I write to recover. From what?

Panic attacks, self-harm, feelings, starving myself, eating, being a mom who feels guilty about making so many boo-boos ( big ones).


This blog became a storage place for all my passions.

 I found by giving my time to learning new skills and committing myself to build a community within my blog and outside it, I learned new skills, became confident to try out new techniques and write about different content.


 I started coming up with ideas for writing by choosing a motivational quote and expanding on why I chose the quote & what it meant to me.  This led me to ask other bloggers to submit a quote & I was able to find more bloggers to connect with.





In the early blogging days, I dedicated many hours to this blog & I did daily shout outs & accepted blog awards.

 I’m a person who needed to find alternative coping mechanisms to live. Like most people, I’ve had traumatic experiences. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. Some of my posts relating to my journey can be found here:


This blog started me on a journey when I was fighting the justice system to get my daughter back in my care.

I went on to do my B.A. and a postgraduate degree in the Humanities -majoring in myth in the Greek & Roman worlds & Creative writing ( stage plays and fiction genres) came naturally to me.


After another 7 month stint in an eating disorder clinic (2007). I was reintegrated into my community & I needed to occupy my mind and fill my time. I enrolled in a college foundation degree in Acting performance. It was a challenge for me.

I was ill, afraid to talk to people but I stuck it out. When I was going through fighting social services for my 12-week old daughter. I found the strength to fight back.




I am passionate about animals


I found it easier to write free flow and stream of consciousness. It was the best way to get anything down.

When I decided to experiment with Stream of Consciousness writing eventually  I expanded on my writing, started to revise some of my works & I started writing different content   EXPERIMENTAL POETRY 

I call it Borderline or In -yer -face poetry

My definition of borderline poetry

‘ poetry that is blatant, honest, provocative ,emotional and not pretty or fancy or written to hide reality. ‘


 I started going to  Spoken word open mic nights  & started expressing myself in different mediums.


 My love of music & writing has led me to teach myself how to write music song /genre reviews. I’ve interviewed a few musicians too.

I’m the Black sheep in my Dad’s family. I decided to claim a new archetype to empower me. Goats are smart and there is the acronym





More about the GOAT Music obsession

More about GOAT Features

Music & more Music


My blog helps me prepare workshops to deliver & co-produce sessions with mental health charities.

I use this blog for creating positive mental health awareness/wellbeing and anti-stigma projects.


I am a trained co-facilitator for WRAP -Wellness Recovery Action Plan. by Elen Copeland.


This is a place where I found acceptance by speaking from my heart. I found folk who had never met, commenting &encouraging me to keep writing.

I became unwell again. That happens in life.

I’ve used this blog as a self-help technique to deal with major life traumas like my gran dying from dementia and my aunt a year later from cancer.

I’ve used this blog to try and communicate unreciprocated feelings to my father & rant about why he won’t love me.

Self-expression is necessary for mental wellbeing.




I enjoy connecting with folks, creating content by myself or with others. I enjoy sharing information. I like to see myself as someone who is creative


 I figured if I start writing about my thoughts and experiences – regularly, I may stop over analyzing and over criticizing myself.

I have made a few friends and gained some new perspective and interests.


I write for myself first and foremost & then if I find it helps others that is a bonus.



195 thoughts on “About

  1. What a pretty name it matches the pretty blog theme….You write like me I always say my fingers are an extension of my mouth..lol….Yesterday I was comlimented on my blog but they said I ramble…..I think they are correct but if I didn’t I think it wouldn’t flow…The words that is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha Ha, how wonderful. I think it’s great to be able to find a distinct voice from a blogger or writer. I’ve always said I write and blog for myself. The community on WordPress and all that comes with it is a bonus. People will always be critical. It doesn’t make them right 😉

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  2. Daisy I follow you but don’t often catch you in my reader so it was great to see you being social saturday. I love that you turn your face to the sun and blossom. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Hi Daisy, my apologies for the absence! This year got off to a real slow mojo start blog wise. However, I’m kicking off by catching up on stuff I’ve put off way too long. To wit I’m doing a monthly shout out to bloggers I think are awesome. Initially, I’m working through an award backlog to clear those up. The first one is here


    I have taken a similar view to you in that nominations are more about saying go see this blogger, they are brilliant friends on mine. I’ve shouted your blog out on this one. Hope you don’t mind 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Gary, no need to apologize to me 🙂 – Life gets so busy. I’m glad you are finding the time to enjoy blogging -sometimes I like to take a break from it if I feel it has become a chore. Thank you so much for the blog nominations. I appreciate the shout out. Are you still doing the kindness challenge? I hope to get to doing these ASAP hope you are well ?

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        1. ‘Tis only polite to apologise. Your blog is never far from my mind and has a slot on my favourite bloggers list in my reader 😊
          I sometimes find life and projects get overwhelming and I pause blogging to prevent it becoming additional stress and thus making it chore like. I just need to thin out some writing stuff and free up time again. Nominating you was high up my list too.
          I’m still intending to do the kindness challenge yes 😊 All good hear apart from writing pressures and figuring out a publishing route…anxiety bomb that 😳

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you 😊 Had a very sluggish start to the year here. Needed a mojo reboot! I believe you will understand what I mean by that 🙃


  4. Hi Daisy,
    Summer recommended that I check out your blog — and as ever, her suggestions are sound.
    I just wanted to say that I love your openness, fearlessness, and style. 🙂
    Inspiring stuff [!]

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you, Daisy… you’re very kind. 🙂
        Haha well Summer is also known as “Professor Lovely” on my blog: she was there for me at my lowest, and I’ll never forget it. 🙂
        I’ll look forward to reading more posts from you. Keep ’em coming [!]


        1. she totally is. That girl is a superstar and she doesn’t know it. I’m hoping (wanting/trying to make it happen) meet up with this year! She is roping me into some walk somewhere in the U.K.- or it could be a RED run – don’t do running- it may spill the champers 😉 ha ha

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha well I’m trying my best to let her know how fabulous she is… oh, I’m sure you’ll have a great time when you meet up; haha if it WAS a RED run, the best thing would be to have the champers ready at the finish line. You need incentive. 😉


  5. Thanks for the follow at my place, Daisy! I know we’ve liked each other’s posts for awhile now, and I welcome you to visit any time! Hope the week has been going good for you! 🙂 xo ❤ Hearts & Hugs

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      1. Aw sorry! I’m like a running tap at the moment; crying all the time. You set me off but it’s good!! Thank you for always sharing. I’m extremely sensitive & emotional and I love that you wear your heart on you sleeve!

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    1. Hi Melony! I tried to click on your link but it was broken. Just thought you would want to know in case it happens with other Blogs. Thanks for the recent follow. i look forward to checking out your blog soon. xx


  6. Hi Daisy, I nominated you the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I know you get a lot of nominations so feel free to decline. I’m having a rough day so I nominated three blogs that always make me feel better so of course I thought of you. ❤️

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  7. Hi Daisy, third time lucky! I’ve written two lengthy comments on here tonight, only to be thrown off, don’t know why. Anyway I just wanted to say that I love your blog! Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to connect with you here, I’ve seen your comments on so many posts. Love the positivity and spirited vibe of your blog and look forward to getting to know you more through your space here. Cheers and hugs from Australia. xo 🙂

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      1. Oh I am dying to visit Scotland. I’m getting married on the 22/06 so maybe after the wedding we can get back to travelling and having a social life. Where about’s in Aussie do you live? I have an old school friend who lives in Melbourne and it looks like a great life style. xxx time for me to hit the hay. midnight over in Blighty. Going to see my Gran tomorrrow. Huggs xxx


  8. Heylow Daisy 🙂 Had the wonderful opportunity to land up in your blog, thanks to Jacqueline’s party 🙂 I am already loving your blog ( not because pink is my fav colour 😉 ) but there is something in your about me and your musings which the readers can connect with I suppose 🙂 And a huge congrats on your wedding ❤ Cheers and warmest wishes, Minaxi ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Minaxi.
      What a cute nick name.
      Jacqueline is a great host and party thrower. I look up to her. She is a great ,empowering female in the word press community. She works hard and she is interesting. I don’t know how when I decided pink was going to be a signature look but I love it now. ha ha! Thank you for stopping by. I can’t believe I am getting married. It is surreal. xxxx have a an awesome week x

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  9. ((((((applause)))))standing with awe. I am so happy your daughter is with you…yay!! Writing is therapeutic alright and I have found it helps my mind from overthinking (if that makes sense); that`s why I have Tracesofthesoul to get out any dark thoughts or work through some personal stuff. I`m a counsellor on an anonymous youth line, and sometimes no matter how much I try, some stories linger and writing poetry at Traces has helped me. I truly admire you for kicking your addictions, taking care of yourself so you can also be an amazing mom to your daughter. Daisy is my favourite flower, by the way; I find it is elegant yet strong and resilient in the face of strong winds and hot sun rays. The petals represent the multiplicity of my personality and the rows of petals underneath are more facets to explore. Blog on!! Cheryl-Lynn


    1. WOW! What awesome feedback , Cheryl. You are so alive and spirited. I am ging over to your blog to check you out, my fellow Daisy friend. THANK YOU! I feel kind of over whelmed. In a good way – ha ha! It seems like such a long time ago for me so to have you say it like I just did it(if that makes sense) is pretty surreal. xxx

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      1. I have another blog Stigmahurtseveryone.info where I get on my soap box sometimes and talk about mental health and lots of “isms”…things that matter. If we talk about it, we remove the stigma so blogs like yours are a treasure.

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      2. Oh awesome send me the link. I am very pro telling my story -warts and all because I want people to know that just because we make mistakes and have poor mental health and illnesses doesn’t mean we are bad people or evil or not human. We all have mental health and we are all susceptible to bad and good mental health. With all the stress life throws us -no one can say when their bucket tips over and they “lose it” . I would like follow your other blog xxx


  10. Hey! So I mentioned this on my blog, but if you want to help me with the June Photo Challenge, let me know and I’ll take some suggestions on what to put as the pictures for each day. If I don’t hear from you by the 30th, I’ll work on it on my own. I want to be able to post it in time! I would love to work on it with you though! Let me know! 🙂

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      1. Erm yeah.. I will participate but I also have this other idea running around in my head but not sure it will work 100% with your challenge. I’m going to have a think in my head but I would love to participate.


  11. I don’t find you disgusting. I find you honest, aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and funny. I’m actually getting ready to write a novel with a character who is anorexic, and I don’t want her to be a caricature or a label but instead a real person with her own strengths and weaknesses. I’m not looking to give her a pat, happily ever after ending, either – I want her to just be able to face her own life, begin to make peace with it, and to see what she may be able to offer and receive in life.

    Honesty like yours will make her far more real than she might be if I only researched the conditions she lives with.

    I’m glad you found me, because it’s given me the chance to get to know you. And that’s a good thing! =)


    1. Hi wow! It is good to get a character with good and bad traits. I read Scott. F. Fitzgerald’s ‘beautiful and the damned’ and I hated ever character. No qualities besides a like for decadence. I’m currently reading a book called the ‘Paris Wife’ a story take on life in Paris from th POV of Hadley -Earnest Hemingway wife and the depth and conflict of the characters surpasses that of a classic book. Thanks for using getting to know me as a inspiration – Good luck with the book. Hopefully you will share some of it on your journey. know the saying eeveryone wants a happy ending but I believe rules are meant ot be broken sometimes 🙂 xx

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      1. When I was six, I realized that everybody else was living an entire life, with thoughts and hopes and dreams. Since then, I’ve wanted to climb into other people’s heads and lives.

        Writing is a good way to do that, because I am most certainly not the one in control, and these folks are real!

        I pretty much use everything for inspiration. My character with anorexia isn’t one-dimensional; that’s only one aspect of who she is.

        I think happily ever afters are a disservice to the reality of life (fictional or otherwise.) I enjoy more the promise that the characters are in a good place to work things out, but that life is going to give them lots of unexpected things to deal with.

        Even when I have a “happy ending,” it’s more like the 12 year old with leukemia who gets to terminate her treatments, and die on the beach she loves.

        I can’t be the only one who’d rather accept the sweet and sour reality of life than digest a syrupy dessert!

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      2. I can’t imagine you are the only person and I was thinking along the same lines about how happy endings should be. Yours was a perfect example. I find it more interesting to read about a character conflicted – I don’t want to know how it is going to end 🙂


  12. Well, I’m here because Aurawithwriting said I should come take a look…so I have and wow….she’s was not joking…you are an amazing person. Just reading this bit is an inspiration in itself. My sincere apologies but…I’m going to now follow your blog 🙃


    1. Aaaw really? What a gem! I’m not that amazing I promise 😀 But to receive such a beautiful comment as yours makes me quite emotional – in a good way of course. Thank you for looking me up and off I go to see your blog now 🙂

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      1. Yes really. She’s one of my uber cool new friends and I mentioned I’d seen you post on her A to Z challenge so she said why don’t I go look you up…so I did. And I’m really glad I took her advice too. The fact that you are a lovely person oozes out of this about you post despite what life’s thrown at you… 🙃

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      2. Oh I am always commenting on posts. What is the point of half blogging it, eh? Life does get hectic but when I can I gave 100% attention to who I am dedicating my time too. She is an uber cool friend. I’m going to have to go and have a chat with her and thank her. I’ve only recently started following her. It was through the a-z challenge – Doesn’t look like you decided to do it… 😀 It has lived up to its name hahaha -About being lovely I thin we all are -you too but in my case it probably depends on who you are talking to. Lucky me! haha;


  13. What an excellent post. A lot of optimism and your very truthful and honest about who you are.

    Deep and much respects to you.

    Hi! I’m Charlie Zero the Poet. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am currently now following your page. I will be reading some of your post. And I hope you read some of my post. You will trip out just giving you a heads up. oh! by the way, have a dictionary next to you…because I throw in a lot of creative words and I love surrealism and Avant-garde. That’s how I can describe my writing.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



    1. Hey Charlie zero

      Thanks for the follow. Just what I need a bloody dictionary when I read someone’d blog 😉 – only kidding. I might learn some new fancy words. I am no poet but I defo love avant garde. The word itself conjures all things surrea and not of the norm. So popping over to you blog lovely.

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  14. HI there 🙂 I noticed you ‘liked’ a comment I made on ‘A Thomas Point of View’, for some reason I was curious, so popped over to read your About Page. I love what I read. You are so amazing. I love your honesty. I too, am from South Africa. I was born and still live in Durban ! I truly am excited to visit your blog in more depth. Take care, and have a great weekend. 🙂


    1. Oh Hi Lynne- I have a habit of commenting on peoples blogs 😀 – Thanks for stopping by . I woke up so sick this morning into has got in the way of my morning blog post and blog catch up routine. Woke up feeling loads better but ticked off. hhaha. Aah would be lovely to get to know you. I’m off to have a look at your lovely blog :)xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see you come from the East too. I was born and grew up Durban north /umghlanga way.I am going to pass on some of your recipes too my partner. He is the chef in this house. He’s been wanting to try South African dishes. Thanks so much for stopping by xxx

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  15. Now that was a seriously entertaining “about me”! I couldn’t stop reading! I love the honesty & sense of humour. There’s so much in there that I can relate too, yet also so much I can’t … Which to me, makes you a fascinating person! I can’t wait to read more from you 🙂 xx

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  16. I am going to first start off by saying how gorgeous you are! You rock that orange lipstick to perfection! I stick to the mantra of being kind. There are so many judgmental people out there. Words they say can hurt. And for lack of better words, it sucks. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and go about whatever it is I am doing. I surround myself with positive people and things. Life is short and I try and live it the most loving way I can. Some days can be a struggle when I allow negative things people say invade…But you know, everyday is a gift and finding something beautiful daily helps. I can’t wait to read your posts. Best wishes to you! Koko❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha What a lovely comment to was up too. Isn’t it awful that some people never see what true beauty looks like? I have my wobbles with my looks but looks are made up of more than our body and and face. Beauty reflects inner beauty too. Love bold colour lipsticks haha. It ha taken me a long time to accept a compliment so thank you – Words can prod and burn for a life time. I believe we all judge. We can learn to judge with a kind heart. I agree with you life is too short to waste time surrounded by negative people or things. Yes, every new day is another chance to make it count. Thank you for stopping y and for the indsightful and lovely compliments. Orange rocks! ha ha


      1. Everything is so hectic at the moment. We watch parliament so often, but it doesn’t seem like anything gets resolved. Our president is also on trial at the moment and there is quite a bit of unrest in all sectors. We are holding on to the edge of our seats to find out what is going to happen and if the president will step down or not.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. South Africa is following suit of all the other African countries and committing genocide against their own people. I watched a video about how white farmers are targeted not because they get robbed but because the ANC believe that all the boers should be killed! Good old fashioned racism never ended. It is tragic. South Africa was a place I felt so free – I was fiercely wild spirited and independent. I will never regret what did and all the characters I got to meet. xxx hope all is well.


  17. Hello, I found you on the Meet & Greet and you’ve got a great blog…I like straight shooters and authentic people, both of which you are. I’m glad you’re on a good path and will stop in to visit again…keep writing what you know!

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  18. I trailed you home and yes, I like what you are about. You sound like fun to be around, emotion roller-coaster, chuckles, watery pots and all. I like a pot-pourri of a human being. They are more interesting 🙂


    1. Hahaha I have never come across someone who has described my blog like you have and I like your style. Here’s to a new blogging friendship 😀 Thanks for trailing me home. I’m not so sure I can cook as well as you but sometimes I can offer cake and cupcakes and cookies and scones and brownies. Got a bit of a sweet tooth 😀 –


  19. First, thank you for your like on my blog, I decided to pop over to see what your up to, I am so pleased I did this, you are strong, brave and pretty amazing the way you turned yourself around, I am going to follow your blog, and wish you the very best in everything you do…… will be back soon


    1. And can I say thank you to you too :D- I’ve not had time to post/read lately. I’m working on a body image on-line workshop inspired by National Eating Disorder week . I will be reading as many blogs as I can and keep up to date. I’m still around 🙂

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  20. First. In love with your header! Warped sense of humour.. i hear you! Hahah I laugh at my own jokes most of the times.. which is so bad because most of the time I’m not really funny. Write my precious flower. Write!

    All the love ❤

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  21. Hey Mandy .Thank you for such a heart felt comment. It an be lonesome on here. What is going on with your children? The more people talk about TABOO topics the more awareness created. Well that is what I believe . I will not be hiding anything about my life. People may hate me now or even more once they have heard all the bad and all the good. but it ‘s how we deal with our experiences . We all screw up – constantly. It would be great to not shy away from the bad in the world. Children need life skills and some of those life skills require teaching our children how to protect themselves in a mercy
    less world.


  22. Thank you for being brave enough to write about these topics from a personal perspective. I look forward to following you and seeing where your ideas take you.
    Many of my children live with the issues you are addressing. You are right, you must be brave to enter here. Just know that you are not alone.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. I like to write fairy tales, mostly stories of how I would like things to go. They aren’t based directly on things that happened in my life, but enough situations are in the stories so that I can write scenes of how I would do things. But if you visit my site I will occasionally write a post about my true feelings.

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