Lynx Fur coat

My French Grandmother, who (at the time)  had the last stages of vascular Dementia lived in a different time to me.

Before my existence ,  a couple of generations  before mine, my Grandpa, bought a gift for my Grandma. I was told she had the coat made for her  in Vienna.

  I have a confession to make ,  I am so (so) ashamed.

It’s no ordinary coat,it has her initials engraved on the inside (lynx fur.I’ve seen Kate Moss wear  something similar).

For my 27th Birthday my Grandma gave me her coat. It didn’t fit her any more (& she loved me –of course).

I ignored my guilt,played the  ignorant person  when I wore it  ( in hypothermic temperatures in the U.K.) with  hesitant pride. It kept out the cold off my bones,it was soft and beautiful.

I own a lynx fur coat. (cue: Gasp, shock & horror).

Now before  you all judge me with sentiments such as:

“Burn it ,Daisy , burn it. Sell it or whatever.. Just get rid, girlfriend cos if you don’t,see this?  You and me? We are done. And I mean done .”

Try to  understand that this is something sentimental  (an heirloom) that my grandma gave me before she got ill and passed away from Vascular Dementia & Alzeihemers.

I live with this secret. Erm, not any longer….

I don’t wear it these days.

It makes me  feel like a hypocrite.

My Mom has  kept it.

She didn’t  want me to get rid of it while my grandma was still alive.

So, this is my shameful secret.

Last time  I looked at it, I put it on, and I felt like Hannibal.

Images of torture came to the forefront of my mind  of what happened to this animal.

How to end this post?

It’s not easy (or even affordable) to just switch over your whole lifestyle /ethics/family traditions etc.. to not eating or wearing anything that hasn’t had an animal involved in the process in some way.

The truth is

I frittered my wedding money away (a couple of years ago) working for a non animal tested and environmental friendly business that sold products from A-Z

I ended up buying most of the products (and it led to nada profit for me)

It was expensive.It cost me an income. It alleviated my consciousness.

I stopped eating sweets  (Haribos)because I knew that they had gelatin in them, and that derives from animal fat.

Who needs motivation for going on a diet?

(You now have one )

We can’t get it right all the time. .

 We can  become  more aware about where our consumables  come from, who suffers & power ourselves up with knowledge (as shocking and awful as it is).

I’m not saying be   ‘overzealous ‘,  however,the first step to fighting this massive topic of animal abuse in all its forms -is to become conscious & then to act.

Being conscious leads to decision making  and any action you do that comes from a good place in your heart or mind is a good start.

One final thought before I wrap this up.

I recall a time  I woke up to the salacious smell of   grilling bacon – thanks husband for the temptation.

I nearly threw up. The smell was rank.  He thought I was going all ‘Johnny Drama’ (Entourage) on him but, honestly it made me feel sick to the point I ran out of that kitchen.


About Daisy Willows

'Words are my everything' - Jon Wayne . A writer of poetry, stories, stage scripts, fiction, border line poetry & freestyle works, Music reviews, Guest Features/interview & shout outs. She is also passionate about raising anti-stigma & awareness for Mental Health. A trained co-facilitator in Wellness Recovery Action plan by Mary Ellen Copeland Natasha goes by many moniker names-Daisy Willows, bahtuhkid, GOAT2Bdazee. She has had a colourful life. Travelled. Natasha co-owns a second-hand clothing & accessories business -La Bella Bijoux Ltd Natasha was born in South Africa & is a French national. She currently resides in the UK Natasha Bodley holds a postgraduate in the Humanities. A BA in Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds & Advanced creative writing. She also holds a Foundation degree in Acting performance. She is currently working on her first novel (semi-autobiographical creative non-fiction). She has published one short story on Amazon called 'Number one' Connect with Natasha Collaborate with Natasha & feel free to Communicate her too. Light, Peace & Love!

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  1. You made it through the challenge with interesting posts. This was was very good. I am a person who finds it difficult to get rid of sentimental things. So, I accumulate things that I no longer use.

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  2. Wow! Well done girl, for going hard at the challenge. I enjoyed your informative articles and your heirloom of a coat is more of sentimental value from a loved family member so I guess you have to keep it 🙂

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  3. Your heart speaks volumes!! Something such as your grandmas coat is so sentimental. Personally, I would never get rid of it! Just put it up somewhere and know that your grandma loves you so much. Focus on the good times. Dementia is so hard – been there with my mother-in-law and father-in-law had full blown Alzheimers. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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  4. Consciousness and awareness are the first steps to stop animal abuse. And you’ve done a great job of spreading awareness! A very unique and thoughtful theme, successfully completed. Congratulations!! 😀

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  5. It was real great pleasure daisy … 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 wish you a great time ahead …

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  6. Great post! I’m running behind too! X

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  7. Advanced Research Technology

    Right answers can never be found in the world of strictures and outward morals. You have faced an occasion where to keep one moral precept is to violate another. That is why the conscious world is not built strictly upon law, but on the spirit of it.
    The animals are dead and gone and the Grandma… The animals cannot be honoured anymore, only with our choices going forward. Grandma will always be in your memories. The Spirit of goodness inside will show you what to do with the coat in time. My guess is that you will not wear it much, but maybe put it to some good use. It is not a sin to receive a gift and to honour the one that gave it.
    As for bacon… I’m with you on that one. Disgusting! 🙂

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    • You make so much sense. I thought about selling it once my Gran has passed on but I feel I will be no better than the person who shot it, made it and wore it. Ignorance is bliss. I can’t just burn it! My gran gave it to me with all her heart and kindness. She didn’t and will never know how that fur got made into her coat. I’m so glad it’s not just me. Gaz thought I was being a drama queen!. It was foul. foul. foul. I have never smelled burning flesh but it repulsed me so much -I used to love the smell of bacon when I was a kid.. Strange …

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      • Advanced Research Technology

        Perhaps there is some spiritual realities coming to bear with the bacon. Perhaps you are not into taking anymore because the taking is there to taken. That is the meaning of bacon, and if you’re not into that, these things often run in parallel.

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      • Advanced Research Technology

        *to be taken

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      • Deformation some food for thought 😊😊😀 such a bad joke ha ha . I don’t know how you put up with me sometimes


  8. randommusings29

    I think we all have our own beliefs and as long as you’re happy to keep the coat, then don’t let other people’s put you off (you’re friends might be relieved – after all, you can hardly lecture them for eating meat when you have a fur coat lol). It’s not like you personally asked for the Lynxes to be killed, the coat was probably in existence long before you were and it’s value to you isn’t monetary, it’s a link to someone important in your life


    • that we do. Ha! yes. Nice one I can guilt trip people who eat meat because they (animals) don’t get treated any better. It was made in the late seventies so yes a few years before I was born. Thanks for helping me feel less of a hypocrite xxx


  9. It’s been a pleasure blogging with you through AtoZ, Daisy! Looking forward to following your awesome blog! I’m in AtoZ withdrawal!! 😉

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  10. Great post Daisy, but regarding your coat, I can totally understand the sentimental connection and I understand your feelings regarding the matter, you do what you think best and I don’t think anyone will hold it against you, we all know how you feel inside, but your heart is there also, a big heart, so don’t worry about your secret x (I have no red paint anyway !! ha ha ) Have a good day

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  11. Thank you ! Great eye-opening post !

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