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Baco Rhythm and Steel

I seem to be drawn to the chilled out vibes in music this week. The cha cha cha chang  (?) of this song is soulful, laced with moments of winding funk beats which lend it a cool, fleshed out tune. Sometimes, I enjoy listening to a bit of instrumental hiphop/triphop/ soul /funk. Instrumental music is cool to chill out to.

The saxophone gives the A-side a G-funk delight.

Is that even a music term?

I guess it is now.  😀

This is the first song I’ve heard of the BACO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND.

So it’s great they’ve got a B-side to sample.

On the B side, they have done a rework of Mobb Deep’s hit with the same name. In fact, the B-side has gone straight into my playlist. I adore sounds that immerse cultures and flaunt a multitude of sounds. This has a real Bhangra, anime, Bolly wood espionage feel. It’s playful and seriously cool. Bangerz delight.

For those of you who want to hear Mobb Deep’s ordinal song ‘Burn’ – yeah, they’ve done the song justice. It’s sweet!

Finally, to round up this post, if I may… I wish to impart and depart (lol)with a few words

.I always want to be successful in whatever I’m doing just like everyone else. I want to get it right. I want to see my “5-year GOAL/PLAN” results from the day I have an idea to do something different with my blog or with my Life.

It is cool to not have everything figured from the initial conception. Be cool with that and enjoy the process.

Every day is not going to be a day where we feel we have hit our creative goals.

Great or small.

Sometimes it’s cool to break down a big dream in to smaller chunks. Count all your achievements -great and small

Hit play!

Have a great day!

Gnoosic with Gnod

Who else has heard of this search engine database for music you have yet to discover?  the MUSIC MAP it generates is the GOAT.

I’ve been using Gnoosic for about 2 years (ish)

GNOD (The Global Network Of Discovery).It is an ongoing project developed by Marek Gibney, based in Germany.

if you are looking to find new music and artists to listen to or learn about this database is where you need to be.

Gnoosic is able to produce a personalised Music map of artists or music you may like based on your search results

Here’s how easy it is to use  GNOOSIC

Type in up to three bands/names

I typed in two that the database knows & one that it didn’t know. I wonder if we can use it to introduce other users to new music artists and genres?

Based on my 3 choices it aks if its predictions are correct. You have the option of choosing you don’t know.


The other part of Gnod is MUSIC MAP.


It’s great for finding new artists similar to who you type in the database. What I love about this system is that it is a community project.

If the artist you want doesn’t come up you can ask to add it to the database. You can also verify other users artists uploaded.

There is a link to submit artists who aren’t on the map too. And if you are of the pedantic type you can fix typos too 😉

Gnoosic and the Music-Map are the music parts of Gnod. Together, they are visited by over 200000 music fans per month and provide them with millions of music recommendations.

I chose to look up Orsten orsten.html

I’m impressed by the results closest /similar in style to Orsten Moderator, Nym, Boogie Belgique, Moderator are artists I already follow. I’m tempted to check out Madwreck.

It also brought up a bunch of bands/artists (not so similar) but who I enjoy too. A few examples are

  1. L’orange

  2. Cut Chemist

  3. Degiheugi

  4. Hugo Kant

If you pick an artist/band on the map it automatically regroups names to the most similar. It’s dynamic.

It would be great to be able to put in biographies too but I find a quick place to find new music to listen to, write to, write about or to submit yourself as an artist -its a great project.

The big test is to find a new artist & song that I love that will feature on this blog. I’m sure it will!

Simple to use.

Great for finding new music and artists & bands. its also great for understanding what music genres or (sub-genres) appeal to you & for helping people who want to write about music use this as a resource to research genres, news…

It’s fucking useful. Trust me.

Most of my memories are tangled up in music

A lot of inner emotional conflict arise from that music.

Even when I listened to these songs alone, on a tape recorder ..they affected me on a level where I didn’t know what to do with my essence, my spitirt, my soul.

Rave music takes over.

It has its place.

My first memory of music( no associations intended)

5 years old -a car – Johannesbueg -Step fathers car. bored. A cassette appears.

Album cover :(let’s give it a whirl /wind over/winde over)


Guitar -fliuck of the hair ( no girly cries cos I was 5 years old….)

Why did this song impress itself on my scattered/episodic memories ?

My step father was a rebel/bastard/pheadophile/cheat/wifebeater/ worked t Pizza Hut


Mom woke up to the fact I could see her broken noses and my blood stained underwear…



No sound -only after that…

8 years old

Intro riffs couldn’t compare both of Waynes world soundtrack songs. 10 years old.

Mom’s bedroom.

I noticed every part of me stop& listen to my Mom’s music….

Mom listens to :DEEP PURPLE-okaaay I’ll give it a whirl)

(10 years old thoughts) Who is this person who calls herself my mother? (Riffs, rock?) can I smoke a “10 year old’ cig, sure, no? Waaaah?).

(Whatever. Another memory I hit play on the cassette player as I free silk worm / catapillers, I walk around and find my swing (I’m the…

How I swung to the best of ……

until…. I moved back to my Nan & black out

My Nan was a huge fan of Pavarotti -this part haunts every Sunday’s woken moments

I can’t write any more BECAUSE IT HURTS – NO – IT MAKES ME FEEL EMOTIONs I can’t identify and reconcile with…..

This is when words and scrawlings in black markers took over my 12 year old bed room walls & the Annie Lennox ‘s Medusa album became mom’s obsession & an album that haunted me through my teens