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Last night I went out. Yes, wahaaaaaay!

 Cheeky cocktail at T.G.I’s and then it was off to watch Grim North Theatres – ‘Sins of our Father.’

So this got me thinking about the word -ex-communication.

The production focuses on the seven deadly sins.

I liken them to the seven (not so) friendly dwarfs.


What I love about this kind of theatre is how vividly I can see who are the influences behind how modern theatre is still being developed in The U.K.  – there was plenty of surrealism-

Names of Influential playwright practitioners of Experimental theater  that come to mind are:

and indeed even

I think every play needs a touch of what I will call realism although naturalism would probably be the better word to use here. I say this because without a human, being able to identify with a character’s situation – all meaning becomes lost…..

We all have emotions. We all have vices. We have all had to make not so great life choices.

giphy (13).gif

In places when I felt, in the production, like  I was being pulled into a real-life situation – as one would expect in a 100% authentic kitchen sink drama / naturalistic play.   I DO MEAN NATURALISM  AND NOT REALISM HERE.


Lighting changed from soft blues to startling reds.  These colors will all have a different meaning for the observer/ audience member /actor even. The subjective part of me was thrown back and made to rethink what I was seeing, question what I was, in fact, being led to believe.

giphy (14).gif

Music –  is  another great technique that I love to use when I’ve  written scripts.

Look at this  random picture






  In my opinion, Physicality is an actor in the theater is so important.

Yes. Dialogue is needed but what characters don’t say and do on stage, is just as important and helps me makes connections in my mind and heart, when dialogue couldn’t.

There is a lot of physicality and communication interpreted in the characters devised movements in this production.

What is physical theater in drama?

A form of theatre which emphasizes the use of physical movement, as in dance and mime, for expression. Disciplines include children’s theatre, film, comedy, drama,physical theatre, dance, cabaret, visual art, performance poetry, music theatre, and the full scope of music genres.

I am reminded of the Frantic Assembly. 


I loved the dance with the protagonist -Alexis- and the soldier( who turns out to be the seven deadly sins, final trump card) at making Alexis feel she should feel guilty for having had an Abortion.

She is faced with having to make a choice- to murder the concept of what we call life again.

The loose ends of the plot come together when  she is faced with the idea that the soldier is  her aborted son, or indeed  could have been if he had lived.

Not presented as a failure.

Not weak but a Hero.

Yet,Flawed and subject to all the same emotions as any human and very much full of heart.

He too corrupted by emotions and experiences.

What we choose to give into and not into is a product of our emotions about where we are in a particular journey of our lives.

Is it better to feel Pride rather than Lust?

Is it something that needs a situational context?

Why are some feelings seen bad and others good?

We all have them. Good and bad feelings.

Fuck what the church says.

It is our fundamental right to feel.

What do we  do with those feelings?

…well that is up for debate.

I feel this production was well executed because I can feel empathy for the ( antagonists)  seven deadly sins themselves.


Do not shun what you are afraid of understanding.

Do not stigmatize what is the most natural part of you.

What makes you – a human!

Embrace all your feelings -I believe that hiding our darker sides makes that part of us stronger and unbalanced.

Lessen the burden -be a whole. Be a rainbow spectrum of light.

There is more than Black and White.

Yin and Yang


Extract what you need in moderation.

Music I have been listening to while writing this. Shrug 7th Birthday Party Mix Tape By Marc Landish

Epic DJ-ing!

Playing now




20160805_192651 (2)

Have a great weekend! 



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  1. wew a classic post : D

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  2. anyway sin is death to the soul and a lie of satan all you need to know

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  3. I always enjoy the flow of thoughts that streams from you 🙂

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  4. Great stream of consciousness…you come over quite unself-conscious which is quite an achievement… as for theatre…i love artaud but I am not really much of a theatre goer for some reason

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  5. stunning selfie..;)

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  6. That is beyond awesome!!!

    Kind Regards and loving it – K

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  7. This is great Daisy, I hope you’re OK and having a good time. Blessings hugs and kisses much love my friend


  8. Delightful post…..Just LOVE that last piccie……. Night-Out Selfie!!!! Hugs! ❤

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  9. Bipolarbrainiac

    do I have your email? I want to run some stuff by you that might help us both. I am not sure I understand this got tons of responses. (think South Florida..for the SFL part)

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  10. I love what you did with the painting and two pieces of music. I couldn’t tolerate the first piece very long, but saw much more in the painting with the second. Also loved the colored powder and the percussion instruments. Though I feel like I got some of that powder up my nose. 😉

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    • Ah Thank you ,Jo. Yeah, I get where you are going with the whole colours up your nose thing…. 😉 – I found that when I listened to the first piece of music -Colours that provoked anger and rage in me stood out – like red and even the blue but with the other music the blues took on a more serene and peaceful tone.

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  11. little white desk writings

    I definitely agree that music can help alter how one writes or even works. And actions speak louder than words, but not in the typical trite way people use it to call a person out. Instead, words sometime lack volume or depth, and it is essential we rely on the body language to truly tell us what the person is saying.
    I like to play film scores in my classroom while my students are working on writing assignments. After the initial complaints, several students will say, “Wow, I was totally getting into my writing with that song.” After a while they request for the film scores to be played. I can see a dramatic difference in the focus of their writing when I play the film scores versus a silent classroom. I liked your post. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Hi Katlu. Music is something that does appeal to my senses. I’m rather sensitive to it. I think it is great what you do with your students. I decided to try something different today and it was hard but it opened my mind up to other ideas, it prompted certain details in my mind that may have not have come into this post without engaging another sense. Thanks for reading and for commenting. What is it you teach?

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  12. too too much and as such oparts and pop art. nae no hi diddle diddle. or soup can. a man can be bad mad sad or happy sins come in two types venial and mortal and that is ya mortise and tenon bend me lend me ya ear wo fear!

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