WRAP- Identifying your Triggers

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This week we looked at identifying triggers that can make a person feel a variety of unhelpful emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger, shame. Triggers need to be identified and not ignored, especially if they cause mental anguish or distress that affects your everyday life,  how you treat yourself and what you do with your thoughts and emotions.

Today’s group was rather enlightening because most of the triggers each of us identified, all seemed to be tied up with judgement and criticisms of what we think a person thinks of us or what we think they expect from us. This could be good or not so good behaviour. We also discussed different self help calming techniques. One particular technique that resonated with me was and I quote ‘to consider the value of what is being said (about you or to you). An example of how this technique works in everyday life:

There may be someone or many people who trigger unhealthy emotions and thoughts in you.If you prepare yourself and tell yourself ‘you are a good enough person’ or anything else that is a positive affirmation about yourself. You can then pre-empt what you think others expect from or think of you, in whatever situation that causes you distress. When you are confronted in a situation with a particular person then you can automatically  ‘reduce the value of someone else perspective’ because you have already assessed the situation and you already know your own worth and who you are and it gives the power back to you. Your thoughts are then based on fact. Facts that can be verified by you. I think this is a great reverse psychology technique and I will certainly be using it myself.


Another great technique someone brought to the group is something called  ‘BRAIN GYM’ click on this link  – for the science behind it. In simple terms, the mind and body are intimately connected and when the body and mind are in harmony -studies indicate we as people are more healthy. Certain physical activities can help reduce certain emotions or increase more positive aspects like creativity.


An example.

This is the exercise I  did in the group today and (tried to ) re-enact in this video clip

CROSS-CRAWL: Standing up, “march” in place, alternately touching each hand to the opposite knee.Continue during the course of four to eight complete, relaxed breaths.**  This exercise is wonderful for improving reading, listening, writing and memory.  It co-ordinates the whole brain There so many simple exercises to help with a range of mindsets and feelings. I would encourage anybody and everybody to check out the blog link below

Source: Brain gym – simple exercises for a better mind and body | Jane Alexander










I have put down a list of my triggers and I invite you to do the same and next week we can look at action plans. I have a long list -how complexed am I !? Haha.



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  1. A trigger list is so important. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. As I read more and more mental health blogs, I’m finding myself confronting my triggers daily. So many people are brave and speak openly of their trauma. It’s been really challenging for me but I think it will be a character building experience after all. Not being “alone” and all of that. I’m excited to read your action plan!


    • Hey Cheyenne
      This is the exact purpose for sharing the WRAP course. It is about people talking abut MH. There is nobody on this planet who has not had mH issues at some point in their lives. People need to stop being afraid to talk about it. Talking connects us to people and helps us find solutions to our issues. I am so glad that you are getting something from this. This is all I ever wanted. x



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