

Mark OFX wondered how I found him and I told him Soundcloud and this song captured my interest because when I see Drum and Bass as a genre choice I am not always in that DOOF  DOOF mood. I decided to take a risk and to my pleasure and delight, it wasn’t heavy. His music has a certain finesse to it.


Mark OFX is inspired by classical performers such as Eric Satie to classical music including, Ravel.I managed (with a bit of help) to find his background in his own words in English

over to Marc OFX

I found Marc OFX incredibly hard to track down. Until I found this gem with his bio and the sound system culture he has been a part of

I started folk and electric guitar at the age of 16. I quickly got a 4 cassette tracks, rhythm boxes, my first synths and then I started my first compositions and models.In 1997 I took classes at the CIM school of Jazz in Paris where I was taught harmony, music theory, the practice of jazz guitar, the history of jazz.

In 2000 I get an Akai S2000 sampler and I sampled everything and composed with a computer and Cubase 1.I participate in the collective of Aulnay-sous-bois (93) Mo’Bass which is oriented Drum & Bass. Several maxi are released under this label and quite a lot of underground parties. I also participate in the folk guitar to the album entitled PNY by Pascal Nyiri, singer and flutist.

I play guitar parts that are sampled for the production of the Insomniak rapper CD.I created several Trip-Hop and Drum & Bass projects, some of which were released on Good Citizen Factory, Sleepy Bass recordings, DNBB recordings, Good News Boppers, Strictly Nu Skool, Team 174 and other free labels in collaboration with Lady EMZ, , And Alice Joly.

I also worked three years with the singer Kats Bartok, we made an album and a few EPs.
From 2015 to 2016 I joined the group Marty Brown(Funk Soul Jazz Hip Hop) whose EP was released in auto-prod August 1, 2011

To take part and to support the sound system culture of amplified bass music.


Since 2011 their vision to has flourished with many producers from different genres of music who can work behind the scenes by connecting and experimenting with different genres of music by blending them.

And this is another project with my Nanterre friend Nayjam Bensonim who is a guitarist and sound engineering.

This is a project/ collaboration that Marc recently did (jungle producer) Eschaton – who is the director of the Omni, music label.

Marc created the tunes and sent them over as separate tracks to Esachaton who worked in the drums to the tune. This demonstrates the intricate process of producing music as an ensemble.

My lack of ego and honesty and desire to understand how the different experiences Marc has had in his life wasn’t going to put me off because I believe that there are so many talented (and isolated people who don’t tap into their creativity )because unlike Marc who is a part many labels and artists called Mareee Bass (1901) who have one simple ethos.

To take part and to support the sound system culture of amplified bass music. C’est tout.

Since 2011 their vision to has flourished with many producers from different genres of music who can work behind the scenes by connecting and experimenting with different genres of music by blending them.

(personally)I am not a heavy drum and bass junglist fan, top that point where my heart is pounding until I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack.

So I really found the track I discovered of Marc OFX’s (1st song ) with every other platform I discovered that they often cross over genres such as hip hop and Dubstep.


the Maree Bass family including the artists and producers love to create sounds with no limits, abstract hip hop beats mixed with house or IDM music even. These genres often cross over.

the founders who take part in this sound house culture have created this image of a force of creative individuals working in a relatively unique setup where they are able to contribute their own ideas yet come across as one family.


Numerous projects have grown from members of this organisation

Bar concerts, They have developed a 24c hour-seven web radio, they have achieved in working on many EP compilations -they have worked together to make blogs and websites.

The most remarkable result of this collective of french artists putting in so much effort to creates new sounds and projects have allowed them to become close and believe that they can achieve s much together. Personally, I believe this can help instil positive mental health  by having like-minded people to be able to share their personal life/

Marée BASS have been able to provide and source the best acoustics these artists need with the best instruments the public -the fans always interested in what they will come up with.

ARTISTS – Marc OFX is one of the many artists of this incredible collection of creatives

His music is incredibly diverse and amplify their mind to different ways of projecting music .


I am not a heavy drum and bass junglist fan where my heart is pounding until I feel like I; going to have a heart attack. So I really found Marc OFX’s (1st song 0 a perfect blend of bass, jazz, ambience, classical, dubstep and with every other platform I discovered that they often cross over genres such as hip hop and Dubstep.

the Maree Bass family including the artists and producers love to create sounds with no limits abstract hip hop beats mixed with house or IDM music even. These genres often cross over. 



Mrs Thought bubble

This is a surreal piece  I wrote during a surreal time.

It’s about the cruelty of life and how the elderly are treated in Britain. It was inspired by the time I spent with my grandmother in her care home when she had Dementia and Alzheimers.

It’s a stream of consciousness  Short Borderline script.


 MRS BRUISED:  “I’m tired”

                                 “I’m tired”

 CARD SHUFFLER: (throws his voice from a table on the left)

                                      “I’m tired too.”

MRS BRUISED:          (sits upright)

                                         “I’m tired”

CARD SHUFFLER:     “Aye? Go to sleep then.”

 (The room fans out into a full house of insidious laughter)

MISS CARDIGAN:   excuse me, Dear, can you tell me where the toilets  

                                    I’ve only just  popped by/

THE WEED: ( Looks around for a sign indicating the Mangers office)

                                         Of course, just follow me.

(THE WEED walks back from the toilets  and goes to crouch down to hold MRS THOUGHT BUBBLES  hand).

THE WEED:             She’s pissed herself. Can someone change her?

THE ROSE:             No, she hasn’t.

GINGER:                (enters) Here you go. Open your mouth?

(GINGER shovels a hefty spoonful of what looks like boiled bagged food) 

THE WEED: (aside) Lost in thought……The smell of piss can’t be worse than death’s kiss…

GINGER:               Here- wah-la!  open your mouth.

  Mrs Thought Bubble’s inner thoughts


THE WEED:           Tu es Pleine?

(aside)                 Like an old coffin opening for the first time in a          century;


THE ROSE:               You   are thirsty today.

( Comes back from the kitchen with another full beaker of  red diluted kids juice)

                                     So so thirsty.

THE WEED: (aside) Three empty beakers all lined up in a row – My eyes rest and are ready to aim – trigger happy and ready to blow.


                               She has pissed herself, look!

THE ROSE:          Oh you have made a pee-pee Mamie- a pee-pee!



(chorus) A Nod. A skeleton- face grins

Bright light beams from  Mrs Thought Bubbles eyes.

An Image.

A carved pumpkin with a toothy grin.

Burning away in a dark room within.

More strained laughter churns out lactic acid.

MRS BRUISED : (on a loop)

                              Oh, I am tired. 

BRUNETTE:      Fiddler!  Stop putting your hands down your pants.

THE WEED:     Maybe that is the only way she gets to feel something.

(Legs splayed-  FIDDLER’S fingers explores her vagina hungrily)

MRS BRUISED:       I’m tired.

CARD SHUFFLER:  Yeah me too! Shut up.

(Eyes veer to the table on the left).


THE WEED:  Dying flowers  in a glass vase.

                   If I had to throw it would reality become what I once knew it to be?

Jeer me on why don’t you? 

Throw the fucking vase.

Throw it!

How long have those silver wrapped chocolates been  stood there. This is not some fancy New York hotel. 

If they are going to start leaving chocolates make sure you get Hershey’s kisses.

Brown as the shit under neath Mrs Thought bubble’s  nails.


THE WEED:  She has pissed herself!

GINGER:      I will go get dessert.

THE WEED: (aside) Does it come in different sex positions? 

                                     Sweet Silence.

                                  One of the toughest spells to break.

                                  No one dares look at the other.

                                Carers go  a drift.

                                Congregate to conflate into  gossip office politics.

THE ROSE:            Go and tell them to change her.

(THE WEED creeps along the  floor until it has found the right door).

THE WEED:               Can someone change Mrs Thought bubble!  She is in her own piss.

MRS HEGEMONY:  Wheres nondescript and the other one too?

Great big sighs. A room full of eyes wondering if the pay they get is worth the time.

The time finally has a stroke and then another and another.

The hoist in all its bluesy hues comes for Mrs Thought-bubble.


GINGER:               I’m sorry I got called into the office.

THE WEED:       Look it’s not you. Its just… I am sitting watching Mrs                                           Thought bubble over here, shout out….  and                                                            “she is wading in her own  piss!

THE ROSE:           Let’s go outside

THE ROSE: ( turns to BRUNETTE)

                             Can we take her outside?

BRUNETTE: ( a voice rolls out  like a plush  red carpet)

                         Of course.

 ( BRUNETTE rolls out the wheelchair –)

CHORUS: She hasn’t been outside in over a year.

                    She shouts and protests.

                   Vintage sunglasses are placed on her  to  help process her eyes.


(More shouts and protests).

MAINTENANCE:  Do you want me to take a picture?

(THE WEED and THE ROSE in unison) Oh yes please.

(Chorus) CLICK !


                     Mature cheddar smiles captured against the vines.

THE WEED:  I love you Mrs Thought-bubble.

(Muffled sounds.)

                         I’ll settle for that as an good enough au revoir.

                         Four doors.

                          Four Windows.

                          Four wheels.

                         Taxi takes us very fucking far away from here, please.

THE WEED: (to THE ROSE)     Did you notice that nobody came to clean the chair?

THE ROSE:      Don’t tell me this.

                       Every night I cry myself to sleep 

                          If we move her again she will die.                           

                         Please let her die.



                             It is beyond my understanding.

Petals start to turn inwards – it’s a crying shame to see rose a  start to wilt.

RED CAP:       There was a sticker attached saying ‘TO CLEAN’

THE WEED:    Oh.

                        I’m sorry.

                         I love you, Rose.

                         I can’t imagine what you are going through.

THE ROSE: (Wilts that tiny bit more)

                         She doesn’t even know who I am anymore.

THE WEED:   I know who you are.

                         You know who I  am.

THE WEED: (aside)

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining- water will always ignore the air around it. If it wants to pour so it shall.

Tears pour.

Tears break.

 The weed reaches and creeps until it has a secure grip  around The Roses stem.

Hands entwined.

The Weed .

The Rose.

Both look out their own private window.

                            Bee would have loved to see that cow…..

THE ROSE:     ( watered and ready to pose)

                         So tomorrow is a busy day. We have to sort out the cake

THE WEED:   The cake?

THE ROSE:       …the wedding cake?   And We need to find Mr Thought bubble an outfit  for the wedding.

THE WEED:    Is she actually allowed to come?

THE ROSE:        Madam  Hegemony, says it is fine.

THE WEED:    (flat)Oh, Cool. I wonder did we tell the cake makers that we changed the theme from sunflowers to yellow roses?

THE ROSE:     Yes! We are just having yellow icing on normal    flowers..

 THE WEED:     Oh… like the colour on our invitations? 


THE ROSE:      See you tomorrow.

THE WEED: Mint, Yes.. tomorrow… (as an after thought)

THE ROSE:   10:30, Don’t be late.  We are getting threaded first.

                        Have you got the Bee’s shoes?

THE WEED:  Yes Mam.

THE ROSE:    I swear if you had loads of money in this town you still                                           wouldn’t be able to spend it.

                        It’s all bullshit


                    And so the earth continues to travel around the sun.

                    The sun goes down.

                  The moon is full-faced and all fluttering eyelashes.

                  And  I still have a long face.

                 Nothing but everything changes.



Horses don’t talk.

Neither do flowers

Horse manure.


Jut another day in ‘I wonder what the fuck  next land?

Just an average day in an average Care home.


Image Francecsa Woodman 



Daisy -the Dissident

The song I’m sharing today is by New Zealand’s very own Bjork-Kimbra. & a blogging associate turned me on to her.

This is  #goatbahs for today because it makes my heart soar & I feel a great adrenaline kick from it.


Mother Nature does discriminate.  Why?

Yesterday, I found out a badger is loose in our garden. I think it’s looking for a place to nest. I decided to google ‘how to get rid of a badger’. The number one solution is:

Human male urine.

Yes, or a hot Scottish bonnet or 8th on the list is Lion’s wee. Even if I was still living in South Africa that would be hard to get.

Mother Nature!

What do single woman/parents do if they are being “urbanised” by a pregnant badger?

Just a thought.


My passion has always been for causes that fight oppression in its many guises. Poverty, discrimination from Mental Health to Homelessness & inequality, clique groups, media censorship.

This is a  huge problem globally,  including places like  Nigeria. It’s devastating to know what is happening in Nigeria. Check the United Nations website out.


If we want to be seen as cultured or considered cultured, we should strive to educate ourselves. This is what I try to do for myself.

 We are so quick to judge people by what country they come from.

There are a lot of folks who I’ve realised do scam you ( if you let them). We all need an income, right?

It’s about ethics, inherent morals we are born with and choosing who you decide to associate with.

This is why I am honoured to  call myself

Daisy-the Dissident Goat.

My vision

  • Connect (with people)

  • Create ( with people or on your own)

  • Collaborate

  • Communicate

Check out What is with the whole GOAT thing?  for more information.


It’s a learning process. We learn & re-learn every day in our lives.

I’ve experienced (and still do experience) prejudice & stigma.

I was mentally and physically in a terrible place for 2 years.

And  (now) I’m “woke”.

I almost lost myself, my family and self-respect to   scum of society. I allowed myself to be taken for a ride by people who disgust me. Drug dealers

Losers with a driver’s licences/bullies & I’ve told them what I think. I’ve also told them I’m not afraid of them either.

Make of that what you will.

Love is a two-way street…

So is business.

I have realised by using my wellness recovery tools that self-medicating and making plans to end my life was because I felt so little worth about myself & I thought people ( even wannabe kingpin drug dealers have feelings) had the same integrity & values that I do.

Or, at the very least if a person compromises their values then tries to consolidate the problem.

I’m back in place where I see my worth again. I see where my energy, time & money is better used.

I’m not a girl for NA  or that kind of set up. I  have my family, friends & support around me.

I’m going to get back into volunteering again.

I’m grateful for Hope Street Calderdale recovery college for seeing the potential in me & giving me the chance to do my own 12-week WRAP  (2015)& then fund for a 5-day course to co-facilitate WRAP  (promo video link)  to give other people as many different tools to navigate and deal with life ups & downs (so to speak).

I still intend to use my skills when I’m well and unwell to helping other people.

I’ve bonded more with my daughter properly for the first time. I feel focused again. I feel happy when I’m not making myself ill.

I already have diagnosed ‘illnesses-Chronic Anorexia & Bipolar.’ I  have the responsibility to make sure I don’t fall back & do serious damage to myself (in the future) that I cannot undo.

I’m never going to be perfect & that is where I always go wrong. I aim for perfection when there is no such thing.

Even Mother Nature is flawed in all her complexity & beauty.



If you’ve read this far…

Thank you for indulging me.