My confessions being a crazy pycho b*tch*

“if she is willing to screw you, like you or date you -He can’t handle the truth and question’s why- so is She crazy or is He just being a dickhead for calling her crazy ( for seeing something in him -he is obviously having a hard time coming to terms with ? DAISY WILLOWSContinue reading “My confessions being a crazy pycho b*tch*”

My confessions on a secret

Shhhhh… Can you keep a secret? ‘If I told you I care, I still do. A person can only be told ‘to go away’ so many times before they must act on a person’s wishes. It is called respect. It doesn’t mean that person doesn’t care or has changed their mind. It does mean thatContinue reading “My confessions on a secret”

Ginger nuts parasite

This was the first piece of fictional writing I ever wrote. It was also graded and then I had to adapt it into a different genre.  ‘Miss Sainte!’ the travel consultant’s hands twitch like a bees feelers, ‘let me get your tickets for London.’ and she is off. I’ve always found it amusing how peopleContinue reading “Ginger nuts parasite”

It takes one

MINI DAISY LIFE UPDATE Well, more like a teeny show and tell. First, a picture/quote, if I may?     ‘Not only do they still colour ,I know your Mama said no playing with Fire; but melted crayons- create wax. Wax and vinyl  a bit of funk and soul- create music. Music brings hearts together.Continue reading “It takes one”

In all honesty.

Don’t mix your dish clothes with your serviettes Ever heard of that one? My Gran drummed that into all of us as much as she could. She was born with money but lived the life of Cinderella because she was pretty and Grand  Mamam remarried and acquired two not so pretty daughters. She fell pregnantContinue reading “In all honesty.”

Dementia -merely human.

“I think that the only reason people hold onto memories so tight for so long is because memories are the only things that don’t change, even when people change..”   Unknown This is a post that I  have wanted to write  for some time but my heart is still raw with pain. I’m comfortably numb asContinue reading “Dementia -merely human.”

Be careful what you wish for.

Days go by and merge into one long never-ending Groundhog day at times. Well, it does for me -every now and then. I create excitement in my life by signing up to do things that I think are going to get me out of the slump. Give my life a wardrobe of scenery changes andContinue reading “Be careful what you wish for.”

Family matters

MESSAGE: Never forget the safe haven your family members created – no matter how flimsy. They were doing what they could with the best resources they had . Always try and keep a a small space reserved in your heart for wiser times in your life and you will find peace and happiness.

Soul mates

I find it hard not to expect the same from people. Like what?  The same commitment, friendship, ways of approaching issues, thinking styles, letting go. I do find it hard to let go and that is when I am at my unhappiest. That is when I become obsessed with having my expectations met. These people are not aware of these expectations andContinue reading “Soul mates”

Self medicate

When it comes to looking after my own mental health; the one thing I have found hard to control is self-medicating. You know -a few drinks mixed with some hardcore benzodiazepine and possibly a smoke of weed -all night and into the morning: is probably not going to do me and my mind and bodyContinue reading “Self medicate”