I’m looking to gauge interest from creative people who live/ work or spend time being creative in  Yorkshire and the U.K. (even globally)

Up until now I’ve focused on mini music reviews and interviewing Musicians – the majority of the talent I’ve reached out and who’ve reciprocated are not from the U.K.

I focused on gaining confidence by writing (unusual) music reviews and “hounding'” people to do a Feature for my blog.


I knew this was a huge risk to my blog and readers because I was trying something new. I was willing to lose certain readers or win them over.

My angle on doing these reviews and Features included finding artists who aren’t afraid about talking about mental health – their or other peoples or even sharing personal experiences- the good, the bad. -the ugly?

My future goal of this project has always been to extend my (unusual) reviews , interview people from the entertainment and arts industry and research.

  • poets

  • songwriters,

  • artists,

  • performers

  • singers

  • musicians

  • Scriptwriters for radio/film or stage

  • hairdressers

  • makeup artists

  • animation artists  and organisations who support local talent in Halifax and the U.K.  & globally)

The AIMS of this project

  •   Share authentic and relatable stories and personal narratives to readers to inspire them, to see that being creative is not something that has to be measured by success   /money/experience or fans.

  • Focus on the  community closer to my current home in Yorkshire  and on the U.K.  creative scene

  • Keep promoting artists and creative people from across the globe.


 Interview/Chat to individuals about:

  1. How,Why and What led them to have chosen their creative outlets, hobbies or careers.

  2. understanding how using their creative outlets benefited/Improved their life in a holistic sense: Mental health, physical health, social lifestyle, values, perspectives, challenges, moments of achievement 

  3. How have their creative outlets led to negative experiences and how they overcome them/ intend to.  The Outcome for asking people to share this is: Inspire people & be real.

  4. What creativity means to an individual 

  5. How (if at all) has their community helped or hindered their creative passions.

  6. How can they encourage or signpost other local community members to feel inspired/ confident to get involved with their community and creative arts scene to express themselves? I believe even the most “successful &  talented people have moments of doubt. 

How I aim to achieve this:

Interview individuals/groups/organisations on social media/emails/Skype/face to face recorded interviews /meetings/gigs etc.. and then use my blog as a medium to merge our agendas.

Why my blog?

I love music and i love writing and I love people with a story to tell.
This gives interested participants/people both a platform and voice to promote their talent and own agenda.

Its my blog and my risk. It might be a success or need tweaking.

I enjoy changing things up. Writing out of my comfort zone.

My agenda is about giving readers and artists a platform to be real and  be comfortable talking bout mental health -good and bad & researching ,learning new things, meeting people.

Use my blog as a data storing place where I can record my research/findings/photos/transcripts of interviews

Spread the word on what is creative talent/opportunities there are in Halifax and surrounding areas…

Connect with awesome people

Feel free to connect or add your words & thoughts.

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