Spindrift Nouveau depart

A true union of hearts was joined one summer in late June. The birds chirruped, the sun shone – the two became one -reflected for all to see by La Luna- the moon Air and Water – shouldn’t cross paths. These two elements casually ignore each other in nature’s form-its innate core. He of AirContinue reading “Spindrift Nouveau depart”

Naive sex worker

*Stream of consciousness writing helped conjure  this  character  that I developed for the short story*   Take me to a place where being penniless is the land of the free. Pennies should only be sought after a valued thought. Lift my skirt higher? Do you really think I can get that low? I’m too shyContinue reading “Naive sex worker”

The Rage

Rage incensed unfurled by the scent of the Unsaged. The Wisest fool, I know. Marked with your own hands let your vapid swimming champion attempt to have a  go Let you paw my naked flesh blue rinse. Touch me up and make me think I wanted you for sex. I don’t give a fuck! GetContinue reading “The Rage”